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[SJ] SUKIRA TRANSCRIPT 12.18.09-12.24.09

091218 – 091224 Sukira

We Fully Deserve the Daesang
Leeteuk: In the past, after sitting for my exams, I would call the hotline to check my results, the voice prompt would say “Your current preliminary qualification status…” Listening to this made me feel I was already a university student. “Your current ranking is the #237…”, the first day it was #237, the second day, when I called again, it became #200. In my heart I was thinking, this is quite good, (my ranking) is always rising.
Eunhyuk: Previously, when I was taking part in the auditions, among the staff, one noona told me that I had a chance this time, and added in that if I did a good job, I could immediately sign a contract. Although I wasn’t selected, at that point in time, I felt as if I had already become a star.
Leeteuk: The deepest feelings that I had recently was during the award ceremony not too long ago… Coming from our mouths this might seem a little proud, but we are the fully deserving triple award kings.
Eunhyuk: Heheh, we received 3 awards, the biggest record in history.
Leeteuk: The Bonsang, the popularity award, and the biggest one… The Daesang… Ahahahahahaha.
Eunhyuk: We are the best.
Leeteuk: Really, we just cried. For Eunhyuk, even after he left the awards ceremony, he was still crying.
Eunhyuk: I’ve grow so old, and I’ve never cried like this before. I cried for an entire hour, without being able to stop. I got tired of crying, and wanted to stop and take a rest, but when I saw the words “Daesang” written on the trophy, my tears couldn’t stop falling again.
Leeteuk: That is because when you were in school, you have never received such a big prize.
Eunhyuk: Yeah, true… I’ve never received it before… Anyway, thank you.

Eunhyuk: Everyone, do you know, Leeteuk is the king of typos.
Leeteuk: Yeah, that’s right, it’s my nickname.
Eunhyuk: Be it writing or reading, all along, he doesn’t look through things thoroughly. When looking at news, he looks at it roughly, and after reading it, when you ask him about the content, he would say he’s not sure.
Leeteuk: Recently, on my CY, I wanted to write “365days passed very quickly” but in the end, I wrote it as “356 days…”. And there is one of my classic experiences, when I was in China, and I left a message for the Korean fans, I wanted to write “from”. I was impatient, and the internet connection wasn’t that good, so I wrote it as “form”.
Eunhyuk: Form Leeteuk
Leeteuk: Yeah, I have too many classic typos.

Shindong when eating
Eunhyuk: Leeteuk, you eat your rice very quickly right?
Leeteuk: Yeah, about the same as Shindong.
Eunhyuk: His speed is really too fast.
Leeteuk: He doesn’t eat his rice, he drinks his rice.
Eunhyuk: Sometimes, when everyone is eating, and he is the only one not eating, I would ask him why he is not eating, and he would say he’s already finished eating, and is resting.
Leeteuk: I looked at his rice bowl and dug out two spoonfuls, and asked him if he had no appetite. He said this was already his second bowl.

Junsu had his money taken away
Eunhyuk: When I was in middle school, there was once our S.R.D* members arranged to go to the amusement park and have fun. Who knew, that morning, my stomach hurt like mad, and I gave them a call saying I couldn’t go. After that, I kept lying on the bed. Later at night, they called to say, at the amusement park entrance, they met a group of hyungs who were snatching money, and all their money got taken away. In the end, they could only stand at the main gate and take a look, before coming back.
Leeteuk: Yeah, I have an impression, I took their money and had fun.
Eunhyuk: Oh, so it was you… Anyway, thinking about it now, at that time, my stomach hurt at the right time.

*S.R.D is a group that was formed by Eunhyuk, Xiah Junsu and 2 other friends wile they were in school. S.R.D stands for Sing, Rap & Dance.

Source: Kimseohye
Korean to Chinese translations by Kimseohye
Chinese to English translations by –dreamx @




251209 interveiw with Leeteuk and EunHyuk in KBS world radio Arabic Department

two DJs for this interview i refering to them as DJ 1 , DJ 2 and DJs (if both of them talk)
ET(Eeteuk ) , EH ( EunHyuk)

DJ 1 : today guys we have a big gift for the new year
DJ 2 : yes , honestly this not just a gift for you (listeners) , it’s for us as well , right ?
DJ 1 : yeah
DJ 2 : I feel like i’m dreaming right now and I don’t want to wake up . guys , do you know who are with us today?
I think you (listeners) didn’t expect this too . because of you and because of your massages that you tell us throw it (massages)
to do this interview with Super Junior . your dream has achieved and we (all) will not forget it .
DJ 1 : today guys we are hosting 2 handsome guys from the korean boyband Super Junior.
DJ 2 : here they are Eeteuk and Eunhyuk .
DJs : welcome welcome
ET & EH : Hello , we’re Super Juni ~ o r
DJs : nice to meet you , nice to meet you guys
DJ1 : before we start please introduce your selves to the listeners
ET : hello , I’m Super Junior’s leader Eeteuk
EH : hello , I’m Super Junior’s member Eunhyuk , nice to meet you
DJ 2 : so , do you know guys that you and all Super Junior’s members are very famous in Arab countries .
DJ 1 : we have a lot of massages from the listeners expressing their feeling about Super Junior and saying how much they like you
And your songs too . and ask us (KBS world radio) to do this interview and some ask you to visit the UAE
DJ 2 : have you been in any Arabic country before ?
ET : unfortunately we haven’t visit any , but if there is a chance we want to visit Arabic country in the future . thank you for loving us
DJ 2 : is there any chance to hold concert in any Arabic country like UAE ?
ET : we want to go there for concert and fan meeting but first we want the Arabic fans to give more love to us .
DJ 1 :some of the members are doing drama and you DJ-ing in Kbs radio , how is your schedule coordinating ?
ET : it all done by the manger’s help , we also cooperate and try not to make our solo activity conflict with our group activity
DJ 2 : then what do you do in your free time , do you play a video games ?
EH : for me , I like spend my time in shopping and .. I like driving also.
ET : I like spend my free time in the dorm and going online and sometime I play piano
DJ 2 : he’s an artiest after all
DJ 1 : do you go to noraebang* and what kind of music do you sing there ?
ET : yes we visit it (noraebang) sometimes and we sing all kind of song especially Trot songs.
DJ 1 : how many time do you go there ?
ET : 2 times in a year
DJs : not so much , you have to go often
DJ 1 : can we listen to some song from you guys ?
ET : when we go to Noraebang we sing trot songs so now we will sing a trot song called “ with My love “
ET&EH sing
DJ 1 : we want to listen to Sorry Sorry too please
DJ 2 : yes, Sorry Sorry
ET&EH sing Sorry Sorry
DJs : woo very good
DJ2 : have you listened to Arabic song before or do you know any male/female singer ?
ET&EH : no we didn’t , but if you recommend some Arabic songs to us we’ll listen to it of course .
DJ 1 : I want to ask a personal question . when will you plan to get married ?
EH : when all the member of Super Junior gathering together we always talk about this and even discuss it with other (male) ideal
but all of them are not married too . For me , I want to get married when I can even if it’s tomorrow
ET : I want to get married within 10 years .
DJ 2 : do you have girlfriend ?
ET : unfortunately I don’t have but if I have (girlfriend) , I’ll marry her within 3 years
EH : I’m suffering in this winter alone (also) without girlfriend .
DJ 2 : tell us about your future plans..
ET : we well release our 4th album and continuo our 2nd Asia tour that we already started in beginning of 2009
DJ1 : I heard that you were in Thailand recently and held a concert there . is there any plan to hold a concerts in other Asian country too ?
ET : we held 3 concerts in Korea and 3 in Japan and we’ll hold it in Taiwan , Hong Kong , and China too
DJ 2 : we hope you hold concerts in Arabic countries also
ET &EH : we want that too .
DJ 1 : Eeteuk also want that (too) just keep asking him (and other members ) if you want (them to hold a concert) .
DJ 2 : how can you see Super Junior in the future ?
EH : firstly, Super Junior’s name will remain forever . all the members are working in all , we have singers , actors , MCs , DJs ,models
So in future we’ll be the top in all .
DJ 2 : in sha’a Allah *
ET : also we plan to hold a concerts in Arabic countries , in sha’a Allah
DJ1 : do you want to be in drama or movie ?
EH : if I have chance I’ll try my best to be in all fields.
ET : Me too if I have a chance , I want (also) to be in Arabic drama/movie .
DJ s : great !!
DJ2 : he will studying Arabic language .
ET : in sha’a Allah .
DJ 2 : and memorizing some words
ET : in sha’a Allah
DJ 1 : great . our loveable listeners are you still enjoying this interview like me?
DJ 2 : yes, me too . I really want to talk to you guys more but because of the radio you DJ-ing will start soon , so unfortunately we have to
Finish this interview .
DJ 1 : yes. We wish we can do more interviews with you and with other Super Junior members in future in Korea or any Arabic country .
DJs : thank you very much .
DJ 1 : can I ask you to say Arabic words ?
ET : this is (word will he say it in arabic ) from a funny experience but it’s very entertaining . I learn some Arabic words but I’m
worried since the pronunciation not that good . ela aleqa’a *
DJs : haha nice
EH : ma’a Alsalama *
ET : in sha’a Allah
EH : I love you
All : thank you

*(noraebang ) karaoke bars
*(in sha’a Allah ) its Arabic/Islamic way of saying god willing
*(ela aleqa’a ) arabic word means see you soon
*(ma’a Alsalama) another arabic word means bye

Source : Kbs world radio video
notice & video found by : UAE-E.L.F & jojo.27@
Translated by : Gova @


091231 Sukira

2009 comes to an end
Leeteuk: Eunhyuk, what are your thoughts about 2009?
Eunhyuk: Firstly, I’ve matured a lot. In this year, we’ve still held onto our DJ positions, ahahaha, (I’m) really too happy. Also, my family moved, I changed my car, as well as some personal events. From a bigger perspective, many things have happened, but as a whole, (I’m) still very blessed.
Leeteuk: Wow, you lived quite comfortably, congratulations. To us, 2009 was a year of much productiveness as well as a year of many difficulties. Hope that in 2010, there will only be good events, we can all be happy, and be aggressive in the year of the tiger.
Eunhyuk: I think so too, because my zodiac is a tiger.
Leeteuk: Be it personally, or in the group, many things have happened, hope that in 2010, there can be good events. I’ve been busy working that I’ve neglected my family, my mother is still sick at the moment. Next year, I also want to treat my family members well.
Eunhyuk: Yeah, through these events in 2009, we set new goals, hopefully everyone will be able to fulfill their own wishes.

Source: Kimseohye
Korean to Chinese translations by Kimseohye
Chinese to English translations by –dreamx @



I have no choice, because I’m too famous
Leeteuk: There was once, I parked my car, and wanted to quietly listen to music. Suddenly, from the side, someone came out of a taxi, and closed the door very forcefully. At that time, I really wanted to get out of the car and scold that person, but in the end I held it in, because I am too famous.
Eunhyuk: There was once, when I less of a choice. That day, I drove my car to the company, the car was quite dirty, and it hadn’t been washed for a long time. Hence, the fans gathered at the front of the company used tissue napkins to help me wipe my car…… Actually, if you use tissue napkins to wipe (the car), it is very rough*, but they had good intentions, so I couldn’t say anything. I was really heartbroken……
Leeteuk: You’re a lot better off than me. There was once, I parked my car at a subway station. At that time, the left side of the car was applied with something, I’m not sure if it was hand cream or wax. Do you remember it?
Eunhyuk: Yeah.
Leeteuk: Later, I went to the security post and took a look at the CCTV recording, it was four fans that applied it. Sigh, in the end, I still held it in……

*Rough: Eunhyuk is referring to the texture of the tissue napkin. It might have left some paper residue on his car, or created some minor scratches

Source: Kimseohye
Korean to Chinese translations by Kimseohye
Chinese to English translations by –dreamx @



This is a late video dated October 10 of 2009

Taemin called Heechul for some questions to be answered.

Before answering:

MC: Are you going to call Kim Heechul?
TM: Yes.
MC: Kim Heechul-shii might be the one called the most on World Changing Quiz.

Begin Answering:

TM: Hyung, while studying, while organizing, what do you use?
HC: Notebook, note book*
TM: What are you not supposed to do in public places?
HC: Urinate?
(Tae min passed this question)

TM: It’s yellow and it’s long…
HC: hurry, hurry up, I can feel it, faster faster!
TM:It’s yellow, long, can be eaten, fruit
HC: banana

MC: now its time for the food questions! (If these are guessed correctly, food can be won)

TM:It’s a
TM:It’s something from the past…how should I say it? It’s turned rusty.
HC: Taemin ah, hurry up, you’re running out of time!
TM: You know what they say in soccer when the ball goes in?(T/N: Taemin is using figurative words to help heechul)
TM:Then north, south, ______,west
HC: DONG! (T/N: dong is east in korean)
MC: wow really difficult
HC: ancient artifact!
(Heechul answers correctly)

TM: ding, dang, ding ding!
TM: It’s not a ching!*(T/N: some sort of string instrument)
HC: bronze drum!
MC: correct! we will end here

MC: Kim Hee Chul?
HC: hello
MC: You’re on the phone often (T/N: implying that heechul has played this game many times)
HC: hahahahahaha
HC: our taemin? ah he has to talk faster!
MC: but both of you have managed to win two portions of food!
HC: ah…that’s nice to hear!
MC:go eat something delicious with taemin!
HC: yes…sebaGU hwaiting!*(T/N: heechul mispronounced the name of the show, it’s supposed to be sebaGUI)
MC: Thank you…What’s this…se ba GU

fever and for translation

Here’s the video:

♫©aneng007@YT, sj-market


091213 KTR Segment about Donghae

KTR mentioned something with Donghae. He’s a cute kid.
Donghae was in his dorm alone decorating the christmas tree~ It was said that the boys on the 11th storey wouldn’t do up the christmas tree so only the 12th storey has a christmas tree.
As Donghae likes these cute little things, he decorated the tree and even plugged in electricity.
But Hyukjae asked him why he’s doing this kind of stuffs and even called Donghae weirdo.
The thought of Donghae doing up the christmas tree alone is so cute~ How much effort and thought did he put in to pick those little decorations.
But because of Hyukjae, he became a weird person.
Hyukjae-ah~ Donghae is pure, not weird~~
Don’t think that those who make christmas trees are weird~

Source: Donghae’s Baidu
Translation: (L) @ SJ-WORLD.NET

Isn’t Donghae the cutest? He’s like a child so pure and innocent and really fragile.  Don’t wanna ruin his expectations of Christmas being a holiday for merriment and cheers.