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New girl group miss A [JYP Entertainment]

New girl group miss A revealed their debut album online today, according to JYP Entertainment (JYPE) on Thursday.

A press release from JYPE announced that their debut album “Bad but Good” containing their title track “Bad Girl, Good Girl” and three other songs, has been unveiled online.

“Bad Girl, Good Girl” is a medium tempo song with a European melody and strong American hip-hop rhythm beats.

The girls also released the music video for “Bad Girl, Good Girl” on their official video channel site on YouTube today.

Composed of members Fei, Jia, Suzy and Min, the group was discovered and trained by JYPE and will be managed by the agency’s sub-label AQ Entertainment.

They will be giving their debut performance today on Mnet’s televised music program “M! Countdown.”



Korean pop singer Narsha [Nega Network]

Korean singer Narsha of pop group Brown Eyed Girls is gearing up for her upcoming solo debut, releasing a series of images created for her new mini-album.

According to a press release by agency Nega Network on Thursday, the girl band member has unveiled several image shots for the new album in which she poses as an angel, a devil, a saint and a witch. Another series of jacket photos will be revealed on July 5.

An official at Nega Network explained that they made a lot of effort to “upgrade” Narsha’s image concept from her previous image as a member of Brown Eyed Girls.

Yesterday, the singer also released a teaser video of her new single “I’m In Love,” a remake of a song by singer and songwriter Ra.D. The entire song will be revealed tomorrow prior to the record’s release on July 8.

The teaser video featured young guitar prodigy Jung Sung-ha, who shot to fame after his videos received millions of hits on video-sharing site Youtube, and pianist Shin Ji-ho who is dubbed “the Nichkhun of Berkelee.” Jung even took part in the single as a session guitarist.

All tracks from the album, including the title track, will be released both online and offline next Tuesday.

Brown Eyed Girls is composed of leader Jea, rapper Miryo and vocals Narsha and Gain. They debuted in 2006 with album “Your Story” and have since released two more studio albums and two mini-albums.

Their latest record “Sound G.”, released in July 2009, produced the hit single “Abracadabra” which swept various K-pop music charts last year.



Members of boy band Teen Top [T.O.P Media]

Boy band Teen Top will star on one of MTV USA’s upcoming shows this coming fall, making it the first time an idol group from Korea will be featured on American television.

Teen Top’s agency T.O.P Media on Tuesday said that a program called “Vice Guide to Everything,” about how the boys train to become idol singers, will air on the music channel starting September.

For three months starting January, MTV USA had searched all of Asia for idols who have yet to make a debut, basing their research on how much musical talent and star quality they have, as well as reviewing the training system they would undergo.

A producer from MTV USA flew into Korea in April, shooting the process of how the boy band undergoes training in dancing, singing, a second language, miming, mannerisms and doing interviews.

MTV director Jesse Zook Mann explained, “The original plan was to show how an idol group prepares through a systematic system but we came to have even higher expectations for after their debut so we have decided to return to Korea to film the boys upon the time of their actual debut.”

“Neal, who is the lead vocalist, has the tone of a young Michael Jackson. They are fit to compete in markets overseas too because the English skills of one of their members is at the level of a native speaker,” said a MTV associate who interacted directly with the boys on the show.

Teen Top, a six-member group, have backgrounds as child actors and were chosen through auditions at major theme park Lotte World. They will make their official debut at the end of June.


Sounds interesting.. reality show kinda thing.. MTV has done a lot of this stuff in the past and I think they still have this.. I’m sure a lot of kpop fans in America would be following this.


Nine-member boy band ZE:A [Star Empire Entertainment]

K-pop idol group ZE:A, also known as Children of Empire, will be taking their first step into expanding their career overseas by visiting Japan this week, according to their agency Star Empire Entertainment on Wednesday.

Star Empire said the group will fly into Japan on Friday to perform at Tokyo Gotanda Yoohoo Port Hall for the “Seoul Train,” a monthly event which introduces various K-pop artists to music consumers in Japan.

The nine-member boy band has been accumulating fans in the country since opening their official Japanese fan site on the day of their debut early January.

A representative from Star Empire explained, “The members are very excited and nervous about visiting Japan for the first time. They are working hard to put together a great performance.”

ZE:A, discovered and trained by entertainment firm Star Empire, debuted with song “Mazeltov” from their album titled “Nativity.” They had garnered much attention even before their debut through the release of teaser videos and guerilla shows.

The group’s second single album will go on sale on March 25.

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Korean pop duo December [CS Happy Entertainment]

Korean pop duo December will be holding a concert in Japan next weekend, signaling their official debut in the country, according to their agency CS Happy Entertainment on Tuesday.

CS Happy explained that the group will be performing at Billboard Live Hall in Osaka on March 28, where many world-renowned musicians such as the Beach Boys and Michael Franks have taken the stage.

December will be the first Korean singers to hold a concert at the prestigious venue.

“Beginning with this concert, we plan to establish December as a leading K-pop musician, not just a newcomer idol group who sings ballads,” director Song Seung-joon at CS Happy was quoted as saying.

December, composed of members Yoon Hyuk and DK, made a splashing debut in Korea last October with their EP album “Dear My Lover”.

The ballad album produced several hits including their debut single “Love Is Really…” and “Can’t You Come Back”, which was featured on the original soundtrack for KBS blockbuster drama “IRIS” last year.

Their latest digital single “Honesty”, released on March 4, is currently ranked in Mnet’s weekly top 20 singles chart.

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Johnny’s Jimusho appears to be betting big on a trio of young stars. 16-year-olds Yuma Nakayama, Ryosuke Yamada, and Yuri Chinen have been rising in popularity through their music and television activities, but now they will be debuting in their own unit, called NYC due to their initials.

The three boys have been getting a lot of exposure in the media in the past couple years. Yamada and Chinen are members of Hey! Say! JUMP, while Nakayama is the leader of the unit Yuma Nakayama with B.I.Shadow. Last year, they formed the core of the temporary 7-member group “NYC boys” (which included the four members of B.I.Shadow), and they even performed at the Kohaku Uta Gassen.

According to the agency, NYC boys will still continue for now, but Nakayama, Yamada, and Chinen will also be active as NYC, without the B.I.Shadow members.

On April 7, NYC will release their first major-label single, a version of the well-known “Yuuki 100%.” Originally sung by Hikaru Genji in 1993, it has always been used as the opening theme of the long-running anime series “Nintama Rantaro.” Since then, other Johnny’s Jimusho groups have taken over singing the same song, including Hey! Say! JUMP last year.

Starting with the March 29 episode of “Nintama Rintaro,” NYC’s version will be used as the opening theme. NYC will also be providing the show’s ending theme, titled “Yume no Tane.” That song will be included on the upcoming single.

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2AM member Lim Seulong [Asia Economic Daily]

K-pop 2AM member Seulong will be making his acting debut in a new MBC drama starring actors Son Ye-jin and Lee Min-ho, according to MBC on Tuesday.

Seulong will join the cast of the Wednesday and Thursday series to play the role of Kim Tae-hoon, the college junior of Lee’s character Jin-ho, in the series tentatively titled “Personal Taste” in English.

“We chose Seulong for the role because of the bright and cheerful image he portrays on different variety shows — exactly the kind of character Tae-hoon is. Even though this will be his first time acting, we know he will be a perfect fit for it,” MBC explained.

The TV series, based on a novel of the same name by Korean writer Lee Se-in, is about a man living with woman who thinks the man is a homosexual. The show is set to air on March 31.

Seulong made his debut in 2008 as a member of the four-man idol group 2AM. The group is currently focusing on the activities promoting their first full-length album titled “I Can’t Let You Go” with their title track of the same name.

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Flower Boy Band FT Island’s lead vocal Lee HongKi caught many attention from showing “strong” emotional feeling toward the new band CN BLUE.

On the 21st, Lee HongKi commented through a FT Island’s fan site, “I am really happy because we got team that does band music with us. Together I want to introduce the band genre to everyone.”

Lee HongKi and the lead vocalist, Jung YongHwa, are family members that share the same management, FNC Music. Lee HongKi and Jung YongHwa even got closer filming the drama ‘You’re Beautiful’ and sharing the hard training times together, winning the title “Brotherly Group.”

They even showed more close bonds when FT Island and CN BLUE appeared at each other’s concerts and debut showcases. Lee HongKi even sang the title song “I’m a Loner” during the recording for the show Dream Team and changed the song on this mini-homepage to “I’m a Loner.”

Lee HongKi boasted, “These days, everyday is so joyful. Doing activities, I was so envious of other groups playing around with group from the same management, and finally!!! We, FT Island got a family member as well.”

He went on to say, “We were always lonely being the only band group compared to the dance groups, but now! I’m really happy to be sharing band activities with each other.” Then he even requested the Primadonnas (FT Island’s fan base) to support CN BLUE as well.

Lastly he added, “At times like this when bands aren’t very popular, and we also know that FT Island and CN BLUE aren’t as nearly good as some of the sunbaes, but we will work hard on spreading out the band genre to the public. So Primadonnas and CN BLUE fans, join forces together and say “Fighting.” Soon we will be also greeting you guys wil some good music.”

Source: Il-Gan Sports
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9-member rookie group ZE:A continues to grab the attention of fans and netizens since their debut.

The group had its debut stage on 15th January on KBS Music Bank and 16th January on MBC Music Core performing their debut song ‘Mazeltov’.

Even though the group is still a newcomer group, with over 50 over wingcar performances they had in different parts of the country, they have shown a matured and refined side of them through their live performances on the music shows.

After their debut stage, netizens have all sung praises of the group like, “Looking forward to more of their performances”, “I cannot take my eyes off their performance” etc.

The group will also be performing on SBS Inkigayo on 17th January, moving full fledge into the promotions of ‘Mazeltov’.

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