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Korean pop group Girls’ Generation [SM Entertainment]

Korean pop group Girls’ Generation unveiled a new song titled “Run Devil Run” on Wednesday.

“Run,” the title track to the repackaged version of their second album “Oh!,” was released on the websites of various online music providers including Bugs, MelOn and Dosirak.

The girls had been garnering much attention for their new song after a trailer at the end of the music video for the group’s recent comeback single “Oh!” showed the girls sporting their upcoming concept “black, glam chic.”

The music video for “Run” will be released later at midnight on Bugs and through the group’s application for smart phones. They will performing the song for the first time on KBS’ televised music show “Music Bank” on Friday.

U.S. pop star Ke$sha in 2008 had recorded the guide track for “Run” which was later leaked on YouTube but the nine-member girl group will be the first artists to officially release the song written jointly by several international songwriters including Busbee, Alex James and Kalle Engstrom.

Girls’ Generation is one of South Korea’s most popular pop groups who topped various K-pop music charts with hit singles “Gee” and “Tell Me Your Wish” last year.

They are currently enjoying a successful comeback with their second full-length album “Oh!”, released in January, and swept various music charts with the title single.

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Here’s the video of “Run Devil Run”:

credit: prot0628@YT


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