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Super Junior boy band member Eunhyuk [Asia Economic Daily]

Super Junior member Eunhyuk is back on his feet after having fallen ill with the influenza flu last week, according to his agency SM Entertainment on Friday.

“Eunhyuk will resume his activities since the doctor has confirmed that he has recovered from the flu,” SM told Asia Economic Daily over the phone.

The 23-year-old singer had halted all scheduled events since coming down with the dreaded flu strain last Friday.

The boy band member will be returning as a host for his radio show “Kiss the Radio” with fellow Super Junior member Lee Teuk and will be back as a regular on SBS’ variety talk show “Steel Heart.”

Eunhyuk is the rapper of the boy band which made their debut in 2005. They have enjoyed a successful singing career in Korea and are also one of the most popular K-pop acts in Asia.

Reporter : Park Kun-ouc
Editor : Lucia Hong
<ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved>



credit: StarxChocox

I must say that Eunhyuk did not expect this to happen.  You know why?  noticed when it was his turn, he had a few minutes of talking and planning (maybe) with the girl in the back before they actually had to act it out.  The girl literally made a pass on Hyukie, don’t you think?  It was a shocking and yet funny (for some) scene.  I wonder what would the reaction of the ELF’s would be and the HYUKIE lover’s out there.   Would they be enraged?  I would be.  He he he.   But the fact that this whole incident was unexpected for Eunhyuk’s side, I think I should just throw my anger away but BUT for the girl’s side? Hmmmm..that’s another story.

Sweetie Minho, thank God he didn’t got mesmerized by the girl’s bait (?).  He he he.

Oh well…


I know it’s been a late vid since it’s been around the web for 2  or 3 days but I just can’t help being in awe with my lovely Super Junior’s performance here.   Really really really COOL! So cool that I watched it over and over again.  What shocked me the most was that Kyu was in here with the 4 of the best dancers of SJ and to think that sometimes he can’t keep up with these 4 fellas (EUNHYUK, SHINDONG, DONGHAE, TEUKIE).  You’d be amazed by what was going on here.  It’s like, they rock the house down! Version of their perf may seem to be of that of the Jabbawockees but they gave it their best shot and proved to be worth for the win.

The video:

credit: ELFZONE2


100126 Strong Heart – Leeteuk, Eunhyuk and Shindong

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[SJ] SUKIRA TRANSCRIPT 100115-100121

100115 – 100121 Sukira Transcripts

Men who have no face in front of women
Eunhyuk: Leeteuk, when was it, that you felt you were very short and small?
Leeteuk: The year when we were having Happy (SJ-H) activities, we went to a volley ball court once, and as Super Junior’s leader, I walked in full of confidence. Once I saw the handsome male volley ball players, I couldn’t lift my head. 193…… 198……
Eunhyuk: You looked like a dwarf.
Leeteuk: The Im Yong Han team members? Who are they, all of them look so handsome, and they are so tall, looking at them, I’m really envious. I’m wearing shoe lifts, and I still need to lift my head to look at them, it’s like with someone 3 meters tall.
Eunhyuk: Really envious……
Leeteuk: Have you had moments like this?
Eunhyuk: It was also during the Super Junior activities period, we went to two Super Model Selection Finals.
Leeteuk: Miss Korea beauty contest, we’ve been to both of them.
Eunhyuk: At that time, when we were escorting them onstage, it really embarrassed me…… Guys should be a lot taller than girls, but……
Leeteuk: We should be at least 15cm taller
Eunhyuk: But we’re too short, we really don’t have any face
Leeteuk: They are all 176 tall, and add on heels of 15cm
Eunhyuk: Even if the stylists put in their best efforts to find us the highest shoes, it’s also useless
Leeteuk: Next time, if we go there again, we can pile our hair vertically upwards
Eunhyuk: Or we can just sit there, and not escort them on stage

Siwon beat up Leeteuk
Leeteuk: Eunhyuk, have you been hit on the nose by someone before?
Eunhyuk: I’ve been hit before, but it has never been broken
Leeteuk: Previously, I was hit by Siwon, and my cartilage broke
Eunhyuk: Yeah, that time when we were having dance practice, he suddenly used too much force……
Leeteuk: That huge hand of his……
Eunhyuk: His arm is so long, you were at the back and suddenly gave a loud scream, and after that you went to the hospital
Leeteuk: It hurt until my butt fell on the floor, and they were still saying I was joking “What happened to you? Ah, you’re groaning without any pain again”
Eunhyuk: All of us thought that you’re too talented in gag, while practicing the dance, there still was a lively atmosphere
Leeteuk: That day, when I went home, my face was all red and swollen, the second day, when I went to the hospital, the doctor said my cartilage was broken……

Girls who fought because of Eunhyuk
Eunhyuk: When I was young, there was an incident where the girls fought because of me
Leeteuk: You’re too good, when would there be something like this?
Eunhyuk: Really, when I was in Primary 6, some girl from my class, and another girl from the next class started fighting in between classes……
Leeteuk: (yawns)
Eunhyuk: Don’t sleep, listen to me. The two of them were the stronger girls in school, and pulling at each other’s throats, they yelled “Hey, you’re not allowed to date Hyukjae!”
Leeteuk: What is this
Eunhyuk: I’m not lying to you at all, in the area, there were many people watching
Leeteuk: Really childish.

Eunhyuk is Stingy
Leeteuk: Eunhyuk, you’re so petty, when returning you money, you’re quite clear of it
Eunhyuk: Of course, I’ve always been like this
Leeteuk: A long time ago, I lent you money, I myself forgot about it, and one day, I suddenly remembered and asked you, and you actually still remembered.
Eunhyuk: I’m very clear about money related matters. Although I’m quite petty, even when I’m with my best friend Junsu, I calculate the debts very clearly
Leeteuk: You return them quite late
Eunhyuk: true.
Leeteuk: In the past they used to say that when friends went to eat hamburgers, regardless of you and me, one person would pay the bill. But that time I went with Junsu and Eunhyuk, the two of them, each brought their own food……
Eunhyuk: of course.
Leeteuk: I said “why did both of you just buy your own food”,
“Hyung, we’re eating on our own”
Eunhyuk: We have never felt that it should be like that, it has always been each person paying their own bills
Leeteuk: Then when you finished eating, you still let me buy (food) for both of you?
Eunhyuk: That is because you’re the eldest
Leeteuk: On account of our old relationship, I want to let them treat me to a meal
Eunhyuk: Ah? Oh, when we have the time.

Yesung needed the Toilet urgently
Leeteuk: Previously, we held a fansign event in Myeongdong. On the way there, Yesung told me “Hyung…… I’m dying……”
“What happened, Yesung?”
“Hyung…… I really cannot control it……”
So he dashed into the noisy crowd of people at Myeongdong……
Eunhyuk: It gave our manager a shock
“ Yesung ah, just wait a little, we’re reaching soon, reaching soon……”
“Hyung, I really can’t take it……”
Leeteuk: After that, he came back again, I asked him what happened, he painfully said “There’s too many people……”
Eunhyuk: However, everyone who has heard this big secret, do not go to his CY to talk about it. When I get back to the dormitory, he’s going to come running and ask me “You talked me again? Why do you always have to talk about me? “

Source: Kimseohye
Korean to Chinese translations by Kimseohye
Chinese to English translations by –dreamx @


[SJ] SUKIRA TRANSCRIPT 12.18.09-12.24.09

091218 – 091224 Sukira

We Fully Deserve the Daesang
Leeteuk: In the past, after sitting for my exams, I would call the hotline to check my results, the voice prompt would say “Your current preliminary qualification status…” Listening to this made me feel I was already a university student. “Your current ranking is the #237…”, the first day it was #237, the second day, when I called again, it became #200. In my heart I was thinking, this is quite good, (my ranking) is always rising.
Eunhyuk: Previously, when I was taking part in the auditions, among the staff, one noona told me that I had a chance this time, and added in that if I did a good job, I could immediately sign a contract. Although I wasn’t selected, at that point in time, I felt as if I had already become a star.
Leeteuk: The deepest feelings that I had recently was during the award ceremony not too long ago… Coming from our mouths this might seem a little proud, but we are the fully deserving triple award kings.
Eunhyuk: Heheh, we received 3 awards, the biggest record in history.
Leeteuk: The Bonsang, the popularity award, and the biggest one… The Daesang… Ahahahahahaha.
Eunhyuk: We are the best.
Leeteuk: Really, we just cried. For Eunhyuk, even after he left the awards ceremony, he was still crying.
Eunhyuk: I’ve grow so old, and I’ve never cried like this before. I cried for an entire hour, without being able to stop. I got tired of crying, and wanted to stop and take a rest, but when I saw the words “Daesang” written on the trophy, my tears couldn’t stop falling again.
Leeteuk: That is because when you were in school, you have never received such a big prize.
Eunhyuk: Yeah, true… I’ve never received it before… Anyway, thank you.

Eunhyuk: Everyone, do you know, Leeteuk is the king of typos.
Leeteuk: Yeah, that’s right, it’s my nickname.
Eunhyuk: Be it writing or reading, all along, he doesn’t look through things thoroughly. When looking at news, he looks at it roughly, and after reading it, when you ask him about the content, he would say he’s not sure.
Leeteuk: Recently, on my CY, I wanted to write “365days passed very quickly” but in the end, I wrote it as “356 days…”. And there is one of my classic experiences, when I was in China, and I left a message for the Korean fans, I wanted to write “from”. I was impatient, and the internet connection wasn’t that good, so I wrote it as “form”.
Eunhyuk: Form Leeteuk
Leeteuk: Yeah, I have too many classic typos.

Shindong when eating
Eunhyuk: Leeteuk, you eat your rice very quickly right?
Leeteuk: Yeah, about the same as Shindong.
Eunhyuk: His speed is really too fast.
Leeteuk: He doesn’t eat his rice, he drinks his rice.
Eunhyuk: Sometimes, when everyone is eating, and he is the only one not eating, I would ask him why he is not eating, and he would say he’s already finished eating, and is resting.
Leeteuk: I looked at his rice bowl and dug out two spoonfuls, and asked him if he had no appetite. He said this was already his second bowl.

Junsu had his money taken away
Eunhyuk: When I was in middle school, there was once our S.R.D* members arranged to go to the amusement park and have fun. Who knew, that morning, my stomach hurt like mad, and I gave them a call saying I couldn’t go. After that, I kept lying on the bed. Later at night, they called to say, at the amusement park entrance, they met a group of hyungs who were snatching money, and all their money got taken away. In the end, they could only stand at the main gate and take a look, before coming back.
Leeteuk: Yeah, I have an impression, I took their money and had fun.
Eunhyuk: Oh, so it was you… Anyway, thinking about it now, at that time, my stomach hurt at the right time.

*S.R.D is a group that was formed by Eunhyuk, Xiah Junsu and 2 other friends wile they were in school. S.R.D stands for Sing, Rap & Dance.

Source: Kimseohye
Korean to Chinese translations by Kimseohye
Chinese to English translations by –dreamx @



251209 interveiw with Leeteuk and EunHyuk in KBS world radio Arabic Department

two DJs for this interview i refering to them as DJ 1 , DJ 2 and DJs (if both of them talk)
ET(Eeteuk ) , EH ( EunHyuk)

DJ 1 : today guys we have a big gift for the new year
DJ 2 : yes , honestly this not just a gift for you (listeners) , it’s for us as well , right ?
DJ 1 : yeah
DJ 2 : I feel like i’m dreaming right now and I don’t want to wake up . guys , do you know who are with us today?
I think you (listeners) didn’t expect this too . because of you and because of your massages that you tell us throw it (massages)
to do this interview with Super Junior . your dream has achieved and we (all) will not forget it .
DJ 1 : today guys we are hosting 2 handsome guys from the korean boyband Super Junior.
DJ 2 : here they are Eeteuk and Eunhyuk .
DJs : welcome welcome
ET & EH : Hello , we’re Super Juni ~ o r
DJs : nice to meet you , nice to meet you guys
DJ1 : before we start please introduce your selves to the listeners
ET : hello , I’m Super Junior’s leader Eeteuk
EH : hello , I’m Super Junior’s member Eunhyuk , nice to meet you
DJ 2 : so , do you know guys that you and all Super Junior’s members are very famous in Arab countries .
DJ 1 : we have a lot of massages from the listeners expressing their feeling about Super Junior and saying how much they like you
And your songs too . and ask us (KBS world radio) to do this interview and some ask you to visit the UAE
DJ 2 : have you been in any Arabic country before ?
ET : unfortunately we haven’t visit any , but if there is a chance we want to visit Arabic country in the future . thank you for loving us
DJ 2 : is there any chance to hold concert in any Arabic country like UAE ?
ET : we want to go there for concert and fan meeting but first we want the Arabic fans to give more love to us .
DJ 1 :some of the members are doing drama and you DJ-ing in Kbs radio , how is your schedule coordinating ?
ET : it all done by the manger’s help , we also cooperate and try not to make our solo activity conflict with our group activity
DJ 2 : then what do you do in your free time , do you play a video games ?
EH : for me , I like spend my time in shopping and .. I like driving also.
ET : I like spend my free time in the dorm and going online and sometime I play piano
DJ 2 : he’s an artiest after all
DJ 1 : do you go to noraebang* and what kind of music do you sing there ?
ET : yes we visit it (noraebang) sometimes and we sing all kind of song especially Trot songs.
DJ 1 : how many time do you go there ?
ET : 2 times in a year
DJs : not so much , you have to go often
DJ 1 : can we listen to some song from you guys ?
ET : when we go to Noraebang we sing trot songs so now we will sing a trot song called “ with My love “
ET&EH sing
DJ 1 : we want to listen to Sorry Sorry too please
DJ 2 : yes, Sorry Sorry
ET&EH sing Sorry Sorry
DJs : woo very good
DJ2 : have you listened to Arabic song before or do you know any male/female singer ?
ET&EH : no we didn’t , but if you recommend some Arabic songs to us we’ll listen to it of course .
DJ 1 : I want to ask a personal question . when will you plan to get married ?
EH : when all the member of Super Junior gathering together we always talk about this and even discuss it with other (male) ideal
but all of them are not married too . For me , I want to get married when I can even if it’s tomorrow
ET : I want to get married within 10 years .
DJ 2 : do you have girlfriend ?
ET : unfortunately I don’t have but if I have (girlfriend) , I’ll marry her within 3 years
EH : I’m suffering in this winter alone (also) without girlfriend .
DJ 2 : tell us about your future plans..
ET : we well release our 4th album and continuo our 2nd Asia tour that we already started in beginning of 2009
DJ1 : I heard that you were in Thailand recently and held a concert there . is there any plan to hold a concerts in other Asian country too ?
ET : we held 3 concerts in Korea and 3 in Japan and we’ll hold it in Taiwan , Hong Kong , and China too
DJ 2 : we hope you hold concerts in Arabic countries also
ET &EH : we want that too .
DJ 1 : Eeteuk also want that (too) just keep asking him (and other members ) if you want (them to hold a concert) .
DJ 2 : how can you see Super Junior in the future ?
EH : firstly, Super Junior’s name will remain forever . all the members are working in all , we have singers , actors , MCs , DJs ,models
So in future we’ll be the top in all .
DJ 2 : in sha’a Allah *
ET : also we plan to hold a concerts in Arabic countries , in sha’a Allah
DJ1 : do you want to be in drama or movie ?
EH : if I have chance I’ll try my best to be in all fields.
ET : Me too if I have a chance , I want (also) to be in Arabic drama/movie .
DJ s : great !!
DJ2 : he will studying Arabic language .
ET : in sha’a Allah .
DJ 2 : and memorizing some words
ET : in sha’a Allah
DJ 1 : great . our loveable listeners are you still enjoying this interview like me?
DJ 2 : yes, me too . I really want to talk to you guys more but because of the radio you DJ-ing will start soon , so unfortunately we have to
Finish this interview .
DJ 1 : yes. We wish we can do more interviews with you and with other Super Junior members in future in Korea or any Arabic country .
DJs : thank you very much .
DJ 1 : can I ask you to say Arabic words ?
ET : this is (word will he say it in arabic ) from a funny experience but it’s very entertaining . I learn some Arabic words but I’m
worried since the pronunciation not that good . ela aleqa’a *
DJs : haha nice
EH : ma’a Alsalama *
ET : in sha’a Allah
EH : I love you
All : thank you

*(noraebang ) karaoke bars
*(in sha’a Allah ) its Arabic/Islamic way of saying god willing
*(ela aleqa’a ) arabic word means see you soon
*(ma’a Alsalama) another arabic word means bye

Source : Kbs world radio video
notice & video found by : UAE-E.L.F & jojo.27@
Translated by : Gova @


091231 Sukira

2009 comes to an end
Leeteuk: Eunhyuk, what are your thoughts about 2009?
Eunhyuk: Firstly, I’ve matured a lot. In this year, we’ve still held onto our DJ positions, ahahaha, (I’m) really too happy. Also, my family moved, I changed my car, as well as some personal events. From a bigger perspective, many things have happened, but as a whole, (I’m) still very blessed.
Leeteuk: Wow, you lived quite comfortably, congratulations. To us, 2009 was a year of much productiveness as well as a year of many difficulties. Hope that in 2010, there will only be good events, we can all be happy, and be aggressive in the year of the tiger.
Eunhyuk: I think so too, because my zodiac is a tiger.
Leeteuk: Be it personally, or in the group, many things have happened, hope that in 2010, there can be good events. I’ve been busy working that I’ve neglected my family, my mother is still sick at the moment. Next year, I also want to treat my family members well.
Eunhyuk: Yeah, through these events in 2009, we set new goals, hopefully everyone will be able to fulfill their own wishes.

Source: Kimseohye
Korean to Chinese translations by Kimseohye
Chinese to English translations by –dreamx @



Sukira Cuts

with DJ Eeteuk and Eunhyuk♥

[091215] Sukira – teukie browsing pictures on internet

[091215] Sukira – eunteuk wants a kiss + teukie coughin

Credits: SuperTing18 @ YT/ Ting18 @



Teuk’s Dream Wedding Life:

Hyuk’s Laugh + Sukira Fans:

Yawning + Rapping:


Credit: sapphirepearls @



〃2 0 0 9 S J S C H E D U L E〃

All schedules compiled on SJ-WORLD.NET
Data from 온새미로, smtown & sj-market

May be taken out with full & proper credits

This schedule tends to change in the future as in I will add in more stuff. Don’t forget to come back to check it 🙂

Monday December 14, 2009
▶ AM 00:00 MBC Pyojun FM Shindong, Kim Shinyoung’s Sim Sim Tapa [DJ SHINDONG]
▶ PM 04:00 MBC PoPoPo Ai Joa [SHINDONG]
▶ PM 07:30 The Royal Musical Akilla Encore Stage [SUNGMIN]
▶ PM 10:00 KBS Cool FM Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio SEASON2 [DJ LEETEUK & EUNHYUK] {BORA}

Tuesday December 15, 2009
▶ AM 00:00 MBC Pyojun FM Shindong, Kim Shinyoung’s Sim Sim Tapa [DJ SHINDONG]
▶ PM 04:00 MBC PoPoPo Ai Joa [SHINDONG]
▶ PM 10:00 KBS Cool FM Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio SEASON2 [DJ LEETEUK & EUNHYUK] {BORA}
▶ PM 11:05 SBS Strong Heart Ep11 [LEETEUK, SHINDONG, EUNHYUK]

Wednesday December 16, 2009
▶ AM 00:00 MBC Pyojun FM Shindong, Kim Shinyoung’s Sim Sim Tapa [DJ SHINDONG]
▶ PM 04:00 MBC PoPoPo Ai Joa [SHINDONG]
▶ PM 07:00 2009 Melon Music Awards [SUPER JUNIOR]
▶ PM 10:00 KBS Cool FM Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio SEASON2 [DJ LEETEUK & EUNHYUK]

Thursday December 17, 2009
▶ AM 00:00 MBC Pyojun FM Shindong, Kim Shinyoung’s Sim Sim Tapa [DJ SHINDONG]
▶ PM 10:00 KBS Cool FM Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio SEASON2 [DJ LEETEUK & EUNHYUK] {BORA}

Friday December 18, 2009
▶ AM 00:00 MBC Pyojun FM Shindong, Kim Shinyoung’s Sim Sim Tapa [DJ SHINDONG]
▶ PM 08:00 KBS Cool FM Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio Open Concert – Red Christmas [DJ LEETEUK & EUNHYUK]

Saturday December 19, 2009
▶ AM 00:00 MBC Pyojun FM Shindong, Kim Shinyoung’s Sim Sim Tapa [DJ SHINDONG]
▶ AM 10:00 KBSdrama Human Network Super Junior’s Miracle Ep16 [LEETEUK, SHINDONG, EUNHYUK]
▶ PM 06:30 SBS Star King [LEETEUK, EUNHYUK]
▶ PM 08:50 SBS Loving You 10 Million Times Ep32 [HEECHUL]
▶ PM 10:00 KBS Cool FM Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio SEASON2 [DJ LEETEUK & EUNHYUK]

Sunday December 20, 2009
▶ AM 00:00 MBC Pyojun FM Shindong, Kim Shinyoung’s Sim Sim Tapa [DJ SHINDONG]
▶ AM 10:40 KBS2 Dream Team Season 2 Ep9 [EUNHYUK]
▶ PM 08:50 SBS Loving You 10 Million Times Ep33 [HEECHUL]
▶ PM 10:00 KBS Cool FM Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio SEASON2 [DJ LEETEUK & EUNHYUK]