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I know it’s been a late vid since it’s been around the web for 2  or 3 days but I just can’t help being in awe with my lovely Super Junior’s performance here.   Really really really COOL! So cool that I watched it over and over again.  What shocked me the most was that Kyu was in here with the 4 of the best dancers of SJ and to think that sometimes he can’t keep up with these 4 fellas (EUNHYUK, SHINDONG, DONGHAE, TEUKIE).  You’d be amazed by what was going on here.  It’s like, they rock the house down! Version of their perf may seem to be of that of the Jabbawockees but they gave it their best shot and proved to be worth for the win.

The video:

credit: ELFZONE2


Amidst heated interests over 2AM’s new minialbum title song ‘Even If I Die, I Will Not Let You Go’ revealed on 21st January, there are some netizens also in heated discussion about hearing “noises” in the sound.

With that, the PD of the song Bang ShiHyuk came out to clarify, “With the conflicting concepts of ballad and idol, I have introduced electronic sounds for the balance. Sync music instruments are used intentionally to give the ‘crackling’ feeling, it is not noise that everyone is hearing.”

Meanwhile, 2AM’s minialbum title song has gone up to #1 on various real time charts as soon as it was revealed.

S:Newsen + kbites

Here’s their live comeback perf last night, Jan. 22, 2010:

credit: spodocskpark5@YT


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It was recently confirmed that five-member gal group Kara would be performing at the OSL (OnGameNet Starleague) Finals, a huge tournament taking place this month for Starcraft, aka the unofficial national sport of Korea.

On Sunday, January 17, former champion Flash will be matched up against Royal Roader Movie at Olympic Park – Olympic Hall in Seoul for the final round of the tournament; the girls will be there to perform at the event. The tournament, which will begin at 5PM, will be livestreamed on various websites, so you can watch the two have a go at each other live when the big day comes.

This isn’t the first time that an idol girl group has performed for Starcraft players, as SNSD made an appearance at a tournament last August for a few performances.

Apparently, Flash recently revealed that his ideal type is none other than Kara’s Nicole… so this should prove to be quite an interesting encounter!



2009 WBC welfare-TV sharing concert

Time : 2:00PM, December 24th 2009
Place : Indoor badminton stadium, Manseok Park, Suwon city, Kyungki-do
Artists : Super Junior, Shinee, One-two, Kim Jonghwan…

2009 KBS Music bank year-end special

Time : 06:40PM, December 25th 2009
Place : KBS hall

original source : here, here
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It’s a good way to end the year seeing our SUPER JUNIOR do a perf on stage.  I know it would be a good perf. 


Was browsing on videos from GDA on YT when I suddenly bumped into this video.   This is my first time seeing our Prince Kyu do the dance, I  mean really dance.  Imagine the shy Kyu (sometimes?) could actually do the moves.   Amazing!

On 1:25, check the grooves baby. ^^



Korean singer Younha will be making a comeback to the local music scene with her appearance on KBS’s “Music Bank” today, according to her agency Lion Media on Friday.

The singer will be performing “I Broke Up Today” from her latest album “Growing Season”. “Today” is a ballad track whose lyrics were written by Korean R&B singer Park Hwayobi. Other tracks on the album include “Waiting”, “Hating”, “Loving” and “Sunny All Day in Seoul Today”.

Younha had appeared on music show “Yoo Hee-Yeol’s Sketchbook” on Tuesday, where she performed two songs and talked about her new album and upcoming concert. The episode will air late tonight at 12:15 a.m.

The 21-year-old singer, nicknamed the “Oricon comet” for her success in Japan, released her debut album “Go! Younha” in Japan in 2005. She has since released several more albums in Japan and Korea as well.

Younha is currently rehearsing for her concert in Seoul on December 25.

Reporter : Lynn Kim
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Reup: 리즈

Here’s the video of her on Music Bank:



Reduced: 71% of original size [ 720 x 960 ] – Click to view full image





Reduced: 34% of original size [ 1500 x 996 ] – Click to view full image

Reduced: 34% of original size [ 1500 x 996 ] – Click to view full image





Izurei @



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Actually, had to post this cause Leeteuk (my bias)  is here.   Really feasting my eyes on these pictures.

Credits: Shindong’s Baidu|丢了的丢

Info: 7P(All)

Reduced: 85% of original size [ 600 x 850 ] – Click to view full image

Credits: <!–/coloro–KANGTEUK

Info: 10P(Leeteuk)

Reduced: 85% of original size [ 600 x 800 ] – Click to view full image


24P (LT, SD, SM, EH, KH & RW?)

♫©Total:22PReupload:Izurei @

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As stated, it is purely Donghae centric to where I get this.

19:34 The show has started, playing VCR now

19:35 The girl said the scene is beautiful^^

19:37 SJ has come out, Donghae is the first- –

19:40 ‘A Man in Love’, everyone wore black, Eeteuk is teasing the girls> <

19:41 Donghae’s hair is still the same, very cute^^

19:44 HeeHae hugged, the girl said Donghae smiled embarrassingly, hid his whole face in Heechul> <Sungmin has a ponytail, very cute^^

19:45 Singing ‘U’ now

19:46 Donghae took off his jacket^^

19:48 Donghae continues to rap Kibum’s part

19:48 Hyukjae is teasing the girls now^^

19:49 ‘Neorago’, remix version

19:51 Hyukjae exposes his shoulder a little> <

19:53 Heechul is wearing shades (and) come up from the lifting platform

19:53 Everyone took off their jackets, Donghae forcefully threw (his jacket) on the floor= =playing VCR

19:54 ‘She wants it’

19:55 The members came out to sing, everyone shouted (their) names

19:57 Teukie came out with a black umbrella^^

19:58 While singing, Donghae sticks out his ass- -+

19:58 Self introductions, Heechul blew a flying kiss to everyone^^

20:00 Kyuhyun drank a whole bottle of mineral water in one breathe, and said “Thank you” in Mandarin> <

20:01 During self-intro everyone has a nickname in front of their names. Donghae’s is ‘Little Fishy Donghae’

20:02 Self-intro Donghae said, “Dear babies, wife, I’m Donghai”

20:02 Eeteuk is dressed as a girl- –

20:03 Hyukjae took a towel to wipe (his) face and stomach and threw it (into the pits)

20:04 ‘Angela’

20:04 SiHae is whispering (to each other)- -Hyukjae (wants to) kiss Siwon, Donghae blocked (them) and wouldn’t let him kiss= =To sum up the 86line is in a mess. Jongwoon won in the end> <

20:06 Donghae teases the girls while walking- –

20:07 Kyuhyun said, “You’re my everything


20:08 ‘Miracle’

20:08 Donghae looked up and saw (our) “Donghae sshi, look here” banner> <And sang towards the banner

20:10 ‘Disco Drive’

20:10 Donghae touched Siwon’s cheeks> <

20:10 Donghae is in front of Siwon, Siwon then kneel down on one knee and bobo Donghae’s hand

20:12 Donghae is dancing in front of our light banner> <

20:13 Donghae waved at the rainbow towels, even made a looking out gesture~

20:15 The audience is switching on their light banners ~

20:16 ‘Dancing out’ now

20:17 Playing VCR now

20:18 Sungmin’s solo

20:19 After ‘Dancing out’ finished, Yesung and Siwon raced while getting off the stage, in the end Yesung won~

20:22 Donghae’s solo~’Beautiful’~^^

20:26 Shaking hands with the fans, then stared at the girls with rainbow towels~teasing them^^

20:28 Solo has finished, there was a lot of Fishy light banners and rainbow towels. He pointed at the fish in the pits even kissed a fan’s hand, in the end when he was getting off stage he shouted “Thank you everyone”

20:29 Ryeowook’s solo

20:31 Everyone said that the female dance partner is very popular> <

20:32 Kyuhyun’s solo ‘Seven Years of Love’

20:33 The girl said Kyuhyun’s solo is too cool~

20:34 During individual solos the audience shouted (the member’s) name

20:36 ‘What if~’

20:40 Hyukjae has shades on, the girl said he’s especially handsome^^wore bring silvery shoes

20:41 ‘Heartquake’

20:42 Teukie solo, had on a small black hat, a lot of female dancers, and asked the audience: “Are you ready?”

20:45 Heechul solo, Henry came out too^^

20:45 Henry on violin, very handsome

20:45 Heechul’s solo is the same as Thailand con, Ivy’s ‘Temptation of Sonata’

20:47 Heechul wore white jacket, bright red shirt and bright red scarf, pulled his hair back, featuring Hyukjae

20:48 Heechul exposes his shoulder with his back facing the audience

20:49 Another VCR^^

20:53 ‘Don’t Don’

20:55 ‘Don’t Don’, EunHae “squaring off”- -///The girl said it’s amazing

20:58 ‘Twins’

20:58 Hankyung and Siwon’s singlets are very sexy> <

21:00 The girl said Donghae’s white singlet and muscles are looking very good too> <

21:01 Now playing some clips from debut till now

21:03 ‘Our Love’

21:04 Donghae and Shindong are swaying~

21:05 Donghae wore a striped top with black vest, looking around

21:06 Teukie said something in Chinese= =Donghae was giggling awkwardly= =

21:07 Another VCR time^^

21:08 During ‘Our Love’ just now, Shindong held up the microphone as if it’s hanging


, Kyuhyun pretended to be recording (and) hold up the earphones to his ear, Donghae came to join in the fun

21:11 Donghae wore a white trenchcoat, came out with a net= =Heechul danced a ‘Gee’ movement

21:13 Dance battle, start of the VCR is Donghae, very cool~

21:14 Fairytale segment. Heechul took off his jacket and wore a jumper – is a dragon. Siwon is a fly, Jongwoon is a bug, Ryeowook a snake, Hankyung a bat, Hyukjae a spider. While ambushing, Donghae used the trenchcoat to cover his ears very cute!

21:17 Siwon solo

21:18 The girl said (Siwon) is very prince-like

21:19 Siwon spoke in Chinese, “Nanjing…(didn’t hear clearly what he said after that- -)” Kneeled down on one knee. The five members from dance battle came out to sing with Siwon~

21:21 Before ending, Siwon said, “God bless you. I love you.”

21:22 Hankyung solo ‘Betrayal’, a lot of people are singing along~

21:24 M’s ‘Blue Tomorrow’

21:25 Zhoumi wore a black-rimmed glasses

21:26 Donghae wore a black shirt with white tie

21:28 A lot of people are singing along to ‘Blue Tomorrow’

21:28 ‘Super Girl’

21:31 Donghae hi-fived Henry while dancing~

21:33 Playing VCR, details is roughly the things that changed and did not changed over these few years

21:36 ‘Shinning Star’

21:37 Donghae waved to the girls on the balcony

21:38 Heechul wore a bat tee, Donghae made a heart sign to the fans^^

21:39 ‘Sorry, Sorry’

21:43 Donghae looks very handsome in white suit~

21:45 Heechul is wearing a white-rimmed shades

21:47 There’s some new choreography to the dance, Siwon didn’t button up, showed his abs^^Hyukjae hit Donghae’s ass> <

21:49 Playing T’s clips

21:51 During ‘Shinning Star’ just now, right in front of Donghae there was a rainbow towel~Donghae gave the rainbow towel a thumbs-up and a wink~

21:52 ‘Super Man’. Heechul and Shindong said something in Mandarin, Heechul sang, “Shindong ah,12345678910.” Shindong sang, “Heechul ah, between East West South North good wine is in Sandong


21:55 ‘Rokkugo’

21:56 Teukie shook hands with fan, looks to be in good mood~

21:57 Shindong lied face down on the ground acting cute…Sungmin and Teukie imitated him

21:58 Playing ‘Gee’ VCR now

22:00 ‘Gee’

22:01 Donghae wore blue pants and has a pink ribbon, Ryewook had on a red hat

22:03 There’s a big white ball on Ryeowook’s hat, Teukie has a small pink hat hairclip on

22:06 ‘Pajama Party’, Heechul is holding a red umbrella

22:09 Donghae took his childhood photos~

22:11 The girl said Donghae just took our rainbow towel^^Donghae jjang!

22:11 Shindong wished everyone Happy New Year

22:12 Encore, playing clips

22:30 They’re talking now, Donghae said, “Are you all happy today? We’re very happy too, Nanjing fans are very beautiful. Right? Right? Yes?= =You all are my everything”

22:33 Zhoumi and Henry came out to say their thanks too, Donghae urged the audience to give them a round of applause^^

22:34 Heechul hugged Zhoumi^^Siwon hugged Henry~

22:35 Someone shouted, “Becareful of swine flu”> <Donghae is disturbing Henry~

22:39 The concert’s over

Before the show ends, Donghae kept muttering in Chinese for quite a long time. At the end when they were bowing (to the fans), Donghae bowed for a very long long time.
Donghae kept saying, “Dear babies, I love you, Nanjin girls are very beautiful, You are my everything” When walking around the whole (concert) ground, kept saying while walking. What’s more, he dragged the first word, “De~~~~~ar~~~~~”, so everyone followed suit with, “Ba~~~~~bi~~~~~es”

2. At the end Hankyung pushed Zhoumi and Henry up (onto the stage). Heechul kept hugging Zhoumi, (looking) happy. Donghae dragged Henry by the neck, gave him the microphone for him to speak. Heechul let Zhoumi speak, kept shouting “Zhoumi ah, Zhoumi ah, Zhoumi ah”, when Zhoumi became embarassed, Heechul started shouting “Help, help, help”= =///Don’t know who then said in Chinese to give them support> <

3. Donghae picked up a rainbow towel at Zone B, not entirely sure who threw it=o=

4. Donghae loves to play with the water gun, the others are starting encore but he’s still playing there, don’t even know how the water gun can contain so much water= =///

5. There’s a song that Donghae kept singing at the light banner, the girl has forgotten which song, but there’s visual, everyone please look forward to it~

6. During the ending Donghae kept waving at the towels, smiling

7. One of the songs Donghae kept squatting down on stage, staring at something in a fan’s hands, in the end he picked two photos and ran away- –

8. After the members shouted, “Wuli Super Juni~oyeo~”, Hankyung pulled Henry and Zhoumi together with the audience and shouted, “We are Super Junior M!” Two of them kept smiling embarassingly, extremely cute!

9. During the ending when they were walking around, at Zone B, a girl was holding a rainbow towel. Sungmin pat Donghae on the shoulder to let him see, Donghae waved wildly at the fan> <

– in Mandarin (another of Donghae’s favourite phrases^^)

– The kind in the recording studios

– Shindong’s favourite phrase that he sprouts everytime he’s in a Mandarin speaking country

Source: ELFISH
May take out with full credit to ELFISH for original account and for English translation



Just released today and a lot of anticipating Super Junior fans and ELF’s where really amazed on how the MV went.

Our boys really put justice on the song itself.  It’s kind of a classic feel to it since the video is all black and white concept and all things on the MV really has class too.   It jives well with their acting on the vid plus the story line. KRY really is amazing here.  EunHae’s dancing skills are incredible.   Teukie (my teuki..^^) is really handsome.  Siwon’s really really hot in here.  Can you feel the heat?  Sungmin’s great piano skill’s showed on this vid.  The rest of the boys are really into it and take note, guys, KANGIN’S here but Kibum’s still missing.   That’s the saddest part.

The verdict:  EPIC WIN! ♥♥♥

All rights belong to SM ENTERTAINMENT


Hey..yeah wooooah ooooahhhh..
I will love you, tonight.

Mi-chi-do-rok neol won-ha-go i-sseo
Dan haru-ra-do neo eop-si an-dwae-neun
Na, oh baby

I hold you in my arms
O-jjik geu-sa-rang-ae shim-jang-i ddwi-neun-geol

Nan jeom-jeom soom-i mak-hyeo-wa
E-reo-da-ga juk-kae-sseo
I want you, baby

Neomu neomu a-reum-da-weo
Ne mo-seup-ae neok-si-ppa-jyeo
Beo-rin na-ppa-jyeo beo-rin-na
Geu-jeo ni-nun bich-ae-sa-ro jap-hyeo
Go-gae-jo-cha dol-lil su-do eop-neun-na
Ba-bo gat-teun-na

Ga-seum teo-jyeo beo-ril geot gat-ta
Neo-ae son-eul jab-eu-myeon
Ni ib-sul-ae ib ma-choom

Geu-nyeo-man-i na-yae-gae
Ju-in-il su-it-neun-geol
I’m a slave for you

Sorry sorry sorry sorry
Nae-ga nae-ga nae-ga meon-jeo
Ne-gae ne-gae ne-gae ppa-jyeo
Ppa-jyeo ppa-jyeo beo-ryeo baby
Shawty shawty shawty shawty
Nu-ni bu-syeo bu-syeo bu-syeo
Su-mi mak-hyeo mak-hyeo mak-hyeo
Nae-ga mi-chyeo mi-chyeo baby (2X)

Nan na nananana nanana
Nanan nanana nanan nananna (lalalala)
Nan na nananana nanana
Nanan nanana nanannananna nananna


Nal ka-jyeo-do-neun gwaen-chan-a
Geu-dae-ro-ssi-gan-i meom-chweo-seo
Ha-na-yae na-i-gil-won-hae

Neomu neomu a-reum-da-weo
Ne mo-seup-ae neok-si-ppa-jyeo
Beo-rin na-ppa-jyeo beo-rin-na
Geu-jeo ni-nun bich-ae-sa-ro jap-hyeo
Go-gae-jo-cha dol-lil su-do eop-neun-na
Ba-bo gat-teun-na
I’m a slave for you

Ga-seum teo-jyeo beo-ril geot gat-ta
Neo-ae son-eul jab-eu-myeon
Ni ib-sul-ae ib ma-choom

Geu-nyeo-man-i na-yae-gae
Ju-in-il su-it-neun-geol
I’m a slave for you

[Repeat CHORUS 2X]

Sang-sang-hal su-eop-seo neo-reul il-neun-da-neun-geot
Nae-ga eop-si sal-a-ga-neun sal-i-lan-geot
I-sun-gan-eul gi-eok-hal-kkae maeng-se-hal-kkae
Neol cheo-eum-cheo-reom bara-bo-neun-he ba-ra-gi boy

Ma-chi-neon na-reul gu-won-ha-gae bo-nae-jin-geol

Sa-rang-ha-neun sal-mi nae-gae heo-rak-dwen-geol

Geu-dae-man-eu-ro na-neun chung-bun-hae
Finally you’re in my life

Sorry baby, sorry baby
Neo-man neo-reul sarang-hae-seo
Mi-an-hae cheong-mal mi-an-hae
Shawty baby shawty baby
Geut-dae-man-eul bara-bwa-seo mi-an-hae
Cheong-mal eo-jjeol-su-ga-eop-na-bwa

[Repeat CHORUS 3X]

Realize the heat, the lie
Baby, give me can’t deny.
Sorry nae-ji mal-go u-rin geu-jeo e-gong-gan-eul neu-kkyeo
Gib-i ppa-jyeo-deu-neun sarang jeung-hu-gun-eul neu-kkyeo
Cheol-dae byeon-ha-ji-do mal-ja hae-yeo-ji-ji mal-ja
Na-bo-da-deo sa-rang-hae mar-eul-hae-ju-ja
[DONGHAE]Baek-beon-do man-beon-i-ra-do
On and on. Precious love.

Nan na nananana nanana
Nanan nanana nanan nananna (lalalala)
Nan na nananana nanana
Nanan nanana nanannananna (lalalala)