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A look into Choi Si-won’s character from TV series “Oh! My Lady”

A scene from “Oh! My Lady” [SBS]
Sung Min-woo

His noticeable feature is his six-pack and his specialty is kissing. He stopped counting the number of girls he has gone out with after 30 and believes that all girls love him so if you merely glance at him he will say, “Bring a piece of paper, I’ll give you my signature.” He likes simple roles that extenuate his physical features and if he is told to practice he says, “I don’t feel like it today” and if someone questions his acting skills he will get upset and impatiently state, “Let’s not talk about the horrible acting.” On the outside he claims that he likes the book “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho but he actually complains “Next time, pick an author with an easier name. Paulo Coelho, it’s hard to pronounce.” When he receives a scenario about Tae-jo, the first king of the Joseon Dynasty, Min-woo will throw facts he knows about the king that he knows from his shallow knowledge. But he is able to think fast on his feet when it comes to dealing with emergency situations such as covering up the burnt spot on his shirt by revealing his abs or kicking his manager out of the house that his hidden daughter is staying at by saying “I hate you because your feet smell.” If he gets ignored by another person, he insists, “You need a human being with fundamentals? Didn’t you say you needed a star? What if you had to choose one? It’s hard to find both qualities in a single person because everyone does what the star wants.” And when you try to encourage him and tell him not to worry about failure, he will pretend to be strong by saying, “Did I ever say I was scared of doing it?” but such bluffing is done in style.




New Monday and Tuesday dramas “Dong Yi-Jewel in the Crown” and “Oh! My Lady” [MBC/SBS]

Two new Monday and Tuesday prime time dramas — MBC’s “Dong Yi-Jewel in the Crown” and SBS’ “Oh! My Lady” — have taken off to a good start since first airing on Monday.

According to numbers by TNS Korea and ABG Nielsen Media Research, “Dong Yi” scored 11.4 percent and 11.6 percent, respectively, in viewership ratings while “Lady” recorded ratings of 10 percent and 11.5 percent.

“Dong Yi,” a historical epic helmed by famed director Lee Byung-hoon whose previous works including “Jewel in the Palace” and “Heo Jun,” stars top Korean actors Ji Jin-hee and Han Hyo-joo.

The first episode of the show, about Dong Yi who grows up to become Choi Suk-bin, a consort of King Sukjong and the mother of King Youngjo during the Chosun Dynasty, featured the life of young Dong Yi played by child actress Kim You-jung.

Meanwhile, the premiere series of SBS drama “Lady” showed the unusual first encounter between top star Sung Min-woo and divorcee Yoon Gae-hwa who Min-woo hires as his house maid.

Super Junior member Choi Si-won plays the role of Sung Min-woo while actress Chae Rim returns to the small screen as the maid-turned-manager.

“Dong Yi” airs on Monday and Tuesday nights at 9:55 p.m. and “Lady” at 8:50 p.m.

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credit: GreenieBeanieBeanie@YT

watching the vid makes me anticipate for the upcoming kdrama series…and by the looks of it, it’s a wonderful kdrama. Plus points for the gorgeous cast! Hawt hawt hawt..


From left, producer Park Young-soo and actors Lee Hyun-woo, Moon Jung-hee, Chae Rim, Kim Yoo-bin, Bang Joon-seo, Park Han-byul and Choi Si-won pose during a photo session of a press conference for SBS TV series “Oh! My Lady” held at the broadcaster’s headquarters in Seoul, South Korea on March 16, 2010.

Main cast of SBS TV series “Oh! My Lady” [Park Sung-ki/Asia Economic Daily]

From left, actors Chae Rim, Choi Si-won and Park Han-byul pose during a photo session of a press conference for SBS TV series “Oh! My Lady” held at the broadcaster’s headquarters in Seoul, South Korea on March 16, 2010.

Idol star Choi Si-won [Park Sung-ki/Asia Economic Daily]

Idol star Choi Si-won speaks during a press conference for SBS TV series “Oh! My Lady” .

Idol star Choi Si-won [Park Sung-ki/Asia Economic Daily]

Idol star Choi Si-won poses during a photo session of a press conference for SBS TV series “Oh! My Lady” .

Actress Chae Rim [Park Sung-ki/Asia Economic Daily]

Actress Chae Rim poses during a press conference for SBS TV series “Oh! My Lady” .

Actress Chae Rim [Park Sung-ki/Asia Economic Daily]

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Singer and actor Choi Si-won [SM Entertainment]

Super Junior member Choi Si-won’s upcoming SBS TV series “Oh! My Lady” is already making waves in China, according to agency SM Entertainment on Wednesday.

SM explained in a press release that fans of Super Junior who recently showed up at the group’s Asia tour concert held March 6 in Shanghai, showed their support by holding up signs that read “Oh! My Lady Smash Hit” and “Oh! My Sung Min-woo”, referring to Choi’s character in the drama.

Both the show and the singer reportedly became one of the most-searched words on several Chinese portals after Choi last week revealed his toned abs in the trailer for the series.

Starting March 22, the idol group member will play an arrogant, handsome movie star in the Monday and Tuesday evening drama opposite Korean actress and major Hallyu star Chae-lim.

Choi, 23, made his debut in the 13-member boy band Super Junior, one of the most popular K-pop acts in the country and throughout Asia. He is also part of the group’s sub-unit Super Junior-M, which focuses its activities in the Chinese market.

The pop idol made his acting debut in the 2005 KBS TV series “Eighteen, Twenty-Nine” and has since starred in several television dramas and films including the 2006 action flick “A Battle of Wits” alongside top Hong Kong star Andy Lau.

Chinese fans hold up signs rooting for Choi Si-won’s new TV series “Oh! My Lady” [SM Entertainment]


Here’s the trailer of the upcoming “Oh! My Lady” drama that will be aired on March 22nd.

credit: letu1504@YT






…and you know what guys? they are actually very entertaining here and very cute! the fans are really screaming.  Donghae’s calling the ELF’s as his BABIES.  While the ELF are telling Hangeng to call them WIFE.   I mean…okay?! Lucky them. ^^

That one is on Part 1 when introducing themselves to the rest of the audience.


SJ will send their sub-group SJ-M to support (the film festival), they will go straight to Taiwan on the 18th after their performance in Wenzhou.

SJ-M to take over; Work permits etc are all ok

While Rain is not coming to Taiwan, SJ-M is still supportive of the Asia Pacific Film Festival, after their performance in Wenzhou on the 18th, they will take the car for 4 hours, go to Ningbo to fly to Hong Kong then Taiwan. The manager, Qiu Li Kuan, that helped the Film Festival invite them said, “They didn’t ask about the pay, agreed immediately, even though they may not get a night of sleep.” She said. SJ-M’s visa and work permits are all not a problem, they are confirmed coming. The tickets to Super Junior’s concert next year on 20th Feb in the Taipei Arena has all been sold out, the organisers, Super Dome, said, they are coordinating for an extra show on the 21st afternoon.

Source: Ryeowook’s Baidu Bar & here
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091213 Siwon at Nanjing Airport on the Way to Taiwan

*It seems that he flew to Taiwan right away after the SSII Nanjing! He was already wearing his clothes
for the wedding at the airport! smilee.gif Here below is the thread of Vanness Wu’s tweet! FYI, he attended the wedding
of Dave Lins along with Vannes Wu at Taiwan on Dec. 13.

Credit: Choi Siwon Baidu Bar


And here is the Twit of Vaness Wu:

Vanness Wu’s Twitter



While I was Youtubing again, I saw this vid with my 2 main character on it (YeTeuk). And boy, they were so so sooooo GORGEOUS! yes, all of them are. They were asked about their transition of being boys on their previous album to be the men they are today in their current 3jib. And was lead on doing the show-off (the smile) for the audience and tele-viewers to see.

Siwon got the hottest smile ever. Nothing new with that. Consistent being the hottest member.

Hangeng got the brightest with the nice set of pearly whites. Funny thing cause he had not heard the host asking him to say “Saranghaeyo” but when questioned of the age gap of Teukie and another guest, he automatically answered. LOL.

My Teukie (as well as the person who made this vid says) is soooo soooo cute. Yes, definitely kawaii ne!

And last but not the least was My Yesung, who is so damn freaking adorable. *drools* I can’t help but smile and giggle at the same time as I watch this vid. Notice, on the last part after Yesung smiled (1:05), a female guest just couldn’t help but say that Yesung oppa was really cute and she said it twice!


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While I was not working last night due to brown-out and constipation, me and my Ae-in Xen (a very good friend of mine, my soulsister) were texting each other and was telling me about the Super Junior Show 2 Concert Japan Premium.

She said a lot of things about the concert. And I was really really jealous and she knows that I am. She just received her DVD yesterday (advanced right? I know! that’s my Ae-in always up to date with SUJU) and was really really watching (focusing on) everything in it.

For her intro, she said that it was EXTREMELY HOT. This was the exact words she said to me on SMS. And I was like whaaaaat? Chungmal?!! by then I keep on asking her questions about the Super Show and what the concert was like. Then our conversation goes on about the Super Junior being so hot and they were really sweating on their whole concert. More like dripping sweat from their body. I just can’t put it into words. They are deadly HOT. My Teukie is extremely hot there and so is Sungmin. But my Ae-in (as being inlove with Eunhyuk and Donghae so much individually) told me that Anchovy and Fish (Eunhae-Ae-in forever) got the best vote for being HOT and so they are!

She said that although they don’t have solo perf on the concert but the cam, I believe, where following their (Eunhae) parts was extremely HOT (why do I have the feeling that this post is all about the HOTNESS of SUJU..LMAO) and said there are a lot of dance break of Hyukjae ( my Ae-in really likes the way Eunhyuk dance) happening there. Whew! A must see DVD.

Oh My God, and Ae-in even told me that my Yeye (Yesung, Namchin) almost undressed or stripped himself from the perf. I don’t know which one cause she didn’t tell me what perf it was. I was so jealous. Really jealous. Sungmin was so hot too. Oh my GAAAAAAAD! Can’t help it. Was really asking her if there was any vid uploaded on YT and she said that there were 6 vid circulating on YT BUT ONLY 6 vid. Was so bummed out cause you know I can’t get enough of my boys. Aaaaaaarrrrggggghhh… And repeatedly telling me that my Nampyeon (Peter Pan, Teukie) was really H.O.T there. *jealous*

Ae-in told me too that there’s another HanChul (Hangeng and Heechul) moment happening where they almost kiss on the Sorry Sorry perf and there was staring at each other and hugging. Men, I so want to watch that. I don’t know if there is one on YT. As ae-in’s words are: DANGEROUSLY HOT. Nice description for that one! *applause*

Then I thought that that was just it. But she texted me back and told me that there are many HanChul moment(s) (redundant of me, mianhe!). There was a Siwon moment too when he wanted to be kissed by Anchovy and guess what, Eunhyuk did kiss Siwon. I mean Siwon who likes skinship, no wonder. LOL. But then Donghae was there trying to prevent it from happening but it still did i think. ^^ But later on ae-in told me at the end of the song, Siwon kissed Hyuk back. Oh so sweeeeeeeeeeeeet! (Donghae must have been jealous of this). My Ae-in is really loyal with the EunHae pairing and really REALLY have a huge LOVE for them not ONLY as a pair but as an individual too. I like them, too. Eunhae is a great match for me also but… There’s KyuMin, KangTeuk, YeTeuk (this is my fave pair and as solo love), ShinWon moment, too.

I so wish that I could watch this DVD for myself cause based on Ae-in’s description of things, it was a great concert to watch. Worth the watch. 2 thumbs up. I just can’t put it into writing. As she said it was a heartwarming sight. Coming from her who have watched the whole show and saying it, it must be a good show to watch. Plus there’s a bonus vid where after the concert they were playing around while being interviewed, taking pictures outside the van and doing wacky poses the whole time. There was a scene too where they were rehearsing back stage and Fishy was infront of the cam talking Nihonggo (lines that he knows) when he was caught red-handed by his manager and giving him the look cause he was not practicing/rehearsing with the rest of the guys. Then there was this funny scene when Kyu was practicing his Nihonggo with a Japanese dictionary and as Ae-in said, he was really funny on this part cause he stuttered most of the time and the subtitle is no help at all cause it was pure characters and shapes. Meaning his nihonggo is not good at all. LMAO. Needs practicing. LOL. My ae-in Xen really loves his Prince Kyu too. Henry was there too with the rest of the Super Junior on the van with his earphone on, wearing his glasses, and chewing gum most of the time. I think he is too caught up with what he was listening and thinking that he doesn’t have any idea at all what they (SUJU) were saying. He needs a translator. Just kidding!

Anyway, our texting came to an abrupt stop cause my freaking cellphone gave up on me. It was screaming LOW BAT LOW BAT. Nice piece of cellphone ei! There was no electricity and I forgot to charge it yesterday morning. Wrong time to get battery dead. Aish!

So much for that Super Junior Show.

The whole time I was really screaming for the freaking electricity to come but hell no. I was so looking forward to take a glimpse of it even on YT. Freaking power company, what a kill joy!

Anyway, electricity’s back again. I am going to watch this now. Yeah!

Super Junior, hwaiting!