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Cover of FT Island’s 2nd mini-album “beautiful journey” [FNC Music]

Korean rock band FT Island unveiled a teaser video and cover for their new mini-album today, according to the band’s agency FNC Music on Wednesday.

A press release from FNC announced that the group, who will be returning to the local music scene after a year, will be releasing their second mini-album titled “beautiful journey” on August 25.

“The group has carried out various music tests and experiments and was able to incorporate the necessary elements for the upcoming release,” an official from FNC explained, adding that the band will put on a sophisticated concept for the new album.

FT Island (Five Treasure Island), is composed of members Lee Hong-ko, Lee Jae-jin, Song Seung-hyun, Choi Min-hwan and Choi Jong-hoon. The indie band made their debut into the mainstream Korean pop scene with the first album “Cheerful Sensibility” in June 2007.

They have also managed to pursue an active music career in Japan, releasing two major single albums “Flower Rock” and Brand-new days,” both of which ranked within the top 5 spots on the prestigious Oricon album chart when it went on sale in May and July, respectively.

The quintet recently performed at the international rock festival “Summer Sonic 2010” in Japan and will hold a joint concert with top Japanese singers CHEMISTRY and RHYMESTER next month.

FT Island will begin promoting the mini-album one day after its release in Korea.




The cover of FT Island’s Japanese album “Flower Rock” [FNC Music]

Korean rock band FT Island has placed fourth on Japan’s prestigious Oricon weekly album chart, according to their agency FNC Music on Tuesday.

The group’s Japanese debut album “Flower Rock” had entered the daily music chart at No. 3 as soon as it was released on May 19 and held onto the position for two consecutive days.

Meanwhile, the quintet has been focusing on their activities in Japan after signing with Warner Music Japan in early January. They recently gave a free live concert for a total 5,000 fans in Osaka and Tokyo over the weekend.

The group also performed on NHK-hosted televised music talk show “MUSIC JAPAN” last Sunday and have other live performances scheduled in the country until their return to the Korean music scene in mid-August.

FT Island (Five Treasure Island), composed of members Lee Hong-ki, Lee Jae-jin, Song Seung-hyun, Choi Min-hwan and Choi Jong-hoon, made their debut in 2007 with their first album “Cheerful Sensibility.” They are well-known for their songs “Hope,” “Love Sick” and “Heaven.”



Korean band FT Island [FNC Music]

Korean rock band FT Island held a live concert event in Japan over the weekend, according to their agency FNC Music on Monday.

FNC announced in a press release that the group performed live in front of a total 5,000 fans in Osaka on May 22 and in Tokyo the following day to celebrate the release of their Japanese debut album “Flower Rock.”

The album, which went on sale on May 19, had reached the No. 3 spot on the prestigious Oricon daily chart on the same day.

Separately, several Japanese news outlets including newspaper daily Sports Hochi reported, “Currently, the popular K-pop bands are dance and vocal groups like TVXQ, Big Band and Choshinsung so it’s rare to see a band like FT Island debut in Japan.”

“It feels like we have made our official debut in the country after singing on the stage in Tokyo. Our dream is to perform at the Tokyo Dome,” FT Island members Lee Hong-ki and Choi Min-hwan were quoted as saying in the reports.

The quintet, who signed with Warner Music Japan in early January, will be focusing on their activities in the Japan for the time being and are scheduled to return to the Korean music scene in mid-August.

FT Island made their debut in 2007 with the first album “Cheerful Sensibility” and have released several single and studio albums including “Colorful Sensibility” and “Cross and Change.”

Local fans at the live FT Island concert [FNC Music]



K-pop boy band FT Island will hold a concert and fan meeting in the Philippines in March.

FT Island’s Manila 2010 Showcase and fan meeting will be held March 6 at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) Plenary Hall.

The concert and fan meeting are two separate events that will be held on the same day.

Before the concert, 50 Filipino fans will get to see FT Island members during the fan meeting at the PICC.

This will be FT Island’s second visit to the Philippines. Last September, the boy band went to Cebu to shoot the music video for their Japanese single “Raining.”

Their Cebu trip became a memorable experience for the band members as they were in the province when typhoon Ondoy (international code name Ketsana) hit the Philippines.

FT Island is composed of Lee Hongki, Choi Jonghoon, Lee Jaejin, Song Seunghyun and Choi Minhwan.

The group debuted in 2007 and released their first album “Cheerful Sensibility.” The same year, FT Island received numerous awards including Golden Disk’s Popularity and Best New Artist Awards, and Best New Group in the Asia Song Festival.

Last December, the pop group released its fourth album, “So Long, Au Revoir,” that contains the song “Raining.”

The FT Island Manila 2010 Showcase is organized by Spin Manila and in cooperation with Datz Entertainment and FNC Music.

Tickets are priced at P2,500, P3,500 and P5,000 and are available online at

Manila Bulletin


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Fresh from their short trip last December 2009 for Singapore’s Sundown Festival – Seoul’d Out Combined Concert, popular 5-member Korean idol band FT Island is planning to visit their fans again at the end of January 2010 in an exclusive Fanmeeting and Fansign event.

Tickets sales began last Saturday, 19 December 2009, 1pm local time, at IMM Mall, which is one of the sponsors for the event. Limited number of tickets are sold at S$150 (Fanmeet + Fansign) and S$100 (Fanmeet only).

Despite the tickets’ pricing, throngs of fans still queued up to buy the tickets. Some fans even started queueing up at the mall’s entrance from 10pm the previous night, just to get their hands on the S$150 tickets.

Their efforts to come early paid off and they managed to get the tickets they wanted. The rest of the S$150 tickets were sold out within the first 30 minutes of tickets sales. Meanwhile, 80% of the remaining S$100 tickets were sold during the first day sale.

This will be FT Island’s third visit to Singapore, after their first showcase in June 2009 and a combined concert performance in December 2009.

FT Island’s Fanmeeting will be held on 30 January 2010, at Dragonfly, St. James Powerstation, while their Fansigning will be held on 29 January 2010 at IMM Garden Plaza.



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Source : MediaCorp TV

With their charming good looks and mesmerizing voices, it’s no wonder the five boys from F.T. Island (Lee Jae Jin, Lee Hong Gi, Choi Jong Hun, Choi Min Hwan, and Song Seung Hyun) earned the label of an ‘idol boy group’. But wait, before we jump to any conclusions, these boys are also equally adept at composing their own songs and play their own musical instruments – from the drums, keyboard, to the guitar and bass.

So what are they? A rock band or a boyband?

Sporting matching black outfits with shiny ties and cute bowties for the press conference held on Friday afternoon for the Sundown Seoul’d Out Festival, Min Hwan, the band’s drummer replied, “As a boy group, with serious music, somewhere in-between would be good.”

Displaying maturity beyond his years, he continued, “Initially I thought that being an idol group (boy band) was a disadvantage for us, but as time goes by, we noticed a lot of positive points being a boyband – it is not a bad thing to be a boyband – but we really want to show our serious side in our music.”

Apart from singing, F.T. Island’s main vocalist, Lee Hong Gi, recently starred as one of the main actors in the hit idol drama series, You’re Beautiful and majority of questions opened to the floor of reporters circulated around the drama’s premises.

Sporting a sore eye, Hong Gi chuckled when he was asked to rate himself against his onscreen character and asked, “Do you think there is a similarity? I think maybe about 70% only.”

Instead of feeling pressurized and envious of Hong Gi’s sudden boom in popularity from the drama series, the open-minded boys look up to him and are planning to take it as a learning opportunity.

With no brewing animosity or jealousy amongst them, they said, “Yes, we all would like to have the opportunity [to act] if possible. We admire him and look up to him because he is somebody that is successful.”

This is the quintet’s second time in town after their first visit in June. Ardent fans will be delighted to know that they are slated to visit again early next year for an exclusive fan session.

Garnering the biggest cheers from the cluster of fans gathered at the airport, the entire arena went abuzz with excited cheers and screams throughout the moment the boys exited Changi Airport’s arrival hall on Thursday.

With such a large following of fans, we asked the boys about their craziest fan encounters.

“There is no one that is scary. Everybody is good. There are many fans who try to grab, hug or sometimes pull us, some way or other it can harm us but it is because they like us.”

And they win brownie points with their earnest rationale, “We can handle that much – we really like them [their fans] still.”

So are they a band that hopes to entertain the world, or do they have a different agenda and are set to change the world with their music?

“For us, if somebody really listens to our songs and music and is happy listening to it, of course we are very thankful. We have not portray our best potential through our songs yet, we will come up with better songs, better music. We are hoping for you, as a fan, and we, as an artist, we hope to bring everyone together, to be one.

“To change the world, well, not the case.”
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[Video clip from MediaCorp] Exclusive interview with F.T.Island :



Tickets to the Asian tour of K-pop boy band FT Island have been sold out in just one hour after the sales began in Taiwan. Without any special publicity or advertisements, the tickets for the 3,000-seat theater in Taipei were all sold. The group’s Taipei concert is scheduled for February 27th of next year.

F&C Music, an agency representing FT Island, attributes such enormous popularity of FT Island to the TV drama “You Are Beautiful,” which starred band member Lee hong-ki. The drama was hugely popular in Taiwan and its broadcast certainly has affected the concert ticket sales.

Meanwhile, FT Island will start its Asian tour at Tokyo, Japan on December 23rd. The tour will resume in January of next year with stops in Tokyo, Bangkok, Taipei, Hong Kong, and Manila.


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WOAH! Sold-out and they’re coming to Manila.  Whew! Another Kpop invasion’s happening here.  This is too much.  And I’m not even from Manila so that sucks really bad.   TT.TT