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Singer, producer and CEO of JYP Entertainment Park Jin-young has received the World Leadership Award, sponsored by the New Look Foundation. It aims to acknowledge those who have contributed to the education and leadership of youth.

According to a JYP Entertainment press release on Aug. 16, “Park’s efforts through TV programs and auditions to actively find talent all over the world including Rain, Wonder Girls, 2PM, 2AM, miss A and more, were recognized as playing an important part in allowing youths to dream and hope.”




Asian pop sensation Rain [J.Tune Entertainment]

Multi-talented entertainer Rain has become the first Korean celebrity to score a win at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, according to his agency J. Tune Entertainment on Monday.

J. Tune announced in a press release that the singer and actor was named “Biggest Badass Star” at the awards ceremony, held Sunday (U.S. time) in Los Angeles.

Rain picked up MTV’s signature popcorn trophy for his star turn in last year’s martial arts pic “Ninja Assassin,” beating out high-profile nominees such as Angelina Jolie, Channing Tatum, Chris Pine and Sam Worthington.

The star, who had previously said that he was happy just to even be attending the event, delivered the following message through the agency after his big win.

“I think everything I endured while shooting ‘Ninja Assassin’ is coming to fruition. I would like to thank the fans who have given me enormous support from the bottom of my heart,” the actor was quoted as saying.

Born Jung Ji-hoon, Rain has released six studio albums to date and performed at numerous concert tours throughout Asia and in the U.S. including a sold-out concert at Madison Square Garden.

He has been busy building his career in Hollywood over the past few years, making his debut through the Wachowski Brothers’ pic “Speed Racer” in 2008 and following it up with a lead role in “Assassin.”

Last March, he scored a triple win at the Green Planet Movie Awards, picking up trophies for “10 Outstanding Asians in Hollywood,” “Asian Cultural Ambassador of the Year” and “Best International Entertainer (Asia).”

Rain will be returning to Korea tomorrow evening.


Amazing~!!! He’s now a world class actor.


가수 비(정지훈)의 스페셜 앨범 ‘백 투 더 베이 직(Back To The Basic)’ 발매기념 기자간담회

Asia’s most celebrated star Rain will fly off to Los Angeles next week to attend this year’s MTV Movie Awards, according to his agency on Friday.

An official at J. Tune Entertainment said Rain will depart from Korea on June 3 to attend the 2010 MTV Movie Awards for which he has received an invitation from MTV’s headquarters.

The singer and actor has been named one of the five nominees in the “Biggest Badass Star” category for his role as a ninja in Hollywood flick “Ninja Assassin” last year alongside Hollywood blue-chips Angelina Jolie, Channing Tatum, Chris Pine and Sam Worthington.

Nominees were selected by fans who cast online votes on MTV’s website to choose their favorite ‘badass’ actor out of 22 potential nominees.

Rain, whose real name is Jung Ji-hoon, has released six studio albums to date and has held several tours throughout Asia and in the U.S. including a sold-out concert at Madison Square Garden.

The singer also ventured into acting, starring in several hit television dramas including “Sang Doo! Let’s Go To School” (KBS, 2003), “Full House” (KBS, 2004) and later making his big screen debut in Park Chan-wook’s surrealist comedy pic “I’m a Cyborg, But That’s OK.”

He made his Hollywood debut in 2008 through the Wachowski Brothers’ action flick “Speed Racer.” The Korean star reportedly made such a great impression on the famous sibling duo that they offered him the lead role in last year’s martial arts flick “Ninja Assassin.”


Rain’s soaring high!! Way to go.. Actually, I must say that he accomplished a lot this past few years.  Hollywood has been a great help for him to gain that.  Hope it’ll blossom more. ^^


The recipients of the 2010 Space Shower Music Video Awards were announced on Monday. This year, the biggest winner was Namie Amuro, whose song “FAST CAR” (from the album “PAST < FUTURE”) picked up two awards: Best Video of the Year and Best Art Direction Video. Ringo Shiina also won a pair of awards: Best Artist and Best Female Video.

The complete list of awards are as follows:

  • Best Video of the Year: “FAST CAR,” Namie Amuro
  • Best Artist: Ringo Shiina
  • Best Your Choice: “Oshakashama,” RADWIMPS
  • Best Director: Yuichi Kodama
  • Best Male Video: “Shunkan Speechless,” KREVA
  • Best Female Video: “Tsugou no Ii Shintai,” Ringo Shiina
  • Best Rock Video: “Last Love Letter,” Chatmonchy
  • Best Alternative Video: “Oyasumi Paradox,” Etsuko Yakushimaru
  • Best Pop Video: “Butterfly,” Kaela Kimura
  • Best Groove Video: “SOUND BOY THRILLER feeeeeeeeeeat. LISA,” m-flo
  • Best Conceptual Video: “Native Dancer,” Sakanaction
  • Best Choreography Video: “Gara Gara Go!!,” BIG BANG
  • Best Art Direction Video: “FAST CAR,” Namie Amuro
  • Best Shooting Video: “Futatsu no Kuchibiru,” EXILE
  • Best International Video: “Paparazzi,” Lady Gaga
  • Best New Artist Video: “Emotion Potion,” THE BAWDIES
  • Best Hip Hop Video: “ONCE AGAIN,” RHYMESTER
  • Best Reggae Video: “My Endless Love,” PUSHIM
  • Special Award: Keisuke Kuwata
  • Best Creators’ Choice: “Aishiteru,” Monkey Majik

Source: Space Shower Music Video Awards +


BoA’s Seventh Album Cover [BoA’s Official Japanese Website]

K-pop singer BoA was awarded with the “U.S. Billboard Publisher’s Award” at the first Billboard Japan Music Awards last month.

“BoA won the U.S. Billboard Publisher’s Award at the award ceremony that was held in Japan on Sunday,” an official at SM Entertainment told Asia Economic Daily over the phone on Monday.

At the award ceremony, the songstress performed her title track “Possibility” from her seventh full-length album “IDENTITY” which will go on sale February 10.

BoA has been one of the most successful K-pop singers in Korea since her debut with her first album titled “ID: Peace B” in 2000. Her numerous albums have also made her a star in Japan.

The 23-year-old singer expanded her singing career into the United States late in 2008, releasing her first single “Eat You Up” her first album “BoA” the following March. She also released a repackaged version of her debut album later in the year.

BoA is currently preparing for her Japanese tour “BoA LIVE TOUR 2010” scheduled to take off in April.

Reporter : Park Kun-ouc
Editor : Lucia Hong
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K-pop group Girls’ Generation wins grand prize at the 19th High1 Seoul Music Awards, held at Seoul’s Olympic Park Fencing Stadium on February 3, 2010 [Asia Economic Daily]

Korean pop group Girls’ Generation won three awards — including the grand prize — at the 19th High1 Seoul Music Awards yesterday.

The nine-member girl band also won the Main Prize and Best Digital Sound Source Award at the annual event held at the Olympic Park Fencing Stadium Wednesday.

“Thank you so much, we are so happy that we got such great results,” the girl band said in their acceptance speech. “We are so grateful to the people at the agency and we would like to express our gratitude to all the fans who have supported Girls’ Generation.”

Boy band Super Junior also scored triple wins at the ceremony — taking the Main Prize, Popularity Award and Hallyu Special Award — but expressed their disappointment over the absence of several members of the group including Kang-in and Hangeng.

Kang-in has been off the screen since getting involved in a drunk driving hit-and-run incident in October last year and engaging in an assault at a bar the previous month. Hangeng, the only Chinese member of the 13-man band, asked for the termination of his contract with his agency SM Entertainment in December.

“We miss the members who couldn’t be here with us,” the group was quoted as saying. “We send our support to the members who are going through difficult times.”

Idol group 2PM won the Main Prize and Popularity Award while groups After School, T-ara and BEAST were named best new artists of the year.

The Seoul Music Awards featured performances from numerous K-pop artists including Psy, who won the trophy for Best Performance Culture, and Kim Jang-hoon who brought out a robot during his musical performance.

The 19th High1 Seoul Music Awards – List of Winners

▲ Grand Prize : Girls’ Generation

▲ Main Prize : SHINee, Baek Ji-young, Kara, Girls’ Generation, Son Dambi, Kim Taewoo, Davichi, 2PM, Brown Eyed Girls, Super Junior

▲ Best New Artist : After School, T-ara, BEAST

▲ Popularity Award : 2PM, Super Junior

▲ Best Trot Artist : Park Sang-chul, Park Hyun-bin

▲ Best Performance Culture : Psy

▲ Best Hip Hop : Tiger JK

▲ Best R&B : Bobby Kim

▲ Best Digital Sound Source : Girls’ Generation

▲ Best Album : Drunken Tiger

▲ Hallyu Special Award : Super Junior

Reporter : Park Kun-ouc
Editor : Lynn Kim
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1. Super Junior- 34.1%
2. 2PM- 33.8%
3. Gdragon- 6.9%
4. SNSD- 6.6%
5. SHINee- 6 %
6.2AM – 3.9%
7.SS501- 2.6%
8.Lee Seung Gi- 1.8%
9.FT Island- 1.4%
10. Kara- 0.5%
11. Kim Tae Woo- 0.4%
12. U-Kiss 0.3%
13. Brown Eyed Girls- 0.3%
14. Park Hyo Shin- 0.2%
15. Davinci- 0.2%
16. Outsider- 0.2%
17.-24 = 0.1%
Son Dam Bi
Baek Ji Young
MC Mong
SG Wannabe
Im Changjung
25.-30 = 0%
Epik high
Lee Seung Chul
Bobby Kim
K Will
Lee Seung Chul


1.MBLAQ- 46.7%
2. Beast- 46.6%
3.2ne1- 3%
4.f(x)- 2%
5.Rainbow- 0.5%
6.4minutes- 0.4%
8.After School- 0.2%
9.TaeGoon- 0.1%
10.Secret- 0.1%

High popularity Award

1.Super Junior- 34%
2. 2PM- 33.4%
3. SHINee- 14.2%
4.SNSD- 5.9%
5. Gdragon- 3.5%
6. 2AM- 2.1%
7.SS501- 2.1%
8. FT Island- 1.2%
9. 2ne1- 0.7%
10.Beast- 0.5%
11. Baek Ji Young – 0.5%
12.MBLAQ – 0.4%
13.Park Hyo Shin- 0.2%

14.-22. = 0.1%
Lee Seung Gi
Son Dam Bi
Kim Tae Woo
After School
Brown Eyed Girls
23.-39 = 0%
(the rest from the bonsang and newcomer nominees)


Partial Results ONLY as of January 16, 2010.  Event will be on February 3, 2010.

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The 16th Korean Entertainment Arts Award opened at the SungNam Art center Opera House on the 3rd.

Being judged by the Korea Entertainment Arts Association, it has been the 16th year since this award show has taken place, and this year it has been hosted by Kim ByungChan and Ji SooHee as there were 25 categories with many contenders and fabulous special performances.

Comedy award, artist award, Tv host award, radio host award, Impressive performance award, imaginative award, choreography award, adult artist award, and group artist award and other various categories have been given out, and this show will be broadcast via InetTV.

source: hankyung
translations by thebuddybud @

[KPOP/PHOTO] ON MELON AWARDS 2009 (2ne1, kara, super junior, 2pm)






photographer : Lee Jin-hyuk
Editor : Jessica Kim
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The 2009 Melon Music Awards took place on 16th December Seoul Olympic Hall.

It saw the participation of many singers, and many awards were given out tonight, including the top 10 awards. And group So Nyeo Shi Dae is the big winner tonight winning 6 awards in total including Artiste and Song Of The Years!

Winner list:
TOP 10:

* 2NE1, 2PM, 8eight, Davichi, Brown Eyed Girls, So Nyeo Shi Dae, Super Junior, KARA, K Will, GDragon


* 2009 Song – So Nyeo Shi Dae with ‘Gee’
* 2009 Album – GDragon with ‘Heartbreaker’
* 2009 Artiste – So Nyeo Shi Dae
* 2009 New Artiste – 2NE1
* 2009 Star – Dong Bang Shin Ki
* 2009 Mania – Dong Bang Shin Ki with ‘Mirotic’
* 2009 Odyssey – So Nyeo Shi Dae with ‘Gee’
* 2009 Smart Radio – So Nyeo Shi Dae with ‘Gee’
* 2009 Sudden Rising Award – LeeSsang
* 2009 T Mobile Award – So Nyeo Shi Dae with ‘Gee’
* 2009 Y-Star Live – Lee Seung Chul
* 2009 Current Stream – Kim TaeWoo with ‘Love Rain’
* 2009 Special Album – Infinity Challenge album

source: kbites