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Working for 8 hours straight and still got the feeling of being bored or something.   i am just really tired when all I did was sit in front of the computer and wait for voice mail messages to transcribe.  I rested pretty much okay yesterday but i don’t know why I am feeling really dead meat.



Hello world!

Well hello world!

This is my first time on WordPress but I’m beginning to love my stay here.

Welcome welcome and hope you’re enjoying your stay here as well.  Feel free to snoop, lurk, stalk, or whatever on this blog but please refrain from swearing.   Spazzing and fangirling is very much okay here.   Your bad opinion is for yours to keep.  Good suggestions and advices are very much appreciated.

Enjoy! 🙂


Came across this site. Try this. It won’t hurt yah. ^^


My authentic japanese name is 辻 Tsuji (cross roads) 美晴 Miharu (beautiful clear sky).
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or this one…

My Watashi no nama-e wa… is Hirosawa Marina(The girl of Jasmine).
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My Korean name is Song Min Hee.
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MY NAME IN CHINESE: (which by the way is freaking hillarious!)

My is lai chi chop suey.
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You know why? Lai is really my nickname..LOL!

This is way cuter! (on a different generator)

My is Yumi Ta.
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My name should have been what this is Maria Ashlee Devito.
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And since I’m born in the Philly, i still have a Filipino name (not to my liking)…

My Pinoy / Pinay Name is Ma Estrella Serena Blossom Diyakson.
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Oh well, it’s been so long since I’ve come to visit my blab. So much has been happening this past few weeks that I tend to shy away from leaving something here. Actually, been busy with work lately cause it’s the season and the means our clients are so buys leaving voicemails to their friends, co-workers, or even their bosses for their last minute work, shopping, christmas list, or whatever at all for the holidays.

But I am still updated with my SJ love but really just tired of posting anything here. Maybe next week, will catch up with a few post to make me be inspired again.

Honestly, i am in complete blank. Just don’t know what to write at the moment.

Najung-e! Annyeong higasaeyo~

miss my cyberlife

I’ve been on hiatus for almost 4 days from the internet and I instantly miss my SUJU boys terribly. I can’t use my internet from my mobile cause it cost too much. I don’t even have a laptop with me. I was following up on my papers cause I’ll be going to China soon (hopefully). There I might see SUJU-M. So looking forward to it.

Anyway, this is how I realized that I so really love my SUJU 13. I miss them so that it aches so much not seeing their beautiful faces on my computer screen and not knowing what’s happening with them on a daily basis. I even heard about the bad rumor of Kangin which i think is just a sham! I will not believe it cause I know that Kangin wouldn’t do such a thing. I was outdated for almost 4 days. And it is only now that I watched the MV of Super Girl of Super Junior M. Really outdated huh?! It was released like 2 days ago more or less and I only seen it just a few hours ago. Gaaaaaad!

Anywho, it sucks to not have internet on those days. But so so glad to know that my fave site was up and running again. Thanks to the wonderful staff of for doing their best to get the site active again. Great! Just great! Nice! really nice!

My cyberlife wouldn’t be complete if they were no sj-world, no super junior news, no youtube videos for them, no free DL site for their songs, no photobucket for their beautiful faces, icecoffeplus blogsite..etc..^^

I am addicted and I don’t care! I love them and that’s all that matters.

SUJU-M, i’ll be seeing you soon! ^^ (hopefully)

Just one of those days…

These days, i feel like crying. Crying but too shy to shed a tear. Deep inside my heart aches and really wanted to explode. I take my comfort through Suju’s songs. I don’t know why. I just had this instant connection with the group. I am an ELF. I am a fan. They helped me a lot with my sadness.

These days, i feel like I am alone. I am lonely cause I am. I so wanted to be happy and smile but I can’t. I keep on being busy with work just to keep my mind off things. I don’t want this kind of feeling. It’s depressing…

This morning, my Mom and I talked about something that made me so sad and hurt. I just don’t know. I really don’t know why at that instant I burst out crying quietly. I just don’t want them to know that I am hurting inside. Up to now I really want to cry a big drum of tears. I think that i am going through a phase in my life that I become more sensitive now.

Why am I like this? I don’t know either. I even sort it out. One reason that’s on the top of my list is that I am 29 and yet not married. I want to be married before my age could not be seen on the calendar or else I’ll be doomed for being single forever. I so wanted to but I am scared again. Really really scared. Oh God! I wish I could actually meet someone who you’ve chosen for me that will make me or both our lives to be happy. I am lonely. That’s it. I am L O N E L Y.

Cry. Cry. Cry. I want to cry for a day just to release the pain, hurt, ache or whatever it is that I am feeling right now.

But amidst all of this, I still find comfort through Super Junior’s song and I don’t know why. There are songs that really puts me at ease, makes me happy, and makes me sad. I can just feel the soul of their music and I recognize who sang what in their songs. I became attached to them. haizt!

How can I stop this feelings of mine? I wanna stop this and be happy again. If only… only if…


I will forever bleed sapphire blue
From Eeteukie to Kyu.

The moment I let myself get in to your world
I felt attached by you and your music
Truth be told.

As I glimpse back to where you all started,
I see the hardships that each of you guys hold.
The trials and the conflicts,
The heartaches and the triumphs,
Still at the end, was all worth to the world.

I bleed sapphire blue.

Each time you cry, I cry in sadness.
Each time you smile, I smiled with delight.
Each time you laugh, tears comes out in pure in happiness.

In every tear drop that runs through your cheeks,
My heart goes out with you.
Misery or even bliss,
My desire is for you to be merry through and through.

You give strength to one another.
You are all at its best when you’re all together.
We see our strength through yours.
You support and protect each other like brothers.
We’ll support, love, and protect you, too

And still bleed sapphire blue.

In every blood, sweat and tears that you shed,
Rest assured that all will be rewarded.
10 years from now to nth years,
I’ll always be your number 1 fan in the end.

I know it’s hard being you.
Wishing all your worries just fade away.
Keeping your faith and dropping the fear.
Will always be standing here,
To cheer you til the end.

In every song and dance that you’ve done,
Be treasured and appreciated from all of us fan.
Stay healthy and live well,
Be the Super Junior,
forever be one plus us as ELF.

From Park JungSoo to Cho KyuHyun,
I will always be…

I will always be bleeding sapphire blue.

first post, first time

Okay, so this is my first post. I am still thinking of what to put on my first blog. Interest? I already post it on my profile. Hmmmm.. Instead, let me tell you about what my blog is all about. I think that the majority topic of my blog is all about me (of course) and my interest on Super Junior and things like that. If you just noticed, even my header is of Super Junior (Suju) and another one on the lower portion of this blog, too. Maybe I will post some articles that I came across on different sites/forums about Super Junior and put it here also (for personal use). I just love them all and I don’t know when it all started. I just woke up one day and realized that I love Super Junior. All I know is that by listening to their songs and seeing their “hawt-smexy-look” faces/body completes me. Anyway on another topic, I love to write but I didn’t take up Journalism. I’m just an ordinary human being who likes to express oneself through writing without formal education for it. But I did go to College. It’s just that, I didn’t graduate. Now, I’m working that involves proof reading and English grammar and sentence structure but I am no expert on this field. I just simply know what is the correct usage of the sentence or not. I love movies. Anything that has a good storyline even if it has subtitles or not. I am a couch potato addict. A homebody but I am not an introvert. I do have lots of friends. It’s just that at this age (28), I easily get tired or bored going out. I love to read. I started reading novels when I was in grade school. I was influenced by my auntie’s reading books all the time. But before I got to be interested on what I am reading or before buying a certain book, I scanned first the whole book and if I think that it’s interesting then that would be the time for me to jump on to a nearest couch or bed and read the book for 2 or 3 days straight. More on Super Junior. From the 13 members, I like/love Leeteuk the most. I just like him being the mature one (although all of them are) of the group because he is the leader of the band and his got the cutest dimples ever and though some would say that he is not the leader material that everyone had imagined of him to be but is a very good role model to his “dongsaengs” and He is one funny funny guy. Sense of humor and intelligence is a must for me. Next is Heechul, who I admire so much for his superb talent that no one can imitate (cause he’s the one been imitating lots of dance/acting moves from singers /artist) and has white milky skin. You love and hate him at the same time for being the prettiest boy ever made. For the rest, i like them because… Sungmin is the cute boy (that loves pink) who turned into a handsome man. Yesung in his very powerful voice and being dorky at times. Eunyukie for his popping and thumping chest moves that makes me wanna do it too every time I see him do that. The best dancer of Suju. Donghae is boyish-playful-prince like charm. Kangin is very powerful on the outside but yet a teddy-bear on the inside. Shindong may not be as pretty as the rest of the boys but he’s got lots of talents that is unbelievable and that’s his charm. Kyuhyun, the “maknae” of the group and I believe is the most angelic voice ever. Ryeowook, the sweet Ryeowook, who cares for his “hyungs” have a very lovely singing voice too. Kibum, I drool for him. The mysterious, Kibum. So that’s why I like him because he is the silent type. When he smiles, aaaaawwwww. Need I say more? Hankyung, high praise for him. He’s a very loving son to his parents. He even pursued his dreams of becoming a singer to a place where there is language barriers and no money in his pocket. Great fighting spirit, that’s Hankyung. Last but NOT the LEAST of my fave is Siwon. The pretty guy. The health buff, 6 packs abs. Whew! Siwon is yet the most gentlest, well-mannered person in the group who likes skinship too. Lol!!

So I guess this about it for now.

*highlighted names has links to their photo of my choice.
(credit goes to the people who submitted these photos on photobucket)