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Fan Meets in 8 Cities Confirmed for Late August and September with Kickoff in Seoul

July 6, 2010, International – Jay Park better known to his fans in Asia as Park Jaebeom will be working with Asia’s top music promoters to launch his solo fan meets tour in September. The fan meets kick off in Seoul on August 28th and go on to Taipei, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore throughout the month of September.

“We are very pleased to make this announcement,” said Tinzar Sherman, official management representative for Jay Park. “The fans have been so patient and supportive of Jay. He wants to take the opportunity during the fan meets to thank all the fans for their unwavering support, and is looking forward to making it a lot of fun.”

The idea of the fan meets has been in development since May when several top promoters approached Jay’s management about the possibility of doing fan meets for Jay in their own countries. There are discussions about expanding the tour to additional cities in Asia and North America.

Jay will be bringing his dance crew AOM to the various fan meet locations, where he will perform songs, choreograph special dance sequences and play games with the fans. Jay and AOM will also battle top local bboy crews in a friendly exchange to promote youth culture in each country.

“I am blessed to have such incredible fans. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to go on the road and meet with you in so many great cities. I hope to make you proud,” said Jay Park.

Fan meet schedule will be posted on Jay Park’s official website and full details of each stop will be announced on the site by around the middle of July.

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Tinzar Sherman
310-855-0033 ext. 702

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More of Jay Park on Hype Nation’s filming set photos (via OH! KPOP)

More of Jay Park on Hype Nation's filming set photos As part of the production team's promotional ventures,they have released in set pictures of their latest filming set for Hype Nation. Pictures of Jay Park and his on screen sister has been revealed on a scene where Jay's role had heated dance battle ending into a fight. And to those who still don't get it, Jay Park's screen name is 'DARKNESS'. Hype Nation reveals on set pictures of the battle between Darkness & Jesse On … Read More

via OH! KPOP


Former 2PM leader Park Jaebeom in his Youtube video [Youtube]

Park Jaebeom, former leader of Korean boy band 2PM, has asked his fans to name his fan club.

The singer posted a video on popular video-sharing site Youtube on Monday, in which he sang a cover of Canadian rapper Drake’s “Best I Ever Had” and Jason Derulo’s “Whatcha Say” and delivered a personal message to fans.

“You guys wanted me to name the fan club but I have no idea what to call it,” said the singer in his video. “So I made a Twitter page. If I pick the name that you guys submit, I will call you personally and I will thank you guys.”

He then informed fans of his newly set-up Twitter address ( where fans can submit their suggestions for the name.

The Seattle-born singer was at the peak of his K-pop music career last September when it was revealed that he had written several controversial remarks — including “I hate Korea” — on his MySpace pages during his teenage years as a trainee at agency JYP Entertainment (JYPE).

The matter sparked such national outrage that Park quit the band and left Korea four days after his old comments became public.

With fans pleading for his return, he was expected to rejoin the group earlier this year but officially parted with JYPE for good in February over “a huge wrongdoing” that he had committed in his personal life.

Park had been staying in the U.S. since, performing with his dance crew Art of Movement and putting up several videos of his cover performances on Youtube.

He has also been preparing for a debut in the U.S. music scene through collaborations with Dumbfoundead and noted record producer Teddy Riley.

He is scheduled to visit Korea early next month to shoot b-boy film “Hype Nation”.



2PM 팬페이지 집단 폐쇄사태 ‘핫티스트→안티스트’ 돌변
Management says it’s a personal problem that can not be reported.
March 02, 2010
Park Jae-beom

The question of whether Park Jae-beom, the former lead singer of the K-pop boy band 2PM, will rejoin the group after he was let go in September has finally been answered, but that hasn’t kept fans from speculating about the reason for his departure.

Last Thursday, fans were surprised to read a posting on the Web site of the group’s management agency, JYP Entertainment, confirming the singer would not return to the group.

In the posting, the agency said it had been preparing for Park to make a comeback in April and that it had even scheduled a press conference for February to announce his return. The agency went on to say, however, that in December Park had called Jeong Uk, one of the directors of JYP Entertainment, to tell him he had done something very wrong last summer, while the group was promoting the single “Again and Again.”

Although the agency declined to say what the “something” was, it did say that it was a personal problem that could not be reported and that it was far more serious than what the former front man had done last September.

The six other members of the group were notified of the company’s decision on Jan. 3, the company said.

Two days after the message was posted, on Saturday, the heads of JYP Entertainment and the six remaining 2PM members held a four-hour, closed Q&A session with 100 restless fans about Park’s confirmed farewell.

The session kicked off with the six band members acknowledging their opposition to Park’s return, while the company revealed that although what he did last summer would outrage society, it was not an unlawful act.

Rather than calming fans, however, the session further aggravated them due to the lack of answers provided about Park’s actions and his bandmates’ reactions. People who participated in the session wrote on various portal sites that band members sniggered during questions, were indifferent toward the former lead singer and even seemed aggressive.

Following this, fans have raised questions about JYP’s decision to let Park go, and some have proposed that the move had nothing to do with his actions but was a way for the agency to remove the singer from the group.

Meanwhile, the rumors about the nature of Park’s actions have included speculation about drug use, sexual relations with minors and more, but none of them have been confirmed.

Park’s troubles began last September, when netizens discovered negative comments he had made about Korea on his MySpace page from 2005 to 2007, while he was in training to join the group. On the site, he had said, among other things, “Korea is gay. I hate Koreans. I wanna come back,” which spurred what some of his supporters have called a “witch hunt.” The singer apologized and left for his hometown in Seattle, Washington, shortly after the incident erupted.



Former 2PM leader Park Jaebeom [Asia Economic Daily]

The fans of boy band 2PM are taking action to bring back the group’s former leader Park Jaebeom to Korea, according to the group’s online fan cafe HOTTEST on Friday.

The fans are reportedly planning to hold a big demonstration on January 31 throughout the country, demanding that agency JYP Entertainment (JYPE) withdraw Jaebeom’s resignation from the group.

They will be handing out fliers requesting JYPE to heed their plea and bring the singer back, who quit the group in September 2009 and left Korea after sparking national controversy over what he had written on his MySpace page several years ago.

His comments — including “I hate Korea” — created an uproar around the country, particularly among Internet users, leading to his decision to leave the group and return to his hometown Seattle.

2PM fans had immediately protested against the singer’s departure and called for his reinstatement into the group. The group’s producer Park Jin-young, however, asked that fans and the media give the young singer time and space, although he had hinted even back then that Jaebeom may resume his singing career.

Other fan cafe members will also take part in the comeback campaign by putting up posters on JYPE’s office building asking for the return of the former pop idol.

The demonstration will kick off on Sunday at 2 p.m.



Posted Image

It seems difficult for 2PM’s Jae-bum (Park Jae-bum, 23), who left the group 2PM and set off for his hometown in Seattle last September, to return to the group.

On January 21, according to 2PM’s management agency, JYP Entertainment, they have almost decided that he won’t come back to 2PM after discussing Jae-bum’s return.
However, during the MBC entertainment program “Tosa Mureuppak” last November, JYP CEO Park Jin-young had mentioned, “If he comes back to the pop music scene, Jae-bum should return to 2PM.”

However, the discussion about 2PM reuniting is being discussed privately.

Last September, Jae-bum left the group after growing controversy regarding comments he had made in which he belittled Korea and Korean people on his Internet site when he was still a trainee under JYP Entertainment.

After Jae-bum’s departure from the group, his fans protested, holding signs such as “2PM=7” and “Call off Ja-bum’s withdrawal from 2PM” in front of JYP’s headquarter building in Chundamdong, Seoul.

In addition, several current affairs TV shows discussed the topic of Jae-bum’s comments and the reactions of the Korean community, as it became a social issue over the Internet.

A TV program followed up on Jae-bum’s current life in the U.S.A. He is now working part-time and hanging out with his friends.

A popular song official said, “Jae-bum might sing solo in Korea or the U.S.A., if he does not come back to the group.” He added, “JYP will make an important announcement about his comeback sooner or later.”

After Jae-bum left 2PM, the group — now containing six members — released a new album entitled “1:59 PM.”

The group, sans Jae-bum, won “Best Male Group” and “Artist of the Year” from the Asian Music Awards, as their songs such as “Heartbeat” gained popularity in 2009.

KBS Global


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Korean-American fans of 2PM have run an ad on a local Korean newspaper, urging the former group leader Park Jae-beom to come back to the team. The fan club Missy USA Hottest is mainly comprised of married Korean-Americans. The club ran an ad on a Korean-American newspaper published in Los Angeles. The ad shows the fans’ request to have Jae-beom back with 2PM and their unwavering wish to see him again.

The fans also said that Korean mothers are willing to send their children to Korea not to make money, but because Korea is their motherland. They asked to revive the trampled dream and future of Jae-beom and said that’s how to boost many young Korean-Americans’ love for their motherland.

KBS Globa


A dance crew featuring Jaebeom, the former leader of K-pop group 2PM who left the group earlier this year after controversial remarks he made about Korea surfaced, recently won a B-boy competition in Seattle, Wash.

According to users on the video sharing Web site YouTube, dance crew Art of Movement (AOM), of which Jaebeom is a member, took first place in the Winter Nights B-boy dance festival.

In a video seen on YouTube, the Korean-American singer, attired in a black T-shirt, showed off his powerful dance skills. Some claim that the T-shirt was given to Jaebeom by 2PM fans.

By winning the competition, AOM was recognized as the best B-boy dance team in Seattle.

Jaebeom quit 2PM and left Korea for the United States in September after being embroiled in a controversy regarding negative comments he made about Korea four years ago.

Meanwhile, 2PM has taken the K-pop scene by storm recently with its hit song, “Heartbeat.”


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