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KAT-TUN steps out in Korea on TV and in debut concert
[Talk of the town]
July 01, 2010

Japanese idol band KAT-TUN will be making their first appearance in Korea on MNet’s “M Countdown” on July 1.

“This is a band that brought over 680,000 fans to their concert in Japan last year,” MNet Media, the group’s representative in Korea said.

“The show will provide the perfect chance for Korean fans to see one of Japan’s representative bands in action.”

The band will have its first concert in Korea on Aug. 6 and 7. The show sold out in just 20 minutes after tickets went on sale on June 23.

credit: JoongAngDaily



Big Bang member T.O.P [YG Entertainment]

Big Bang member T.O.P bowed into the top spot on Mnet’s singles chart with his latest single “Turn It Up” during the final week of June.

According to data released by the cable music channel on Tuesday, the rapper knocked out last week’s winners Untouchable to score his first win on the music chart.

The new solo track by the popular boy band member has topped several weekly online music charts since its release on June 21.

Rounding out the top three singles are other recent releases — Navi’s latest collaboration with K. Will “We Really Loved Each Other” at No. 2 followed by “Hurt Likes Death” by MC Mong featuring Mellow.

Meanwhile, the second album “Blue Brand; Trauma” featuring various artists made its debut on the chart in first place pushing back six week winner Vibe down the chart.

T.O.P’s new digital single “Turn It Up” entered the album chart at No. 2, while Vibe’s fourth studio release “Vibe in Praha” dropped two notches to third place.


Here’s the MV:

credit: solomonhwang@YT


Korean singer Seo In-young [Star Empire Entertainment]

Korean songstress Seo In-young celebrated her first win on Mnet’s televised music show on Thursday with her latest single “Written As Love, Called As Pain.”

Seo beat out four-member boy band CNBLUE to take the crown on Mnet’s “M! Countdown.”

“I was able to reach the No. 1 spot because of my fans. Thank you so much,” she said in her acceptance speech, adding that she will return to the music scene with her new album in August.

Other contenders on the show included MBLAQ, Koyote, Supreme Team, T-MAX and Sistar.

Seo made her debut in 2002 in female K-pop group Jewelry. She has released several solo albums featuring her songs “I Want You,” “Cinderella” and “Too Much” with rapper Crown J.

She has been promoting her special mini-album “Lov-Elly” since its release on June 1.



Korean rap duo Untouchable [TS Entertainment]

Korean rap duo Untouchable successfully bowed onto the No. 1 spot on Mnet’s singles chart with their latest single “Merry Go Round” during the week of June 14 to 20.

According to data released by the cable music channel on Tuesday, the two beat out last week’s winner IU and Seulong, grabbing their first win on the music chart.

The new song by Untouchable featuring Monday Kiz’s Jin Sung topped several weekly online music charts after its release last week.

“Nagging” from songstress IU and 2AM’s Seulong fell down a notch from last week to second place, while “Love is Bitter, Pain’s Calling” by singer Seo In-young also dropped a spot from last week to No. 3.

Meanwhile, R&B twosome Vibe’s fourth studio release “Vibe in Praha” continued its reign atop Mnet’s albums chart for the sixth consecutive week.

Rock band CNBLUE remained in the No. 2 spot once again, while female duo Davichi climbed back into the top three with their latest single album “Innocence.”


here’s the MV:

credit: koreanpride2@YT


The popular cable show “Super Star K” is eyeing the L.A. crowd with plans to hold an audition at Koreatown’s CGV theater June 26.

/ Courtesy of Mnet Media

By Han Sang-hee
Staff reporter

The popular Korean program “Super Star K” is reaching out to the United States. Mnet Media, the cable channel that airs the show, announced Wednesday that the program, which is in its second season, is casting its eyes on America.

“We have received requests for overseas auditions from people who wanted to try out and hopefully become the next winner of `Super Star K.’ Considering that many singers who work in Korea have been chosen through auditions held abroad, we decided to hold one in Los Angeles as a start,” Kim Yong-beom, the chief producer of the show, said.

People of any age who can sing Korean songs in Korean can apply for an audition, regardless of nationality. It will take place at 10 a.m. on June 26 at the L.A. CGV theater in Koreatown and anyone who wishes to show off their talents is welcome to show up. Qualifiers from the first round will move on to the next stage the next day on June 27, and the winners from the second heat will be flown to Korea in July for the final show with the Korean contestants.

“The whole crew has high expectations, as the event will be held in the United States, the home of pop music. We hope this will be a chance where we can find and further nourish aspiring artists living in L.A.,” he added.

As Kim mentioned, numerous singers currently working in the music industry were discovered through competitive auditions held by top local agencies. 2NE1 member Sandara Park was discovered in the Philippines, while Jay Park, also known as Jae-beom and former member of boy band 2PM, was also recruited after auditioning for JYP Entertainment.

More than 1.3 million people applied for the second season of the show, more than double last year’s count.

The search for talent around the world seems to be a trend, with former American Idol host Simon Cowell looking into putting together a show called “World’s Got Talent,” according to Entertainment Weekly.

“Super Star K” may not be targeting the world just yet, but the first overseas audition proves the high demand for local shows and that many up and coming musicians are looking for a way to break onto the local music scene.

“Super Star K” started last year with hopes that the show would somehow revive the dying music industry and further discover hidden talent from around the nation. Top producers and singers, including Yang Hyun-suk, Lee Hyo-ri and Lee Seung-chul, appeared as judges, and the eventual winner Seo In-guk became a star.

The second season of “Super Star K” will start airing July 23 at 11 p.m. on Mnet.


Korean songstress Seo In-young [Star Empire Entertainment]

Korean solo songstress Seo In-young successfully entered Mnet’s singles chart at No. 1 with her latest song “Love is Bitter, Pain’s Calling” during the first week of June.

According to data released by the cable music channel on Tuesday, Seo scored her first win on the chart, pushing back two-week winner “2 Different Tears” by Wonder Girls.

Seo returned to the music scene with her latest album “Lov-Elly” on June 1 which features the title track that took first place on several music sites on the day of its release.

Hwayobi darted up 29 spots to second place with her recent release “Bye Bye Bye” and was followed by the duet song “Stupid Heart” by Hwanhee and Sook Hee which climbed up a respectable 12 slots to round out the top three singles.

Meanwhile, R&B duo Vibe continued their reign atop Mnet’s weekly album chart with their fourth studio release “Vibe in Praha” for the fourth straight week.

CNBLUE held onto the same position from the previous week as well with their mini-album “Bluelove” and female duo Davichi’s record “Innocence” went up a notch to re-enter the No. 3 position.


I miss this girl. She’s got the character that’s so unique and i love her for that.

Here’s the MV:

cre: KPOPMV020@yt


Wonder Girls [JYP Entertainment]

Korean pop sensation Wonder Girls shot to the top of cable music channel Mnet’s singles chart during the week of May 17 to 23 with their new single “2 Different Tears (2DT).”

The quintet claimed their first win on the chart, making an astonishing 75-slot jump to bump down former week’s winner Davichi to No. 7.

The hit maker group’s latest song “2DT” is the title track of the girls album of the same name released on May 16 which marks their official debut in the United States.

The song has been recorded in three languages including Korean, English and Chinese and the English versions and remixes of their previous hits in Korea, “Tell Me,” “So Hot” and “Nobody,” are also featured in the album.

Meanwhile, Korean boy band MBLAQ made a quick entry into the singles chart with their new song “Y,” unveiled just last week, which placed on the runner-up spot, and male duo Vibe’s latest tune “Please Come Back Again” gained three positions into third place.

On the weekly albums chart, Vibe’s fourth full-length studio release “Vibe in Praha” remained the top seller for the second consecutive week.

CNBLUE ascended seven ranks to second place with their mini album “Bluelove,” whereas Davichi dropped one spot to No. 3.



Korean female duo Davichi mini album “Innocence” [Core Contents Media]

Korean female pop duo Davichi triumphed on cable music channel Mnet’s singles chart during the week of May 10 to 16 with their latest song “Time, Please Stop.”

Davichi scored their first win on the music chart, stepping up a slot from the previous week, pushing former week’s winner Gummy down the chart.

The new single by the two songstresses “Time, Please Stop,” from the group’s mini-album “Innocence,” has topped several online music charts since its release on May 6.

R&B quartet Brown Eyed Soul entered into the singles chart with their new song “Love Ballad” in the runner-up spot and CNBLUE’s recently released tune “Love Light” followed behind in third place.

Meanwhile, male duo Vibe rose to the top of the albums chart with their fourth album “Vibe in Praha” to claim the title as the best-selling record last week.

Davichi maintained its position in second place with their mini album “Innocence,” while Gummy’s first mini-album “Loveless” dropped two ranks to No. 3.


[KPOP] MNET’S TOP 10 TODAY 10.01.28

Credit: SOURCE

1 –

2집 Oh!
2집 Oh!
2 –
죽어도 못 보내 (EP)
죽어도 못 보내 (NEVER LET YOU GO)
죽어도 못 보내 (EP)
3 –
Bluetory (EP)
외톨이야 (ALONE)
Bluetory (EP)
4 –
죽어도 못 보내 (EP)
웃어 줄 수 없어서 미안하다 (I’M SORRY I CAN’T SMILE FOR YOU)
죽어도 못 보내 (EP)
5 –

솜사탕 (Digital Single)

솜사탕 (Digital Single)
6 –
The 3rd Generation (Special Album)
못해 (Feat. 美)
The 3rd Generation (Special Album)
7 –
원더우먼 (Digital Single)
씨야(SeeYa), 다비치, 티아라(T-ara)
원더우먼 (Digital Single)
8 –
Change (Digital Single)
Change (Feat. 용준형 Of Beast)
Change (Digital Single)
9 –
우리 사랑하게 됐어요 (Digital Single)
우리 사랑하게 됐어요 (WE FELL IN LOVE)
가인, 조권
우리 사랑하게 됐어요 (Digital Single)
10 –
Shadow (Repackage)
사랑이 술을 가르쳐 (Feat. 백찬 from 8eight) (LOVE TAUGHT ME TO DRINK)
Shadow (Repackage)