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Korean boy band BEAST poses at the red carpet for dance festival “Precious Land” [Cube Entertainment]

Korean idols BEAST, who are currently on tour in Asia, kicked off their activities in Japan by attending a dance festival yesterday, according to their agency Cube Entertainment on Friday.

Cube announced in a press release that the group took part in the dance festival titled “Precious Land” along with other dancers from Korea, America and Japan on invitation from the fest’s organizers. Popular Korean dance team Prepix was also invited to the event.

BEAST took to the stage to perform their songs “Shock” and “Special,” presented with new arrangements and choreography.

Meanwhile, their Japanese fans threw BEAST’s leader Du-jun a surprise birthday party for his upcoming birthday on July 4.

The “Precious Land,” held for the first time this year, brings together the best dancers and choreographers from around the world.

BEAST recently visited several other countries in Asia including the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia while on a tour aimed at expanding their singing careers overseas.

They made their debut in October 2009 with their mini-album “Beast Is The B2ST” and have several hit songs including “Bad Girl,” “Shock” and “Easy.”

Korean boy band BEAST performs on stage at the Japanese dance festival “Precious Land” [Cube Entertainment]




BEAST unleashes the wild side

Submitted by mala on Monday, June 28th, 2010
Monday, June 28th, 2010 13:38:00
beastDREAM- LIKE: The group’s rise to fame has been rapid and exponential

When talking about 1Malaysia and the various ways to achieve it, perhaps those with hopes of bringing races together should consider two things — music and pretty Korean boys!

To illustrate the point, maybe they should have been at the ‘BEAST Shock Of The New Era’ exclusive showcase last Saturday. The two elements proved there and then to transcend across borders, regardless of race or religion. The crowd of almost 3,000 diehard fans was almost enough to cause a human stampede.

For those who have never heard of the K-pop group or profess not to be into the scene, the turnout at the KL Live on Saturday would have probably been enough to make you a convert.

Young teens were waiting for the much-anticipated concert to start since as early as 6am that morning. By 3pm, the numbers had already grown into the hundreds.

By the time 8pm rolled around, and the place filled with people, the scene was akin to a human sardine can. It was so jam-packed with everyone trying to push their way nearer the stage that it was almost as chaotic as it could get.

Thankfully, the concert organisers managed to keep some semblance of order and while there were a couple of fainting spells, nobody was injured. But honestly, who could stand between a teenage girl and her pop idol? It seemed that a fainting spell for most of them was well worth it.

Before BEAST was brought out on stage, the audience were already chanting their names and basically screaming their heads off. As a teaser before the concert officially started, a couple of BEASTS’ music videos were played on screen. That brought the crowd to wild screeches and screams. One would probably have thought ‘Wow, if they react this way to a screen, how much louder could they scream if the boys were actually brought out?’.

That question was answered shortly as BEAST pranced out on stage right at that very instant close to 9pm. If the screams were loud then, it was deafening now!

Belting out hit after hit, one thing could not be denied. These boys had as much talent as they were pretty. They danced and sang their hearts out while the audience pretty much screamed their hearts out.

A surprising nugget for the night that was pretty puzzling was that every single one of the fans could sing along to all the songs even though the lyrics were all in Korean. Save for a few choice punctuations of English words like ‘bad girl’ and ‘everyday I shock shock’.

A fter a few songs, BEAST retired back stage to change and the emcee proceeded to play a game with the audience. The prize was to get a picture taken with BEAST!

The rule was that three fans would have to follow the dance steps to one of BEASTS’ songs. There was no need to cue the music. The audience basically sang in unison to the song. After they danced, they each had to sing a verse from the song!

Strangely, everyone that night sounded like they could speak Korean judging from how articulate they were. The winner was of course the one who garnered the most applause and cheers from the rest of the crowd.

The other two were given autographed posters.

beastFAN FRENZY: The crowd of almost 3,000 diehard fans was almost enough to cause a human stampede at KL Live

When BEAST took to the stage after their outfit change, they were again met with very loud cheers from the audience. Never underestimate the power of teenage girls’ lungs! This time, it got even more interesting.

They had a lucky draw to pick a member of the audience to come up on stage while the band serenades her.

As her name was called, a shy tudung-clad girl squeezed her way up on stage, grinning from ear to ear.

As the boys serenaded her, and gave her flowers and even held her hand, she looked like she was going to burst into tears of joy.

Alas, all good things must come to an end and after a few more crowd-pleasing songs, the band ended the night with an autograph session. The showcase proved one very important thing — the K-pop fandom in Malaysia is an extremely fast growing one.

Also, if you are a pretty Korean boy who can sing and dance, people will love you even if they don’t understand what you are saying — though they might eventually. All in all, a night of catchy tunes, exciting dance steps, and a quick flash of a six-pack. You can be my BEAST any day!

Up close and personal

Not only was The Malay Mail at the BEAST showcase, we also caught up with the boys at the Press conference and on top of that, managed to get three of them aside for some one-on-one face time! During the Press conference, one question asked was how they would describe their success.

“We never thought that we would be this successful! For this trip to Malaysia, we have gone through a lot of preparation to show the best that we can deliver.”

The boys were also asked what they thought of Malaysian girls, to which they answered that they had heard Malaysian girls are very beautiful and since setting foot in this country, they could see that it is true! Such sweet-talkers, no wonder so many girls swoon over them.

Every time BEAST graces the stage, one thing is undoubted — they are always impeccably dressed and styled. So how do they coordinate their outfits? Furthermore, do they ever wonder whether their fans love them for their music or their looks?

“We are interested in fashion trends but do not follow blindly. We wear what suits us best. We do not know what our fans like us for, but we would prefer that they like us for our music and not so much our looks.”

After the showcase, The Malay Mail caught up with Lee Gi Kwang, Yang Yo Seop and Yong Jun Hyung to get slightly more up close and personal. This was done with the help of two translators which of course, left more time for the reporter to stare at the three hunks!

“The fans were passionate and we had so much fun during the showcase,” said Yang. They expressed that it was their first time in Malaysia and they liked everything they saw. Of course, the first thing that they heard about before their trip was the Twin Towers and the building was even taller and bigger than they expected!

As they are all quite young ranging from the ages of 19 to 21, another question that we asked was where do they see themselves in the future, in terms of personal life and career.


“We will continue to do our best for our family, friends and fans. Personal life wise, we would all like to meet a girl that we love, get married and live happily ever after.”

That question of course, led to what kind of girls they like. “I like cute girls with long straight hair. She must be nice and cuddly. I must feel like hugging her all the time and she must be shorter than me of course!” laughed Yang.

For Gi Kwang and Jun Hyung, they said that they would like to find a nice, pretty girl with a kind heart and is faithful. Basically what ordinary men would want in their partners anyway. Considering their rise to fame has been pretty rapid and exponential, it is a wonder how fame has changed their lives.

“There are, of course, pros and cons. The pros is that we have been practising five to six years before our debut and we are very happy for our present state. We also love the feeling of being on stage and seeing our fans.

“On the other end, we have less privacy now. Even while going to the convenience shop and buying drinks, there will be people taking photos of us and uploading them. Basically everyone knows everything that we are doing.”



Korean boy band BEAST [Cube Entertainment]

Korean pop idols BEAST, who are currently on their Asia tour, successfully wrapped up their fan events in Singapore this week, according to their agency Cube Entertainment on Friday.

Cube announced in a press release that the boys met with some 3,000 local fans at the fan meeting, held June 23 at Singapore’s IMM Shopping Mall, and high-fived each one of the fans.

The following day, they held a showcase at the MediaCorp broadcasting station where they held various performances for the first 1,000 fans.

Meanwhile, their second mini-album “Shock of the New Era” became a certified gold disk in the country.

BEAST, which stands for “Boys of the East Standing Tall,” debuted in October 2009 with the mini-album “Beast Is The B2ST”. They have released several hits including “Bad Girl,” “Shock” and “Easy.”

The group will continue on with their Asia tour, meeting with fans in Malaysia on June 26.

Korean boy band BEAST [Cube Entertainment]



No photo The K-Pop mania is here to stay
DIRECTLINE By Boy Abunda (The Philippine Star) Updated June 09, 2010 12:00 AM

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Kim Hyun Joong (below) and Beast will perform in a concert titled K-Pop Meets P-Pop: Kim Hyun Joong and Beast Live in Manila at the Araneta Coliseum on June 19, 8 p.m.
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Korean Wave, or Hallyu, is definitely taking the country like storm. Pinoys have inarguably dipped their toes in the K-Pop pool. It’s amazing to see and hear how hardcore fans know every word, every line of their songs and every step of the dance. Some even upload their parodies on YouTube.

If that’s not enough, try watching a K-Pop concert where Pinoys totally dig the Korean concert culture. It’s not unusual to see the venue illuminated by a sea of people holding their glow sticks, light boards and banners, united in frenzied cheering of their fan chants. There seems to be no strangers among the crowd who wait long hours — some even sleep outside the venue the night before the concert — as they are drawn into familiar conversations with one another about their favorite Korean idols.

How far will a fan go to show love and support for his favorite stars? Is it enough to join a fan club, collect memorabilia, magazines and posters, to buy CDs, attend concerts, spend cellphone loads to vote in various music charts, study the Korean language and watch Korean shows and dramas? Some even spend thousands of pesos to go abroad just to watch a concert and visit places featured in a Korean series.

K-Pop mania is definitely here to stay. I asked fans why Pinoys love K-Pop despite the language barrier. Some of their answers: “I can’t totally explain it. It’s something you don’t understand but you can feel it. There’s something in the music that grows inside you. It’s a different high! It’s addicting,” enthuses Danielle. “They’re so good! They put so much effort in making cool music videos. The music is very nice to listen to and Korean idols look cute and very fashionable. Just love K-Pop,” says Glenda. Roxanne adds, “Even if we don’t understand the lyrics, I still love their music because the melody and beats are catchy.” “It’s a new generation of music that’s easy to listen,” answers Doodle. Jasmine says, “K-Pop songs have nice melody and the MTVs are great.”

The K-Pop fever in the Philippines is expected to again reach a feverish 38°C as Korea’s hottest idol Kim Hyun Joong and Beast come to Manila for the concert K-Pop Meets P-Pop: Kim Hyun Joong and Beast Live in Manila at Araneta Coliseum on June 19, 8 p.m.

Kim Hyun Joong is famous in the Philippines as Yoon Ji Hoo, F4’s calm, charismatic gentleman in the hit Korean drama series Boys Over Flowers. Beast is one of the most prominent Korean boy groups.

Kim Hyun Joong is the leader of SS501 which debuted in Korea in 2005. Their songs such as Snow Prince, Fighter, Déjà Vu, A Song Calling For You and Love Like This received so much love and support from their fans in Korea and abroad. Filipinos love to sing their songs Because I’m Stupid and Making A Lover which are included in the OST (original soundtrack) of Boys Over Flowers. Their song Love Like This is steadily climbing its way to the top of the MYX Chart. It placed eighth on the MYX Hit Chart (May 23 to 29) and seventh on the MYX International Top 20 (May 22 to 28). SS501 recently released their highly-anticipated new album, Destination.

He is an accomplished artist with several awards like the 45th PaekSang Arts Awards Male Popularity Award for Television on KBS2’s Boys Over Flowers, Best Actor for Seoul’s International Drama Awards, Most Popular Icon for Style Icon Awards 2009; Yahoo Asia Buzz Award, Korean Top Buzz Artist; Yahoo Asia Buzz Award, Taiwan Top Buzz Korean Artist; and Yahoo Asia Buzz Award, Asia Top Buzz Male Artist.

Rising Korean idol group Beast is composed of Doo Joon, Hyun Seung, Jun Hyung, Yo Seob, Gi Kwang and Dong Woon. Doo Joon is the leader, vocalist and rapper; Hyun Seung is the vocalist, lead dancer; Jun Hyung is the main rapper, vocalist; Yo Seob is the main vocalist), Gi Kwang is the lead vocalist, main dancer, and Dong Woon is the vocalist. BEAST means Boys of the East Standing Tall. Its albums include Beast Is The B2ST and Shock Of The New Era. The group‘s popular songs are Bad Girl, Mystery, Shock and Special.

K-Pop Meets P-Pop: Kim Hyun Joong and Beast Live In Manila is produced by Underwood Plan in partnership with GMA-7. The concert is for the benefit of Abiertas House of Friendship — for the benefit of young mothers. Official Music Channel is MYX. Media partners are The Philippine STAR, Manila Bulletin, PBO, Viva Cinema, Magic 89.9, 90.7 Love Radio, 91.5 Energy FM, 97.1 Barangay LS FM, 101.1 Yes FM and 103.5 Max FM. Special thanks to MCA Music, Inc. Philippines.

Ticket prices are P7,840 (Patron A), P6,720 (Patron B), P4,480 (Lower Box), P3,360 (Upper A), P1,680 (Upper B) and P784 (General Admission). For details, call Ticketnet at 911-5555, Viva Concerts at 687-7236 and 633-3808 and Abiertas House of Friendship at 724-3969.

To Kim Hyun Joong and the Beast members, Saranghae!



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outh Korean girlband 4minute, together with their junior/dongsaeng BEAST, performed at Taiwan Convention Center for their first oversea performance yesterday, has already more than thousands of fans to support them. An average of not more than 20 years old members, wore black with red suit shining suit on stage. Amidst the hit music MUZIK, with 3 members namely “Hyun Ah, Ji Hyun and Gayoon” showed off their pretty legs and even purposely took off their coat and showed off their shoulders. However charismatic junior/dongsaeng BEAST that just debut for 100 days is not losing them either. Beast’s performance on stage has gotten even more enthusiastic shouts from fans, that almost took 4Minute’s limelight.

4Minute later than showed off their Chinese and even said a few sentences such as “Is everybody good?” and “Have you eaten?”. 4Minute have seen recommended Taiwan programs in South Korean, therefore learning a few Chinese sentences, which can be used on the day itself. Members have also exposed that, whenever they talked, it will be very noisy, however they do perform their duties. Jihyun, like a mother, loves to take care of the group, Hyunah who loves to laze in bed however is like the daughter of the group, enjoys members` concerns.

Beast that has just debuted for their 100th day, was welcomed by many fangirls. Seeing fans holding lighted cards of members’ name, made them both flattered and surprised and said “Didn’t know that there will be so many B2uties coming, the enthusiastic shouting made by them are even more powerful than the Korean B2uties”, and expressed they are making SHINWA as a goal to move towards towards this goal. This time round due to member “Kikwang” shooting films and thus making himself absent from the performance, they expressed that they will come again to Taiwan to perform as 6 members.

Sorry, I’m HTML illiterate (never done a cut with media behind it in my life lol) so if you wanna watch all the fancams, go to the link below.

CREDITS (SOURCE); nicky456@b2strising(TRANS)


K-pop groups 4minute and BEAST performing at their joint concert in Taiwan [Cube Entertainment]

Korean pop groups 4minute and BEAST successfully wrapped their first promotional tour in Taiwan over the weekend, together attracting a huge crowd to their concert and fan meeting.

First, the news of their arrival in Taiwan on January 21 was reported in the 8 o’clock evening news of public network TTV with the two bands seen delivering their greetings in Chinese in front of Taiwanese fans and the media.

They kicked off the tour with a press conference and fan meeting the next day to which some 2,000 Taiwanese fans showed up. Organizers had to cut down the attendance for the event, which took place at CTS Broadcasting Station, to 200 people for safety reasons.

The girl group and the boy band then held a joint concert on Saturday attended by some 5,000 fans of both groups. They performed for about two hours, singing numerous songs including their unreleased tracks “Won’t You Give It To Me” (by 4minute) and “Yet” (BEAST).

4minute — composed of Jihyun, Gayoon, Jiyoon, HyunA and Sohyun — debuted in June 2009 with the single “Hot Issues”. Their subsequent mini-album “For Muzik” was a big success, topping various music charts in both Korea and Taiwan.

BEAST, which stands for “Boys of the East Standing Tall”, debuted in October 2009 with the mini-album “Beast Is The B2ST”. They are composed of six members — Doo-joon, Hyun-seung, Jun-hyung, Yo-seob, Dong-woon and Gi-kwang, who was unable to attend the Taiwan tour due to his personal schedule.

Both K-pop groups are managed by Korean entertainment agency Cube Entertainment who recently signed a strategic alliance with global record company Universal Music Group in an attempt to further expand their careers overseas.

Reporter : Park Kun-ouc, Ko Jae-wan
Editor : Lynn Kim
<ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved>


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Group BEAST dismisses rumours that they will be ending promotions for their first minialbum.

Fans have raised their concerns if the group will be ending their 1st minialbum promotions earlier since it has been announced that their company Cube Entertainment had partnered up with Universal music for their Asian promotions, which will start with promotions in Taiwan. The rumours that it is their goodbye stage have surfaced for every of the group’s music show appearance.

But it has been assured that BEAST will continue with the promotions for the time being. There are also activities plans for the group even after they start their Taiwanese promotions on the 23rd.

The group is currently until spotlight for selling over 20K album copies in just 3 months into their debut. This is phenomenal results for a rookie group, and after their ‘Mystery’ promotions, about 5000 more orders for their album productions have been sent in.

Not only that, the group members have also shown their various charms and capabilities on broadcast show and have received good reviews for that.

BEAST and 4Minute have also been said to be 2 of the aspiring newcomers in Asia on Billboard.

S:Newsen + kbites


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After receiving much love from their Korean fans, girl group 4minute and boy group BEAST are going to meet their overseas fans as they are scheduled to visit Taiwan and perform for their fans in Taipei International Convention Centre (TICC) on Jan 23rd,2010!

In this event, 4minute will perform their hits as well as introducing “For Muzik” special package album released in Taiwan. And, a day before this event, on Jan 22nd evening, these 2 groups will hold another event called ” Follow the dance of 4minute & Beast” and have fun with their Taiwan fans.

Previously reported that their company Play Cube Ent. and Universal Music Group (UMG) signed a Partnership agreement confirming their cooperation to hand in hand promoting Beast and 4minute [link]. And, the released of 4minute’s “For Muzik” special package album in Taiwan is also a start of the 8 Asia Countries promotion plan. Meanwhile, group BEAST is also said to expand and having promotion in overseas just like 4minute.

source: kbites


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Gaining much popularity just 2 months into their debut promoting hits like ‘Bad Girl’ and ‘Mystery’, group BEAST did their first magazine photoshoot and interview.

The concept for the photoshoot is different from their powerful image on stage, instead it is to show the natural side of the members. Like leader DoonJoon described the group as ‘Korea’s most amiable and confident group’, the members spoke honestly during the interview.

The members are known to have faced several obstacles during their long training days and when asked if they have any complaints about it, they said, “For someone who has not tasted failure, he will get hurt in this world. We have strong self-esteem/pride as compared to the others.”

The interview also included a letter written by maknae DongWoon’s father Professor Son Ilak’s ‘Letter to BEAST’.

Fans will see a different side of BEAST through their first magazine photoshoot in January issue of Elle Girl.

source: kbites