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I don’t know if you’ve noticed this guys, but the scene of Kyuhyun and a member of SNSD actually came from a movie “Sad Movie”.   It’s a melodrama from 2005.  Should I tell you more about it? Go check this out. ~~ 리즈


Asian Pop Superstar Group SUPER JUNIOR’s third album “Sorry Sorry” is now certified GOLD in the Philippines after three months of release. Super Junior holds the distinction of being the FIRST K-POP ARTIST and its album “Sorry Sorry”, the FIRST K-POP ALBUM to reach GOLD RECORD STATUS in the country.

SUPER JUNIOR’s “Sorry Sorry” album was NUMBER ONE in two of the country’s biggest record retail chains – Odyssey and Music One and stayed in Odyssey Records Album Chart for 10 weeks! Two of album’s singles “Sorry Sorry” and “”It’s You” received heavy radio and video airplay and “It’s You” music video peaked at #2 in MYX Hit Chart.

Universal Records attributes this amazing achievement to the solid support the local Super Junior followers have shown this 13-person super group. Watch out for Super Junior’s next release “Super Junior – Super Show 2 Live Album” CD in the Philippines soon.

“Sorry Sorry” is released in the Philippines by Universal Records, the FIRST record label to release K-Pop albums in the country.

source: Universal Records Philippines
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though it’s a late notice, I am so so proud of our boys for having been recognized here in the Philippines and the Filipino ELF’s are supporting their album all the way.


So I guess by now you knew about the new version of two of the most popular song of Super Junior 3jib.

Actually, if you’ve already watched live performances of Super Junior on their previous Super Show 2, you’ll know that they  gave us a hint of what’s the new mixes all about.

Like for instance this Sorry Sorry- Answer version on the SS2 show, they performed it like plenty of times on different SS2 scene but missing the English rap on the “almost” last part of the song.   I don’t know if you agreed on this but when I heard it, I was amazed on Eunhyuk and Donghae’s exchange rap part. They gave justice to the new version.  That’s where the new Sorry, Sorry came in.   It’s actually good considering you’ll here familiar voices (K.R.Y) that belted out the most on the song.  Quite an improvement I must say.

Next is the Neorago new version, still the same but added a flare of electric kinda techno groove on the first part.  I don’t know what to call it since I’m not a master of music.  But it has a feel to it.   And it was also performed on some of their Super Show 2 stints.

So basically, it’s a good move in making a new album out of these 2 songs since it’s the best seller up to date and really, let’s just face it guys, is a good good song.

Here’s the Sorry Sorry KRY R & B Remix:


Here’s the Sorry Sorry Remix Version on SS2 Japan;


And here’s the new Sorry Sorry- Answer Remix:


[SJ/KRY] LET’S NOT (My Interpretation)

Let’s Not is a song from Sorry, Sorry 3rd Album based on two people on the issue of breaking up. As the title says itself: “Let’s Not Run Into Each Other/ Let’s Never Meet Again. A sad and painful line, isn’t it? At first, even if I don’t know the meaning of the lyrics but the melody itself kinda makes me feel the sadness of the song. It puts you into a painful mood. Personally, I ache upon hearing this first but when I saw the translation makes me prove that this was really a sad song.

It’s a story about a man who broke off his relationship with his girlfriend of nth years even if he loves her so. Even if he knows how painful it is BUT still he had to set her free. Even if the girl is really trying her best to stop him from leaving her BUT still he was really adamant in saying NO and not continue the relationship anymore.

Why? Because he was being a coward. The man knew that he doesn’t have the confidence to protect his lady love forever. That’s why he left. The man knew that he only loved her because he needed her and not because he needed her because he loved her (you get my point?). He knew then that he can’t give her the happiness that she deserves.

Even if he hurt her, he was still hoping that somebody she’ll meet a man that would love her unconditionally and would stand by her forever and would never/can’t go a day without her. He’s wishing that somebody she’ll never meet a man that is NOT like him in so many ways cause he knows that she’ll be hurt until the end.

Even if they both regret breaking up with each other but still the man bid her goodbye. He do not want her to cry but instead pushes her to forget someone like him from her foolish past. He wants her to meet someone who would love her and treasures her forever.

The man wants her to be free that’s why he broke it off and wants her to be happy. Even if it’s painful, he’s still hoping that someday oh yes someday, they’ll never meet again. *sobbing*

This interpretation is just based on the lyrics of the song that were translated from Hangul to English thus making it as a short story or interpretation.

My Inspiration (YeTeuk and Sungmin on the side)

Music: Falling Slowly by: The Frames

This is the Version of Sungmin’s Falling Slowly when he guested on Chunji. He also played this on Sukira. (Notice how lovely Sungmin’s voice is)

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I made this banner or siggy if you may call it cause I really like these 2 guys. For the past months, they have been my inspiration to move on and keep working hard and aiming what I wanted for in my life. In a way, they gave me joy. They make me smile in my lowest days. When I feel like crying I just listen to their songs with the Super Junior. I guess now, they play a big part in my life. They never made me feel alone cause I know their music will be there for me. I have never been so okay being single in my entire life. I have never been so addicted with a celebrity up until now. They’ve changed me, not for the worse but for the better. My priorities became focused and in the right direction. Why? Cause I’ve seen through their hardships of becoming what they are and I noticed that if they can do it, so can I. I will try hard to be happy for myself. I thank God that I bumped in with these 2 lovely men in my life. Just hoping that someday I could have the chance to meet them too.


[SS2 JAPAN] Shining Star Perf on Premium

I was watching the perf when I got teary eyed all of a sudden. I don’t know why again. They were all smiling but the tears just falls out from my eyes. Maybe I was just thinking of how hard it was for them to be where they are today.

They are the STAR. They are THE shining star. THE SHINING STAR.

So that’s it. Shining ever so brightly that they’ve touched millions of fans around the world through their music. The star that goes down on earth to make us believe that it’s okay to dream. Little did we know, that they also need someone like us to actually support them in even a tiniest way we can.

They are our STAR. We are their STAR. It’s like they are the star that guides us into the night (metaphor) and we are their star that guides them to their dreams. If this could be a possibility, I would greatly shine for the Super Junior to finally get what they really want in their life and to see them for once be happy again.