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Arashi has been extremely busy these days, what with their 10th anniversary concert, new releases, TV appearances including several members filming dramas. But in private Matsumoto Jun has been spending much of his time on a ‘hobby’ which some might find tedious. Let’s look at what he said during his radio program ‘JUN STYLE’ broadcast on September 12th…

During the summer, Arashi had participated in an event hosted by a TV station. While heading to their ‘VS嵐 / VS Arashi’ event area [‘VS嵐 / VS Arashi’ is a weekly TV program hosted by Arashi], the [popular RPG] Dragon Quest booth caught their attention. Lots of different Dragon Quest merchandise was being sold.

“I hadn’t come up with a good idea for a birthday present to give to Nino [Ninomiya]. Then I found Nino looking really interested in the merchandise.”

From among the merchandise, Matsumoto bought a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle that Ninomiya had especially liked. He told Ninomiya that he was buying it as his birthday present. But for some reason Matsumoto added that he will complete the jigsaw puzzle and give Ninomiya the finished product. Now, solving the puzzle has become his daily chore.
But the puzzle seems to have been more difficult than he had first thought…

“I’m barely managing to put together the letters of the title ‘Dragon Quest’. I’m nowhere near working on the characters.”
“I haven’t played with jigsaw puzzles for ages. It’s really hard work.”

Right now Ninomiya is playing ‘Dragon Quest IX’ on his Nintendo DS. Matsumoto said that he plans to give the puzzle before Ninomiya finishes the game. Just imagining Matsumoto spending almost all his spare time cooped up in his house and mulling over a jigsaw puzzle must make fans smile.
Let’s hope he can complete the puzzle soon!

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