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2009 Melon Music Awards will be held on the 16th of December, 7PM at Seoul Olympic Park. After MNet “2009 MAMA” and the 24th Golden Disk Awards, this ceremony will be the third year end awards.

Netizens believe that this time the battle will be between the two top companies in the kpop industry, SM and YG. The “no show no award” policy has previously infuriated fans of both parties as each of their idols attended one award and were no-shows to the other one. On November 21, all YG artists managed to be present in Mnet Asia Music Awards 2009 but were nowhere to be seen on the recent Golden Disk Awards while SM artists were all present on the 24th GDA. It was clear that YG artists snagged most of the awards in MAMA, totaling to a number of six while SM also brought home 6 awards in total through Super Junior, SNSD and SHINee in GDA.

Everyone is expecting for a showdown between the two top girl groups, 2009 shining star SNSD and 2009 rookie star 2NE1, especially after it is confirmed by Star News that Big Bang will once again have to miss the ceremony for Japan and only half the members of SM boys, Super Junior will make it to the show due to its subgroup’s SJ-M’s conflicting schedule. Other boy group from DSP Entertainment, SS501, will also give the show a miss but that does not stop the great anticipation from fans. Even though some groups will be missing, at least there will be representatives from each companies.

There will be promising special stages, including a joint stage of the top 4 girl groups, SNSD, 2NE1, BEG and KARA. Fans are also anticipating for a special appearance of Super Junior Eunhyuk, Sungmin, 2PM Nickhun, TRAX Jungmo and IRIS Juni. To top it off, the stars of the recent big hit drama “You Are Beautiful”, Jang Geunsuk and Park Shinhye are chosen to be MCs of the show. The list of the performers and the performances have yet to be released so they might be just another rumors.. whether it will turn out to live to the viewers’ expectations or not, we will have to see it ourselves tomorrow..

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〃2 0 0 9 S J S C H E D U L E〃

All schedules compiled on SJ-WORLD.NET
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Monday December 14, 2009
▶ AM 00:00 MBC Pyojun FM Shindong, Kim Shinyoung’s Sim Sim Tapa [DJ SHINDONG]
▶ PM 04:00 MBC PoPoPo Ai Joa [SHINDONG]
▶ PM 07:30 The Royal Musical Akilla Encore Stage [SUNGMIN]
▶ PM 10:00 KBS Cool FM Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio SEASON2 [DJ LEETEUK & EUNHYUK] {BORA}

Tuesday December 15, 2009
▶ AM 00:00 MBC Pyojun FM Shindong, Kim Shinyoung’s Sim Sim Tapa [DJ SHINDONG]
▶ PM 04:00 MBC PoPoPo Ai Joa [SHINDONG]
▶ PM 10:00 KBS Cool FM Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio SEASON2 [DJ LEETEUK & EUNHYUK] {BORA}
▶ PM 11:05 SBS Strong Heart Ep11 [LEETEUK, SHINDONG, EUNHYUK]

Wednesday December 16, 2009
▶ AM 00:00 MBC Pyojun FM Shindong, Kim Shinyoung’s Sim Sim Tapa [DJ SHINDONG]
▶ PM 04:00 MBC PoPoPo Ai Joa [SHINDONG]
▶ PM 07:00 2009 Melon Music Awards [SUPER JUNIOR]
▶ PM 10:00 KBS Cool FM Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio SEASON2 [DJ LEETEUK & EUNHYUK]

Thursday December 17, 2009
▶ AM 00:00 MBC Pyojun FM Shindong, Kim Shinyoung’s Sim Sim Tapa [DJ SHINDONG]
▶ PM 10:00 KBS Cool FM Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio SEASON2 [DJ LEETEUK & EUNHYUK] {BORA}

Friday December 18, 2009
▶ AM 00:00 MBC Pyojun FM Shindong, Kim Shinyoung’s Sim Sim Tapa [DJ SHINDONG]
▶ PM 08:00 KBS Cool FM Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio Open Concert – Red Christmas [DJ LEETEUK & EUNHYUK]

Saturday December 19, 2009
▶ AM 00:00 MBC Pyojun FM Shindong, Kim Shinyoung’s Sim Sim Tapa [DJ SHINDONG]
▶ AM 10:00 KBSdrama Human Network Super Junior’s Miracle Ep16 [LEETEUK, SHINDONG, EUNHYUK]
▶ PM 06:30 SBS Star King [LEETEUK, EUNHYUK]
▶ PM 08:50 SBS Loving You 10 Million Times Ep32 [HEECHUL]
▶ PM 10:00 KBS Cool FM Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio SEASON2 [DJ LEETEUK & EUNHYUK]

Sunday December 20, 2009
▶ AM 00:00 MBC Pyojun FM Shindong, Kim Shinyoung’s Sim Sim Tapa [DJ SHINDONG]
▶ AM 10:40 KBS2 Dream Team Season 2 Ep9 [EUNHYUK]
▶ PM 08:50 SBS Loving You 10 Million Times Ep33 [HEECHUL]
▶ PM 10:00 KBS Cool FM Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio SEASON2 [DJ LEETEUK & EUNHYUK]


SBS announced on the 14th that it “will be producing a new game variety show ‘Oh! Brothers’, with 12 celebrities split into six groups of two”. The format of this show will be unlike that of reality entertainment shows which are currently in fashion; on the contrary, it will be remodeling after the programme X-MAN, which ended in April 2007.

Hosted by Kim Gook Jin, the show will have six regular male guests, including Super Junior’s Leeteuk and SHINee’s Minho. SNSD’s Sooyoung and Kara’s Nicole will also be part of the programme.

The first filming will take place in the afternoon of 15 December at Deungchon-dong, Seoul. The pilot programme will air on the 25th, at 6.30pm.

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CR: teuki teuki @ JSholic
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SJ will send their sub-group SJ-M to support (the film festival), they will go straight to Taiwan on the 18th after their performance in Wenzhou.

SJ-M to take over; Work permits etc are all ok

While Rain is not coming to Taiwan, SJ-M is still supportive of the Asia Pacific Film Festival, after their performance in Wenzhou on the 18th, they will take the car for 4 hours, go to Ningbo to fly to Hong Kong then Taiwan. The manager, Qiu Li Kuan, that helped the Film Festival invite them said, “They didn’t ask about the pay, agreed immediately, even though they may not get a night of sleep.” She said. SJ-M’s visa and work permits are all not a problem, they are confirmed coming. The tickets to Super Junior’s concert next year on 20th Feb in the Taipei Arena has all been sold out, the organisers, Super Dome, said, they are coordinating for an extra show on the 21st afternoon.

Source: Ryeowook’s Baidu Bar & here
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This is a late video dated October 10 of 2009

Taemin called Heechul for some questions to be answered.

Before answering:

MC: Are you going to call Kim Heechul?
TM: Yes.
MC: Kim Heechul-shii might be the one called the most on World Changing Quiz.

Begin Answering:

TM: Hyung, while studying, while organizing, what do you use?
HC: Notebook, note book*
TM: What are you not supposed to do in public places?
HC: Urinate?
(Tae min passed this question)

TM: It’s yellow and it’s long…
HC: hurry, hurry up, I can feel it, faster faster!
TM:It’s yellow, long, can be eaten, fruit
HC: banana

MC: now its time for the food questions! (If these are guessed correctly, food can be won)

TM:It’s a
TM:It’s something from the past…how should I say it? It’s turned rusty.
HC: Taemin ah, hurry up, you’re running out of time!
TM: You know what they say in soccer when the ball goes in?(T/N: Taemin is using figurative words to help heechul)
TM:Then north, south, ______,west
HC: DONG! (T/N: dong is east in korean)
MC: wow really difficult
HC: ancient artifact!
(Heechul answers correctly)

TM: ding, dang, ding ding!
TM: It’s not a ching!*(T/N: some sort of string instrument)
HC: bronze drum!
MC: correct! we will end here

MC: Kim Hee Chul?
HC: hello
MC: You’re on the phone often (T/N: implying that heechul has played this game many times)
HC: hahahahahaha
HC: our taemin? ah he has to talk faster!
MC: but both of you have managed to win two portions of food!
HC: ah…that’s nice to hear!
MC:go eat something delicious with taemin!
HC: yes…sebaGU hwaiting!*(T/N: heechul mispronounced the name of the show, it’s supposed to be sebaGUI)
MC: Thank you…What’s this…se ba GU

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Here’s the video:

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Credits: 注文津官方CAFE | Reupload by Blue`
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Don’t you miss that smile of his?!!!
Some facts about the movie:
  • Movie: Jumunjin
  • Revised romanization: Jumunjin
  • Hangul: 주문진
  • Director: Myeong-jung Ha
  • Release Date: January 21, 2010
  • Runtime:
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


A magical love story involving a man who lives his life like a ghost and a country girl that falls in love with him.

On a rural mountain in Jumunjin, South Korea a girl named Jina (Bo-ra Hwang) runs a mountain lodge. The place is soon set to close down because of rumors that ghosts live in the lodge. Jina then encounters a ghost (played by Kibum) who she takes an interest in. But, the closer she gets to help him the further the ghost pushes her away.

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091213 KTR Segment about Donghae

KTR mentioned something with Donghae. He’s a cute kid.
Donghae was in his dorm alone decorating the christmas tree~ It was said that the boys on the 11th storey wouldn’t do up the christmas tree so only the 12th storey has a christmas tree.
As Donghae likes these cute little things, he decorated the tree and even plugged in electricity.
But Hyukjae asked him why he’s doing this kind of stuffs and even called Donghae weirdo.
The thought of Donghae doing up the christmas tree alone is so cute~ How much effort and thought did he put in to pick those little decorations.
But because of Hyukjae, he became a weird person.
Hyukjae-ah~ Donghae is pure, not weird~~
Don’t think that those who make christmas trees are weird~

Source: Donghae’s Baidu
Translation: (L) @ SJ-WORLD.NET

Isn’t Donghae the cutest? He’s like a child so pure and innocent and really fragile.  Don’t wanna ruin his expectations of Christmas being a holiday for merriment and cheers.



Star King Recording

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As both reuploader just stated above on SJ-world site, both Henry and Zhoumi where on this episode.  So gotta look forward on seeing this on a later date.


Members of Super Junior wave to fans at their concert in Nanjing, China [SM Entertainment]

Korean idol group Super Junior successfully wrapped up their second Asian tour over the weekend, according to a press release by their agency SM Entertainment.

The boy band finished off their “Super Show 2” in Nanjing on Saturday, performing at a fully-packed Nanjing Olympic Sports Center for three hours.

Super Junior sang a total of 33 songs including the smash hit “Sorry, Sorry”, “U”, “It’s You” and “Miracle”. The concert also featured individual performances by the members and by the group’s sub-units Super Junior-M, Super Junior-T and Super Junior-K.R.Y.

The fans particularly loved the Chinese version of “Superman”, where Super Junior-T member Heechul and Shindong changed parts of the song’s lyrics into Chinese.

Super Junior, composed of 13 members, has been one of the most popular K-pop acts in Asia since their debut in 2005. They recently won 3 awards at Korea’s Annual Golden Disc Awards, including the grand prize for their hit album “Sorry, Sorry.”

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