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At AKB48’s concert at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium on Sunday, it was announced that Team K member Erena Ono (16) is graduating this summer, though the exact timing has not yet been announced. She will be taking a break from the entertainment industry while she goes overseas to study acting.

Ono has already appeared in a few movies and television dramas. She recently played a main role in Keisuke Yoshida’s movie “Sankaku” (starring Sousuke Takaoka). Through that role, she apparently recognized her own inexperience, and she made the decision to seriously study to improve her ability.

It was also announced at the concert that AKB48’s 19th single, scheduled for release this December, will have its roster decided by a “Janken Senbatsu.” A tournament-like event will be held at the Nippon Budokan on September 21, and the top 16 will perform on the single. All 48 members of the group, plus 4 kenkyuusei, are eligible for the tournament, regardless of their popularity.

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Moeno Nito (cre: photobucket)

AKB48 has once again created a temporary unit to promote “Natto Day” on July 10. The new group, named Natto Angel Z, consists of four AKB48 members who all like natto.

The new group is a follow-up to last year’s three-member unit Natto Angel. Miho Miyazaki (16) is returning for the new group, but Tomomi Itano (18) and Tomomi Kasai (18) are being replaced by Moeno Nito (17), Sumire Sato (16), and Haruka Ishida (16). Like the original group, all of the members are managed by the agency Horipro.

Natto Angel Z publicly performed their song “Natto Man” for the first time on Monday. The song will be released as a chaku-uta on July 7 and as a chaku-uta full on July 14.

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Reports have spread that former AKB48 member Rina Nakanishi (22) is entering the world of AV. It started with a full nude gravure appearance in the most recent issue of FRIDAY and will continue with her first adult DVD in August.

Nakanishi was one of the first generation members of AKB48, but she graduated from the group in November 2008. On June 6, 2010, she wrote in her official fan club blog that she was returning to her hometown in Oita, seemingly to take a break and to refresh herself. However, it appears that she is really just undergoing an image change, moving into the adult industry under the stage name “Rico Yamaguchi.”

The news seems to have first been broken by the magazine Shukan Taishu, whose June 21 issue reported that a former AKB48 member was going to make her AV debut. At the time, a writer for Cyzo speculated that the girl in question was Nakanishi. On June 25, that guess was confirmed when her nude photos appeared in FRIDAY, and AV company Alice Japan announced the debut DVD of Rico Yamaguchi, scheduled to go on sale on August 27. In addition, it has also been announced that Yamaguchi will get her first nude photobook titled “Departure” on July 13.

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Three AKB48 members – Yuki Kashiwagi (18), Aki Takajo (18), and Asuka Kuramochi (20) – are forming a new unit called French Kiss. Their debut single, titled “Zutto Mae Kara,” will be released this fall through record label Avex.

“Zutto Mae Kara” will be used as the new ending theme of the ongoing “Major” anime series, beginning with the July 3 episode. That same day, the song will begin digital distribution through various music sites.

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On Music Station’s May 28th broadcast, it has been announced that Arashi, AKB48, Meisa Kuroki, XIAH Junsu and JUJU will be filling up the guest lineup. XIAH Junsu, from popular group Tohoshinki will be performing as a solo artist for the first time in the program.

performance list (in alphabetical order)
Arashi – MONSTER
AKB48 – Ponytail to Shou Shou
Meisa Kuroki – 5-FIVE
XIAH Junsu – Intoxication
JUJU – Trust in You

source: Oricon


AKB48 achieved their first #1 album this week, with “Kamikyokutachi” selling nearly 295,000 copies. That sets this year’s record for first-week album sales by a female artist. It is also the first album by a female group to break the 250,000 mark since Morning Musume’s “4th Ikimasshoi!” in 2002.

Rock band Soutaiseiriron was #3 with their newest album. Ryu Si-won entered at #5 while BREAKERZ were at #9.

In the single rankings, NYC’s version of “Yuuki 100%” topped the charts with 92,000 in sales. Enka singer Kaori Mizumori opened at the #2 spot. Also in the top ten were Ai Otsuka (#6) and Ai Kawashima (#10).
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Former AKB48 member Mai Oshima (22) will soon make her debut as a solo artist. This spring, she will release a single titled “Mendokusai Aijou,” described as an uptempo pop number.

Oshima entered show business in December 2005 when she passed the audition for the first generation of AKB48 and became a member of Team A. Affectionately known as “Maimai,” she graduated from the group in April 2009, focusing on being a television personality.

“Mendokusai Aijou” was composed by Kenichi Maeyamada, who has done music for artists such as Kumi Koda and TVXQ. The single will be released through major record label Avex on May 5, though the song will already be available as a chaku-uta on March 24.

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