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2NE1 is signaling their comeback with their first official album titled, “To Anyone,” to be released on Sept. 9. The album will include 12 songs including six new ones, four previously released and two bonus tracks.

On Aug. 17, Yang Hyun-suk, the CEO of YG Entertainment – the group’s management company – through their official Web page, revealed, “Will. I. Am., the leader and producer of the Black Eyed Peas, has offered to produce this album and to aid the group’s future debut in America. We have finished recording a total of 10 songs in English up to this point.”

Yang continued, “Will. I. Am. is currently in the middle of preparing for the next Black Eyed Peas album, so the plans for 2NE1’s American debut are still unclear. However, we are scheduled to launch the group on stage in Japan in the beginning of next year. We are looking into a way for 2NE1 to be musically active in all three countries next year.”




Korean singer Se7en in a teaser page announcing his comeback [YG Entertainment]

Korean pop singer Se7en is set to make a comeback to the local music scene next week, making his first album release in Korea in over three years.

Agency YG Entertainment (YG) announced in a press release that Se7en will be coming back on July 21, as shown in the teaser page set up for the singer ( last Friday.

The singer, who has been busy working in the U.S. for the past few years, had originally planned to return to Korea at the end of May.

But, as YG explained several months ago, he decided to push the date back because he “wanted to make it perfect” and “wanted to make the [comeback] date relevant to ‘seven.'”

The agency had also hinted that the upcoming record will be “completely different in style than what Se7en has shown in the past” and that fans will be “very surprised” by the new music.

“This is his comeback to the local scene in three years so all the producers and staff members at YG, not to mention Se7en, put in their best efforts into the album,” an official at YG was quoted as saying. “We have been preparing this album for a long time so we will do our best in supporting Se7en.”

The new album is said to feature noted K-pop producer Teddy as well new record producers recruited by YG this year.

Se7en, whose real name is Choi Dong-wook, trained under YG Entertainment for four years before making his debut in 2003 with the album “Just Listen.” He became popular throughout Asia, releasing four full-length albums in Korea and seven singles in Japan.

In 2006, he went over to the U.S. to break into the global music scene and started collaborating with noted record producers such as Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins. He has yet to achieve notable success there.

His last album release in Korea was in 2006, the fourth record “Se7olution.”



Big Bang member G-Dragon (left) and Taeyang (right) [YG Entertainment]

Big Bang member Taeyang will be making a comeback to the local music scene with his first full-length solo album this week, giving comeback performances with fellow group mate G-Dragon, according to his agency YG Entertainment on Tuesday.

YG announced in a press release that Taeyang will take to the stages of televised music shows including music cable channel Mnet’s “M! CountDown” and public networks “Music Core” and “Inkigayo” to perform his title track “I Need a Girl” featuring rap by G-Dragon from his upcoming release “Solar.”

G-Dragon, known to be close friends with Taeyang since their years as trainees for YG at the age of 13, also took part in writing and composing song “After You Fell Asleep” in Taeyang’s album.

“I am nervous since I’m returning to the local music stage for the first time in a while but I feel a lot more confident because G-Dragon will be next to me,” Taeyang was quoted as saying, adding he is doing his best to prepare for the comeback performances.

Taeyang, whose real name is Dong Young-bae, made his debut as a member of Big Bang in 2005. He is the first member to debut as a solo artist, releasing his first mini-album “HOT” in May 2008. He also released two digital singles “Wedding Dress” and “Where U At” last November.

The deluxe edition of “Solar” will hit the stores on July 1 and the regular version eight days later.



Korean idol group SS501 [DSP Entertainment]

Korean idol group SS501 is gearing up for a comeback with their upcoming new album “DESTINATION” due out May 31, according to their agency DSP Entertainment on Tuesday.

DSP explained in a press release that some of the most talented musicians in Korea, Europe and the U.S., including prominent Korean-American music producer Steven Lee, collaborated to create the new album.

Lee, who had written and arranged all the tracks in the group’s previous album “REBIRTH,” also composed the title track, named “Love Ya,” in the new album.

All the songs in “DESTINATION” have been arranged to piano accompaniments while incorporating a minimum of electronic sounds that are prevalent in current K-pop music.

Some of the songs included in the record are R&B tune “Let Me Be The One” and a dance number called “Crazy 4 U,” which was performed by the band during their “PERSONA Asia Tour” but left out on the previous album. Fans are said to have requested that SS501 include this particular track on the new album.

SS501, who debuted in 2005 with single “Warning,” made a successful comeback to the music scene last October, topping various music charts with their second mini-album “Rebirth”.

They kicked off their “1st Asia Tour Persona” in Seoul last August and went on to perform in Tokyo, Taipei, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

The five member group are scheduled to give a comeback performance on KBS’ “Music Bank” on June 4.



Wonder Girls members Yenny, Sohee, Sun, Yubin and Lim [JYP Entertainment]

Pop sensation the Wonder Girls have worked their magic once again, topping every Korean music chart with their new song “2 Different Tears (2DT)” released just days ago, according to their agency on Tuesday.

JYP Entertainment (JYPE) stated that “2DT” topped the online music charts of social networking site Cyworld and major music provider Melon immediately after its release on Monday (Korea time).

The girls then went on to triumph on the remainder of local charts, including Dosirak, Mnet, Soribada, Bugs, Monkey 3 and Hanteo, according to figures released today.

The Wonder Girls’ latest record, also titled “2 Different Tears,” marks the girls’ official debut in the United States, featuring “2DT” recorded in a Korean and English version, as well as the English versions and remixes of their previous hits in Korea “Tell Me,” “So Hot” and “Nobody.”

Wonder Girls, composed of Sohee, Yubin, Sun, Yenny and Lim, returned to Korea yesterday after having held a launching party for the global release of their new album over the weekend.

They will be making several appearances on entertainment programs during their two-week stay in Korea including on “Family Outing Season 2,” “1 Night 2 Days” and “Win Win.”

The girls will then fly back to the United States to prepare for their solo tour which kicks off on June 4.


Here’s their LIVE perf [100523] of 2 Different Tears:

cre: soultrue2@YT

My first love in Kpop Girl Group.  Love them now that they’re getting mature with everything (i.e music, fashion, etc.). Welcome back to Korea, Wonder Girls. <333


K-pop idol group 2PM has gone on a countdown ahead of making a comeback to the local music scene with a mini-album later this month.

A clock tower in an empty lot, posted on their official website ( late on Monday, indicated there is one day left till the group reveals information about their new record.

The boys had last released an album in November last year, promoting their first full-length record “1:59PM” for three months. Their title track “Heartbeat” topped various televised and online music charts for several consecutive weeks.

2PM originally made their debut with seven members in 2008 but turned a six-man band after their agency JYP Entertainment announced in February that it would terminate its contract with former leader Park Jae-beom over “a huge personal wrongdoing.”

The young singer had been absent from the group since last September after sparking national controversy over comments he made on his MySpace account before his debut but fans had been anticipating his return.

Members of 2PM have ventured onto individual projects including variety show and drama appearances.



Super Junior member Kim Hee-chul [Lee Ki-bum/Asia Economic Daily]

Boy band Super Junior member Kim Hee-chul poses during a press conference announcing major broadcaster SBS’ revamped radio schedule at the public network’s headquarters in Seoul, South Korea on March 22, 2010.

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Cover to Rain’s special album “BACK TO THE BASIC” [J.Tune Entertainment]

The cover to Asian pop sensation Rain’s special album due out April 1 has been unveiled.

The record, titled “BACK TO THE BASIC,” showed a close up shot of the singer and actor in medium-lengthed curly hair photographed in black and white.

Rain had announced last week that he will be returning to the K-pop scene for the first time in over a year with the album he will promote for two months.

Several online websites, including record chain Hot Tracks, shopping mall Interpark and bookstore Aladdin, started receiving advanced orders for Rain’s new album today.

“We got a flood of inquiries from fans from both Korea and overseas about the album so we decided to receive advanced orders although we hadn’t planned on doing so originally,” an official at Rain’s agency J.Tune Entertainment was quoted as saying in a press release on Monday.

Rain, whose real name is Jung Ji-hoon, has been one of Asia’s hottest entertainers since his debut in 2002. He gained fame throughout the region through several albums and drama appearances.

He made his Hollywood debut in the Wachowski Brothers’ action flick “Speed Racer” in 2008, which led to his star turn in the martial arts movie “Ninja Assassin” last year.


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Super Junior member Kim Hee-chul [Lee Ki-bum/Asia Economic Daily]

Boy band Super Junior member Kim Hee-chul poses during a press conference announcing major broadcaster SBS’ revamped radio schedule at the public network’s headquarters in Seoul, South Korea on March 22, 2010.

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Boy band Super Junior member Kim Hee-chul poses during a press conference announcing major broadcaster SBS’ revamped radio schedule at the public network’s headquarters in Seoul, South Korea on March 22, 2010. [Lee Ki-bum/Asia Economic Daily]

Boy band Super Junior member Kim Hee-chul will be returning as a radio DJ for SBS Power FM (107.7 MHZ) starting next week for the first time in four years.

“I am very thankful that I have been asked to take be a DJ again… I will do my best,” the 26-year-old singer said at a press conference announcing SBS’ revamped radio schedule.

Kim, who had hosted a show with singer-turned-actress Park Hee-bon in 2006, will be the sole DJ for ‘Kim Hee-chul’s Young Street’ set to air starting March 29 at 8 p.m.

“I didn’t know what I was doing back in the days because I had just debuted but I know how to control myself now and am more at ease so I think I’ll be able to do a better job,” an enthusiastic Kim explained.

He added that he plans be involved directly in the casting of the guests for his show — actors Kang Ji-hwan, Lee Da-hae and Lee Wan are among the few whom he has asked to appear on the show, Kim said.

He also joked that he would be “okay for a few weeks just having each group member take turns appearing on the show,” referring to his 13-man band.

Kim is a vocalist of his group which is currently one of the most popular K-pop acts in Asia. He is also one of the most sought-out idol stars on variety shows for his witty sense of humor.

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