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CNBLUE leader Jung Yong-hwa [Asia Economic Daily]

Korean singer Jung Yong-hwa of idol group CNBLUE has confessed that Japanese actress Ueno Juri is his ideal woman.

The singer made the remark during a recent guest appearance on SBS radio show “Choi Hwa-jung’s Power Time” where he talked about romance and relationships.

“Who is your ideal woman? Seo-hyun’s husband Yong-hwa~,” asked the show’s host Choi Hwa-jung, referring to Jung’s current variety show gig “We Got Married” where he plays a make-believe couple with Girls’ Generation member Seo-hyun.

Jung said in response, “I love Seo-hyun. She has a good personality. But these days I am into watching Japanese drama ‘Nodame Cantabile’ and I really love Ueno Juri who appears in the show.”

Other band members also revealed their ideal type of women; Kang Min-hyuk said that he likes a woman with short or long straight hair who looks good wearing a baseball cap, meaning a female celebrity who would wear baseball caps in disguise; Jung-shin described his ideal woman as one with fair skin and who looks great in skinny jeans; Jong-hyun picked Korean actress Son Ye-jin, saying he likes a woman who is funny, easy to talk to and looks good in a white T-shirt and jeans.

The members also chose Kang Min-hyuk and Jung Yong-hwa as most likely to have successful romantic relationships with women.

In response to the question whether they have more than two women around them that they want to have a relationship with, all the members answered ‘yes.’

After releasing two singles in Japan, CNBLUE made their debut in the local music scene last January with their mini-album titled “Bluetory.” The group had received much attention ahead of its debut with leader and main vocalist Jung Yong-hwa gaining popularity through SBS TV series “Minamishineyo” last year.

They released their second mini-album “BLUE LOVE” on May 19, which features the title track “LOVE.”

The band is currently preparing for their first concert “Listen to the CNBLUE,” to be held in Seoul on July 31.




C.N. Blue, a four-member idol band, sold out for their July 31 concert, their first solo performance, in just one minute.

“When the pre-sale ticket page opened online on June 28 at 8 p.m., the server immediately slowed down and the show eventually sold out,” the band’s management company, FNC Music, said Tuesday. “We’re still receiving ticket requests.”

The single “Love” from the group’s second mini album “Blue Love,” released last month, was No. 1 on June 10’s “M Countdown,” a music program on MNet. It was also No. 1 on SBS’s “Popular Song” countdown show that aired June 20.

The concert will be held at the 2,000-seat AX-Korea concert hall in Gwangjang-dong.

credit: JoongAngDaily


Male band CNBLUE [FNC Music]

The plagiarism dispute between Korean indie groups Ynot? and CNBLUE regarding the latter’s hit single “I’m a Loner” is heating up into a legal battle, according to local media reports.

Underground rock band Ynot? will reportedly file a lawsuit this week against the songwriters of “Loner”, the debut single of indie-band-turned-idol-group CNBLUE, accusing them of plagiarizing their tune “Bluebird” from the 2008 mini-album “GreenApple”.

“We will file a civil lawsuit against the songwriters of ‘I’m a Loner’ within the week,” lawyer Kim Hyun-sung, who is handling the case for Ynot?, was quoted as saying.

Kim further explained that Ynot? is taking legal action because “they judge that composers of ‘I’m a Loner’ have violated copyright laws” and that they are “in the final stages of collecting and organizing relevant data” for the case.

The lawsuit will reportedly be asking the counterparty, Korean songwriters Kim Do-hoon and Lee Sang-ho, to pay up to KRW 50 million won in losses and damages.

“Loner” has stirred controversy since its release in January and both parties had been stating their positions through various media reports.

Ju Mong, lead singer and songwriter of Ynot?, was quoted as saying, “As a musician who has been making music for a long time, it is unfortunate that this plagiarism controversy should arise.”

Songwriter Kim Do-hoon, who has penned numerous K-pop hits over the years, claimed that “Loner” did not plagiarize “Bluebird” and even went into detail about the issue; last February, he denied the accusations explaining that “only one bar in ‘Loner’ is similar but the cord progression is different, the intro part is not at all similar and main chorus melody ‘I am a loner, I am a loner’ is completely different.”

Ynot? is regarded one of the most talented underground bands in Korea who released thier first record “This is the Freedom to the Power!” in 2002. The quartet have since put out several single albums, collaboration albums and most recently their second full-length album titled “Agirangyi Rhythm”.

CNBLUE is a four-member indie rock band who first debuted in Japan with the mini-album “Now or Never”. They released their Korean debut album “Bluetory” in January 2010, whose title track “Loner” went on to conquer several music charts in the country.



‘It’s a dirty world where plagiarism is a sure-fire way to become a star.’

February 11, 2010

Plagiarism has again emerged as a hot issue in the Korean music scene after star composer Kim Do-hun was accused of plagiarizing a song by an indie band.

Netizens accuse Kim of having copied parts of the song “Blue Bird” by indie band Ynot for his song “I’m An Outcast,” which he composed for the indie band C.N BLUE. To support their claims, they have uploaded text and clips of the two songs to the Web.

Meanwhile, a group of netizens has started gathering signatures for an online petition urging Kim to leave the music industry because, they say, he has built his career with plagiarized songs.

“Kim wrote a song titled ‘Lie’ for Gavy NJ and it was pretty much the same as Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Brave,’” a person with the screen name Rasmus wrote on the site Agora, a major online debate forum operated by local search engine Daum. “There were also similarities between Kim’s ‘8282’ [sung by Davichi] and Mika’s ‘Happy Ending.’ The list goes on.”

Rasmus launched the signature campaign against Kim. As of yesterday morning, 3,181 netizens had signed on.

Another of Kim’s songs, “Can’t Forget” sung by Kim Jong-kook, is said to have an introduction that is similar to that of Usher’s “Love in This Club.”

Kim refuted the allegations in a statement issued earlier this week.

“There are so many similar songs because they all belong to the same genre,” the statement said.

Kim began his career in 1995 and since then has composed songs for many of the nation’s A-list singers, including Lee Hyo-ri, Lee Seung-ki, SES, SG Wannabe, Big Mama and Fly to the Sky.

In his statement, Kim also implored netizens to stop making assumptions about his work.

The debate over whether Kim plagiarized has become heated, with celebrities chiming in to either denounce or defend him. Singer Shin Hae-chul, who is known for his catty comments, did not hesitate to snipe at Kim, saying that if Kim is proven innocent he will retire from the music industry.

Singer Jin Joo wrote on her home page that the Korean music industry is “a dirty world where plagiarism is a sure-fire way to become a star.”

In fact, the local music industry has been damaged by a raft of plagiarism scandals in past years, but there is no organization to deal with these claims. Until 1998, the now-defunct Performance Ethics Committee handled plagiarism cases, but the organization set to replace it, the Korea Media Rating Board, is no longer responsible for these issues.

By Sung So-young []


Minho of K-pop idol group SHINee [Asia Economic Daily]

A handful of young Korean pop idols — including Minho and Key of SHINee, Dongho of U-Kiss and Lee Jung-shin of CNBLUE — graduated from their high schools today.

Minho of boy band SHINee attended his graduation ceremony at Konkuk University Affiliated High School, while his bandmate Key received his diploma from Youngshin High School in the city of Daegu.

Minho, who will be enrolling in Konkuk University as a film major next month, was handed not only his diploma but a special award for his contribution in making the school better known to the public.

Key, who returned to his hometown of Daegu for the graduation ceremony, also received recognition for his contribution as well as a high school diploma.

“I am glad and happy because fans are congratulating me on my graduation,” the 18-year-old singer was quoted as saying. “Now that I am an adult, I will be more responsible and work hard for the fans.”

U-Kiss member Dongho showed up at his alma mater Yonggang Middle School in Seoul, accompanied by his bandmates Kevin, Ki-bum, Alexander and Ki-sub. Dongho will be attending Hanlim Multi Art School in March.

Lee Jung-shin, bassist of indie rock band CNBLUE, also became a graduate today, receiving a diploma at Jung Bal High School located in Ilsan, Korea.

Reporter : Ko Kyoung-seok
Editor : Lynn Kim
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SHINee member Key attends his high school graduation ceremony at Youngshin High School in the city of Daegu in South Korea on February 10, 2010.

SHINee member Key [SM Entertainment]
SHINee member Key [SM Entertainment]
SHINee member Key [SM Entertainment]

Photographer : Lee Ki-bum
Editor : Jessica Kim
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4minute member Sohyun [Park Sung-ki/Asia Economic Daily

4minute member Sohyun arrives at Kum-ho Girls’ Middle School to attend her school graduation ceremony on February 11, 2010.

4minute member Sohyun [Park Sung-ki/Asia Economic Daily]

Photographer : Park Sung-Ki
Editor : Jessica Kim
<ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved>


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Current members


  • Full Name: Jung Yong Hwa (정용화)
  • Japanese Name: ヨンファ
  • Date of Birth: June 22, 1989 (1989-06-22) (age 20)
  • Position: Leader, Vocalist, Guitarist, Rapper

On October 2009, Yonghwa made his acting debut as Kang Shinwoo in the successful Korean idol-drama, You’re Beautiful.


  • Full Name: Lee Jong Hyun (이종현)
  • Japanese Name: ジョンヒョン
  • Date of Birth: May 15, 1990 (1990-05-15) (age 19)
  • Position: Guitarist, Vocalist


  • Full Name: Kang Min Hyuk (강민혁)
  • Japanese Name: ミンヒョク
  • Date of Birth: June 28, 1991 (1991-06-28) (age 18)
  • Position: Drummer


  • Full Name: Lee Jung Shin (이정신)
  • Japanese Name: ジョンシン
  • Date of Birth: September 15, 1991 (1991-09-15) (age 18)
  • Position: Bassist, Rapper

Former members

Kwon Kwang Jin (권광진)

  • Japanese name: 권광진
  • Position: Bassist, rapper
  • Date of birth: August 12, 1992 (1992-08-12) (age 17)

On October 17, 2009, drummer Min Hyuk posted a blog entry on their official Japanese blog site, stating that they will be recording with a new bassist named Jung Shin. Bassist Kwon Kwang Jin left the band with no official statement as of yet.


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100127 Simsimtapa’s Official Updates

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Broadcasted on 100126
~with CN Blue~


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Flower Boy Band FT Island’s lead vocal Lee HongKi caught many attention from showing “strong” emotional feeling toward the new band CN BLUE.

On the 21st, Lee HongKi commented through a FT Island’s fan site, “I am really happy because we got team that does band music with us. Together I want to introduce the band genre to everyone.”

Lee HongKi and the lead vocalist, Jung YongHwa, are family members that share the same management, FNC Music. Lee HongKi and Jung YongHwa even got closer filming the drama ‘You’re Beautiful’ and sharing the hard training times together, winning the title “Brotherly Group.”

They even showed more close bonds when FT Island and CN BLUE appeared at each other’s concerts and debut showcases. Lee HongKi even sang the title song “I’m a Loner” during the recording for the show Dream Team and changed the song on this mini-homepage to “I’m a Loner.”

Lee HongKi boasted, “These days, everyday is so joyful. Doing activities, I was so envious of other groups playing around with group from the same management, and finally!!! We, FT Island got a family member as well.”

He went on to say, “We were always lonely being the only band group compared to the dance groups, but now! I’m really happy to be sharing band activities with each other.” Then he even requested the Primadonnas (FT Island’s fan base) to support CN BLUE as well.

Lastly he added, “At times like this when bands aren’t very popular, and we also know that FT Island and CN BLUE aren’t as nearly good as some of the sunbaes, but we will work hard on spreading out the band genre to the public. So Primadonnas and CN BLUE fans, join forces together and say “Fighting.” Soon we will be also greeting you guys wil some good music.”

Source: Il-Gan Sports
Translation: cnbluemoonlight @ Code Azzurro


Four-member boy band CNBLUE [FNC Music]

Four-member boy band CNBLUE has topped last week’s singles chart with their new song “Alone,” according to music cable channel Mnet.

The group, who released their first mini-album titled “Bluetory” in Korea less than two weeks ago, jumped 70 spots to place No. 1 on Mnet’s weekly singles chart for the week of January 18 to 24.

The band had debuted in Japan first, releasing two singles in the country before appearing on the Korean music scene, where they received much hype with leader and main vocalist Jung Yong-hwa gaining popularity from his appearance in SBS TV series “Minamishineyo.”

“Wonder Woman” sung by girl groups SeeYa, Davichi and T-ara remained in the same position as last week while boy band 2PM’s “Tik Tok” climbed a spot to round off the top three.

Meanwhile, 2AM’s newly-released record “I Can’t Let You Go” was the best-selling album last week, pushing down girl group T-ara down a slot to enter Mnet’s chart in first place.

Boy band 2PM’s first full-length album ranked third on the chart, falling back a notch from its position last week.

Reporter : Lucia Hong
Editor : Jessica Kim
<ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved>

Here’s the MV of Alone:

credit: yiln@YT


Personally like it the most! though all of the past and present songs of theirs are wonderful but this one really is wracking my brains out that every time I hear this song it became a LSS over and over again.. “oh baby oetoriya oetoriya ddaribiriddaradu~ oetoriya oetoriya ddaribiriddaradu~ oetoriya oetoriya sarange seulpeohago sarange nunmuljitneun oetori sad sad sad sad sad sad sad tonight gaseumi apa”


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New boy band CNBLUE just made its debut and it’s already troubled by accusations of plagiarism. Some alleged that “I’m a Loner,” the title song of the band’s mini album,” sounds much like the song “Bluebird” by an independent band called Ynot. “Bluebird” was featured in Ynot’s digital single album “Green Apple” released in May 2008. The part accused of plagiarism is the refrains of “I’m a Loner,” which is supposedly similar to the intro of “Bluebird” in its code and melody.

CNBLUE’s management agency has refuted the allegation, saying that the accusations of plagiarism are preposterous. If similarities in a few parts of the song constituted copying, there wouldn’t be a single song in the world free from the suspicion of plagiarism, the agency said. The agency went so far as to launch a counterattack against Ynot, arguing that the little-known independent band is trying to grab some media attention by crying foul. “I’m a Loner” has been topping music charts since it was released on January 14th.

KBS Global