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[C] Heechul’s CY + reupload by

Aren’t the two of them simply adorable? whew! and Heechul is really 귀엽다!


click for full view of the members!

Mark it on your calendar, guys! (if there’s anyone in here..eodi? yeoreoboon?)

The birth of the Super Junior 4 years ago. Where 13 gorgeous boys hailed from all different cities of Korea, graces us with their unique style of entertainment. LSM of SME recognizes pure talent when he sees one and he’s definitely right from the start.

Trained and molded to be one of the many great performers of KPOP world. Labeled as the largest group in all over the world says the Guinness Book of World Records and one of the top selling albums in Korea and other Asian market.

These boys came a long long way and without realizing, that everything just comes into place. Time flies like it was just yesterday when they first debuted. So proud of these 13 that they made a mark for themselves in Hallyu Wave. Each made their own transition to hone their craft and be known not just as an individual but being a Super Junior as well. Everywhere they go, whatever stint or perf they do, they always carry the name of their group and that is SUPER JUNIOR.

Just hope that there will still be years of albums, songs, and performances to come. Wish that we’ll still be together: you 13 there, me here. LOL. Finding LOVE along the way cause you guys really need to find a girlfriend that would love you and take care of you when your busy with your schedules and wish that you prioritize your health more.

Super Junior, HWAITING!
Super Junior, SARANGHAEYO!


The many faces of Kim Young-Woon better known as Kangin.

This is the first time that I feel so…so… my mind went blank. I don’t know what to say. My feelings just over-ruled my mind. I can’t put this into words but I am trying my best to do so.

I feel bad for all that has been happening to Kangin oppa with the bar fight, the accident, and now the bad publicity. Kangin’s been affected by it and so is the other fellow members of Super Junior and his family and friends who misses him so so much and loves him dearly.

Many are trying to reach out to him and wanting so much to console him and lessen his burden but up until this point we still haven’t heard anything from him (on a fan point of view). All we know is that he’s trying his best to survive in this cruel world we are living in. What we all know for now are just pictures and news and petitions for Kangin and believe in him. I for one would want him still stay in the music industry as one of the core member of Super Junior. Screw those who doesn’t believe in Kangin! They are not worth it. They’re just plain insecure with the popularity Kangin and Super Junior is getting right now.

What I just don’t get is that the detractors, the so called headless chickens, or the netizens are treating Kangin as if he is a criminal and like they were the ones that has been aggravated by Kangin’s actions. When we all know that Kangin regretted everything for the past weeks. It put a scar to his name and for his being as well. When will they every stop? Kangin’s only human. Humans aren’t perfect. Kangin isn’t perfect. Netizens aren’t perfect but they treat themselves as God. The only difference is that he is a celebrity and as a celebrity means being a public figure. But Kangin worked so hard to what he become today. He’s been a good kid, a good Hyung, a good friend and a good entertainer(i.e singer, dancer, MC, DJ) for all of us and he has accomplished a great deal at a young age. At least at that, those people should give him the benefit of a doubt.

My Inspiration (YeTeuk and Sungmin on the side)

Music: Falling Slowly by: The Frames

This is the Version of Sungmin’s Falling Slowly when he guested on Chunji. He also played this on Sukira. (Notice how lovely Sungmin’s voice is)

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I made this banner or siggy if you may call it cause I really like these 2 guys. For the past months, they have been my inspiration to move on and keep working hard and aiming what I wanted for in my life. In a way, they gave me joy. They make me smile in my lowest days. When I feel like crying I just listen to their songs with the Super Junior. I guess now, they play a big part in my life. They never made me feel alone cause I know their music will be there for me. I have never been so okay being single in my entire life. I have never been so addicted with a celebrity up until now. They’ve changed me, not for the worse but for the better. My priorities became focused and in the right direction. Why? Cause I’ve seen through their hardships of becoming what they are and I noticed that if they can do it, so can I. I will try hard to be happy for myself. I thank God that I bumped in with these 2 lovely men in my life. Just hoping that someday I could have the chance to meet them too.



I don’t know why but i really like him when he sings live. I like the tone of his voice. Like the part when he belt it out on “It’s You”, puts a smile on my face. Serious dramatic songs makes me fall for him then switch back to reality that I have my Teukie Love.

Yet I STILL like him being on his dorkiness, too. He laughs remarkably. Has a great compassion with his music and acting on theater. A lot of characteristic for a person such as Yesung. A great performer. Surprisingly amazing! Very shy at times just like dear Yookie but that gives him the appeal.

I really want to spazz about Yesung but it is still on a jumble in my mind. Can’t put it to words yet. I need to calm down. I think I love him, too. LOL. Omo, 2 guys at the same time. Whew. This is going to be hard to handle ei. Might as well post one like this for the mean time. End.

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Music: It’s You – Super Junior