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Okay, I’m new on this thing, too, about lingo’s that I actually see and came across on forum sites and blogs and really had no idea at all at first but as the day progressed, I learned that this web-lingos or internet urban lingos are just slangs to express a blogger’s or surfer’s or even fangirl’s feelings using an alienated word.

Here are some words that I came across with: (will update from time to time)


– awesome,  kick-ass, or otherwise positive.  Can be used to refer to anything but is usually referring to a particular event or action. The most common usages are “epic win” or “epic failure,” and some prefer to type it in all caps. Occasionally people use the phrase “Epic ___” as a stand-alone sentence or phrase, always following a story about something considered Epic.

Ex:  Teukie and Yesung’s perf of Ring Ding Dong is an epic win!


– the complete opposite of EPIC.  Complete and total failure when success should have been reasonably easy to attain. Similar to fail but even to a larger and pitiful scale.

Ex: A man who commits suicide because he was dumped by a girlfriend is an epic fail.


–  A reaction to something crazy or weird.  To flip out at something, yell and scream, usually completely random words.

Ex:  I spazz on Yeteuk when I see them do the adorkable moves.


– The common replacement for the “F” word to get a point across.

Ex: Teukie’s abs is effing hot! 🙂


–  A post on Twitter, a real-time social messaging system.

Ex:  I tweet Jung-Soo oppa on Twitter but later found out that it’s a poser.


–  Someone whos acts like someone they’re not, but not realizing that there being fake, basically a loser trying to fit in.  Who tries to fit in but with exaggeration.

Ex: Peter was such a poser-freak; sure, he comes to school in Korean attire, but he doesn’t even know who Super Junior is.


– someone who is new and inexperienced to a game, or website, online game, or something.

Ex:  This guy is a total noob and he never learns, must have never participated in sports while growing up. What a fag.


A word that is most commonly used in any sort of only messenger to express frustration, excitement, confusion, anger, happiness, ect.

Ex:  What the asdf is wrong with you?!


– A meaningless acronym used commonly on chatrooms.  It stands for “Oh My God.  What the Fuck!”

Ex:  OMGWTF! Yesung is so hawt!


– Internet slang for something hot.


– Used to describe someone, something that is super sexy. its a cuter way of saying sexy.

Ex:  Teuki is so smexy last night in Sukira.


– a gathering of two or more fangirls in which they proceed to waste endless amounts of time ogling, discussing/arguing, stalking, etc. the object of their “affection”

Ex: I admit it, I was fangirling all through TEUKIE and probably made an ass of myself but, omg, guys in skirts are sooooooo hot!


– a person who proof-reads or edits fanfiction.

Ex:   Thanks for beta-ing my fic, Ae-in.

– a sign made from a fan, usually recieved as a photograph.

Ex: I made a fan sign for Teukie and it’s says “SARANGHAEYO”.


– a public expression of thanks, gratitude or anything.

Ex: I’d like to give a shout-out to all of my friends all over the world.


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