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Big Bang member Taeyang [YG Entertainment]

Big Bang member Taeyang has unveiled an intro track from his upcoming solo album today, according to his agency YG Entertainment on Friday.

YG announced in a press release that the singer released a one-minute introduction of the song “Solar” from his first full-length album of the same name on his official webpage (

The website will be releasing a one-minute teaser of six of the tracks, one song a day, until the record release on July 1.

The album will be produced in two versions, the deluxe edition which will include 13 tracks while the regular version will feature 11 songs.

“Solar” has already garnered attention before its release due to labelmate 2NE1 member Sandara Park joining the singer to shoot his music video.

Taeyang, whose real name is Dong Young-bae, made his debut as a member of Big Bang in 2005. He is the first member to debut as a solo artist, releasing his first mini-album “HOT” in May 2008. He also released two digital singles “Wedding Dress” and “Where U At” last November.

The deluxe edition of “Solar” will hit the stores on July 1 and the regular version eight days later.




2NE1 member Sandara Park at Los Angeles International Airport [Sandara Park’s official me2DAY page]

2NE1 member Sandara Park is prepping for a music video shoot in Los Angeles for labelmate Taeyang of idol group Big Bang.

Earlier this morning, the female pop idol posted a picture of herself at Los Angeles International Airport on her official me2DAY page ( along with the comment “Wassup, LA.”

Two days ago, she put up a photo of herself and Taeyang at the music video shoot for the Big Bang singer who will be releasing his first full-length solo album next month.

She left for L.A. on Wednesday, joining bandmates Park Bom, Gong Minzy and C.L. who flew out over the weekend “to travel,” as agency YG Entertainment said.

Park, 25, grew up in the Philippines and became quite well-known in the region after entering a local talent show. She moved to Korea in 2007 and signed with YG Entertainment, where she became a trainee and became one of the members of 2NE1.

2NE1 first came onto the music scene with the song “Lollipop,” a joint collaboration with Big Bang which was featured in a commercial for LG’s mobile phone brand CYON.

They made their official debut in May 2009 with the single “Fire” and followed it up with “I Don’t Care,” which both became hits on various K-pop music charts.

2NE1 will be returning to Korea sometime early next month.

2NE1 member Sandara Park (left) with Taeyang of idol group Big Bang [Sandara Park’s official me2DAY page]



Korean singer and actor Big Bang member T.O.P [YG Entertainment]

Big Bang member T.O.P unveiled his solo single and music video today, according to a press release from his agency YG Entertainment on Monday.

YG announced in a press release that T.O.P’s latest solo single and full-length music video of “Turn it Up” has been revealed on online music sites.

The song features hip hop beats with a heavy bass background and witty rap lyrics by the singer.

“Turn it Up” will go on sale in stores on Wednesday and will also be featured as a track on Big Bang’s special live concert album “2010 Big Show.”

T.O.P., whose real name is Choi Seung-hyun, made his debut in 2007 as the rapper of the five-member boy band. They are considered to be a huge cultural icon for youngsters in Korea.

T.O.P. crossed over to acting with his appearances in the TV series “I Am Sam” and in the blockbuster smash hit “IRIS,” where he played an assassin.

He is currently promoting upcoming war pic “71 Into the Fire,” where he plays a student soldier which has accumulated over 1.1 million admissions since its release date last Wednesday.


here’s the full length MV:

credit: solomonhwang@YT


Korean pop idol G-Dragon [Asia Economic Daily]

Korean pop idol G-Dragon was summoned by Korean authorities last night and questioned for about an hour, according to the criminal investigation department at the Seoul East District Court.

In a phone conversation with Asia Economic Daily on Friday, the department official explained that they had confidentially brought in the singer to investigate the recent controversy surrounding his solo concert, for which he was accused of displaying sexually explicit behavior during the performances.

The leader of idol group Big Bang, who showed up at the court around 8:45 PM, was questioned by authorities for approximately one hour.

The hour-long questioning was regarding the singer’s concert — held December 5 to 6 at Seoul’s Olympic Park — where he had allegedly shown sexually suggestive dances and body movements. Authorities are looking into whether the choreography had been planned in advance by agency YG Entertainment and whether they were aware that presenting such obscene behavior might suggest sexual acts.

In early December, Korea’s Ministry for Health, Welfare and Family Affairs had asked prosecutors to investigate the 21-year-old musician on two counts; whether he had violated Korea’s teenage protection law by singing a song which had been pronounced as hazardous media material for teenagers and whether he had committed a criminal offense by displaying sexually suggestive dance moves during a performance.

Some 1,000 fans and concert attendees had filed a petition at the time, asking prosecution not to investigate or press charges against the singer. Others had voiced that entertainers should be allowed to express their creativity.

Yang Hyun-suk, President of YG, had issued a public apology saying that he will take full responsibility should the matter cause any legal problems.

G-Dragon, whose real name is Kwon Ji-yong, is the leader of five-member boy band Big Bang, one of the most successful pop groups in Korea. Known for writing most of the group’s songs, he released his debut solo album “Heartbreaker” in August 2009, which produced four hit singles and became one of the best-selling records of the year.

Prosecutors are set to wrap up the investigation next week.

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Editor : Lynn Kim
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2NE1 to appear at Big Bang Concert
Tuesday January 12, 2010 Korea

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New comer 4 member girl group, 2NE1, will be appearing at Big Bang’s solo concert for three days as guests.

Big Bang’s representatives revealed that the hidden attraction is no other than the girl group from the same company (YG Entertainment), 2NE1 who will be appearing for all three days as a guest.

Big Bang representatives stated “Sandara Park, Park Bom, CL, and Gong Minji received a lot of help from their sunbaes Big Bang since their debut and they are always thinking of them.”, “Wanting to repay their thanks to them, they are planned to make special appearances for the three days of the concert”.

Following this announcement, there has been much speculation on whether they will be performing their collaboration song together “Lollipop” at this concert.

Meanwhile, 2NE1 currently in the middle of preparing for their first full length album to be released in the beginning of this year.

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Big Bang’s Text Pranks!
Wednesday January 13, 2010 Korea

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Big Bang talked about their “Big Bang Breakup Text Incident” on January 12’s “Strong Heart.”

Daesung first revealed, “When Big Bang discovers a new way to prank, they do that same prank for 2 months. Taeyang changed his number and first decided to prank us with text messages.”

He continued, “Taeyang first wrote as 2NE1 Minzy saying ‘Oppa! I love you.’ I was worried over how to let her down easy without hurting her but then the next day Taeyang revealed that it was his prank.”

After Taeyang, G-Dragon posed as Seungri and sent a text message to Daesung saying “Can I sleep next to hyung again tonight?”

Daesung said, “Even though I’m close with Seungri now, at that point we were somewhat distant so I got a strange feeling after that text. Since these pranks kept circling among members, a level of distrust started to build up. We even though texts from our manager talking about our schedules were pranks.”

Then, a message posing as YG head Yang Hyun Suk came saying “There is no more Big Bang.”The members all gathered and confirmed that it was none of their own pranking, and then went to go see Yang Hyun Suk.

Big Bang asked him, “What did we do wrong for you to say that we’re going to break up?” Yang Hyun Suk replied surprised, “What breakup?” After he found out about the origin of them pranking each other, he rebuked the members for doing such extreme pranking.

MC Kang Ho Dong asked, “Did you ever find the sender of that text?” Daesung replied, “It’s still a mystery.”

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South Korea’s top idol groups and singers attend e year-end SBS Music Festival held at KINTEX in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea on December 29, 2009. [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]

Singers undoubtedly become the busiest people in the entertainment industry at the end of every year with the variety of performances they have to prepare both individually and in collaboration with other artists for awards ceremonies of each broadcaster. On set of the SBS Music Festival on December 29, these artists and the show’s producers, who had already given up on about three days worth of sleep, put up their last fight into a camera rehearsal just hours ahead of the event’s actual airing.

As Super Junior member Hee-chul, who had transformed into Girls’ Generation member Jessica for song “Gee”, comes back to take his position as emcee, co-show host Jung Yong-hwa praises him saying, “You look good disguised in a girl, very pretty.” To this, Heechul chicly answers, “Yes, but even this beauty will turn 28 next year,” taking the young and less experienced Jung by surprise. Yet soon Heechul shows his warm side by explaining to Jung his position and organizing his comments for the show. Hyoyeon of Girls’ Generation too takes care of her juniors Krystal and Amber from girl group f(x), checking meticulously whether they are correctly performing the dance moves to SHINee’s “Ring Ding Dong”. Former idol group singer Kim Tae-woo livens up the atmosphere by warmly greeting the young singers who appear on set.

Of course, it is not only the senior singers looking out for their juniors. 2PM member Chansung who was prepping for a partial recorded segment of the show, places his fellow singer Wooyoung in front of him and repeatedly shows him the new choreography they are set to sing on the show. Wooyoung, who had been listening intently to Chansung’s directions, turns around to face the wall and starts rehearsing the moves.

9:55 P.M. The show goes on air. SHINee member Onew, who was imitating the choreography of T-ara’s “Bo Peep Bo Peep” in a space arranged separately for the singers next to the stage, gladly greets and repositions himself next to 2PM member Nichkhun who takes his own seat. Super Junior’s Shindong, who had been immersed in singing along to Davichi’s “A Friend’s Confession,” transforms into a member of what looks like the choir from film “Sister Act” when the girl duo starts singing “8282”. Shindong, alongside Lee Teuk and Sungmin, start dancing and singing to the song with Yesung as the conductor. 2AM member Jinwoon returns to his seat after watching boy band 2PM’s first-ever performance of their song “Tired of Waiting”. Park Jin-young, the eldest amongst the singers at 38-years-old, reenacts his hit 90s song “Don’t Leave Me” with surprisingly swift moves and without doubt, of all the male idol singers who follow the dance moves to Girls’ Generation’s “Genie”, the best is 2AM leader Jo Kwon. While the video for “Gee” plays on screen, Super Junior members Heechul, Lee Teuk and Sungmin as well as SHINee members Minho and Taemin go up and stage to say hello to their fans and Siwon, also known as ‘Girls’ Generation’s CEO’, claps like a CEO with the most solemn look on his face. There was no ‘No. 1’ or popularity vote during the 200 minute-long show — everyone was a winner at the SBS Music Festival.

Reporter : Choi Ji-Eun
Photographer : Lee Jin-hyuk
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Korean idol group Big Bang [YG Entertainment]

Korean idol group Big Bang won the Best New Artist award at the 42nd Japan Yusen Awards, one of the three major music award shows in the country, held over the weekend.

The five-member boy band received the award for their latest single “Let Me Hear Your Voice” at the event, which was held in Tokyo and aired live on TBS Sunday evening.

The group has been gaining success on the J-pop scene since releasing their debut single “My Heaven” in June which reached No. 3 on Oricon daily singles chart last month. They recently ranked fifth on the list of most prominent artists of 2009 by TBS’s music program “Countdown TV”.

Korean trot singer Tae Jin-ah also won a special congratulatory prize at the event.

Big Bang, one of the most successful idol groups in Korea, were discovered and trained by major talent agency YG Entertainment. They are credited with being huge cultural icons for Korea’s younger generation in not only in music but also fashion.

They are scheduled to give the “2010 Big Bang Concert Big Show” next month, from January 29 thru 31, at Seoul’s Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium.

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Editor : Lynn Kim
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Korean idol group Big Bang is set to give a concert next month, performing as a group for the first time in a year, according to their agency YG Entertainment.

The “2010 Big Bang Concert Big Show” will be held over three days, from January 29 thru 31, at Seoul’s Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium.

The five members have been busy pursuing their individual careers this year; G-Dragon released his solo debut album “Heartbreaker”, Seungri released his single “Strong Baby” and did musicals, Taeyang also made a solo debut with singles “Where U At” and “Wedding Dress”, T.O.P. played a supporting role in the blockbuster drama “Iris” and Daesung appeared in the popular variety show “Family Outing”.

“Big Bang’s concert ‘Big Show’ will be made into a brand and we are planning to give music fans high-quality concert performances every year,” an official at YG was quoted as saying. “The show will be an upgrade from last year’s ‘2009 Big Show’ and we will try to live up to the fan’s expectations.”

Big Bang is one of the most successful idol groups in Korea, who were discovered and trained by major talent agency YG Entertainment. They are credited with being huge cultural icons for Korea’s younger generation in not only in music but also fashion.

Tickets for the “Big Show” will be available online at G-market, from December 28-30.

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Editor : Lynn Kim
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After the recent criticisms against his solo concert and while investigations are still in the process on the controversial parts to the concert by Health and Family Welfare association, Big Bang leader GDragon has all eyes on him again.

GDragon was previously appointed the public ambassador by Korea’s Ministry of Justice for the Law and Order department, and this was being raised up in various online community sites recently by netizens.

In one community site, netizens uploaded photos of GDragon at the public ambassador appointment ceremony and also news article regarded to it, and many netizens have also posted up criticisms about the case.

Already on the 15th, an investigation was warranted out to investigate on GDragon’s recent solo concert, which was said to have showcased many scenes which were unhealthy for teenage fans. Performances like ‘She’s Gone’ and ‘Breathe’ put up during the solo concert are said to be inappropriate for the teenage fans present as they involved many dances and movements which are said to be more suitable for adults.

S: TVDaily + kbites