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Korean actress Jun Ji-hyun [Asia Economic Daily]

Korean actress Jun Ji-hyun is set to appear alongside Taiwanese boy band F4 in a new film starring top Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi, according to multiple Chinese media reports.

One of the members of F4 — currently composed of Jerry Yan, Vanness Wu, Ken Chu and Vic Chou — will reportedly be cast opposite Jun and Zhang, who will play the lead role in the film “Snow Flower and the Secret Fan”.

The film, based on the 2005 novel of the same title by Chinese-American writer Lisa See, tells the story of two women from a village in Hunan of China and their lifelong friendship. The pic is rumored to include intimate scenes between Zhang and Jun.

It will be helmed by noted Chinese-American filmmaker Wayne Wang, who directed “The Joy Luck Club” (1993), “Maid in Manhattan” (2002) and “Smoke (1995)”, for which he won the Silver Bear award at Berlin International Film Festival.

Jun Ji-hyun, whose English name is Gianna Jun, is one of the most sought-after actresses in Korea. She became a household name after starring in the 2001 hit film “My Sassy Girl” which spawned a Hollywood remake. She made her international debut last year in the film “Blood: The Last Vampire”.

F4 first appeared in 2001 as fictional characters in the Taiwanese drama “Meteor Garden”, which originated from a popular Japanese comic series. They became an overnight success, signed with Sony Music and have since released three albums. They are also popular in other Asian countries, including Japan and the Philippines.

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It is easy to find your way to the set of KBS TV series “Boys Over Flowers,” located in the English Village in Yangpyeong of the Gyeonggi Province. And it is even easier to find Goo Jun-pyo, played by Lee Min-ho, amongst the crowd of girls who cry out shouts of glee and housewives standing on tiptoe to get a glance at the spectacle before them. His good-looking face pokes out above a group of stylists and staff, reminding you how tall he is. At glance, Lee may seem grown up enough to act like the stubborn Goo Jun-pyo he is in the drama. But the moment the camera stops rolling, he transforms into the immature high school version of Goo — riding down the banister rather than walking the stairs and chasing around actress Ku Hye-sun while imitating how her character Geum Jan-di talks and runs in quick and short steps.

Then as three handsome men appear on signal of the director who shouts out “F3!”, onlookers who had been holding their breath burst into cheer. It is quite impossible to stay composed while observing Kim Jun, who is as reserved and at ease as his character Song Woo-bin, Kim Bum, who plays a tune on the piano placed inside a waiting room on set, and Kim Hyun-joong, who catches one’s eyes by quite oddly practicing his dance moves whenever he has spare time. But you are not allowed to make any loud noise on set. The last thing F4 wants to do is to make a blooper amidst the tight shooting schedule and the interviews in between, along with the time they have to make for their fans to sign posters and soundtracks for their drama. It is a relief that no matter how tired they are, how rough things get and that even if they were to get hurt, the F4 on set is young enough to keep things rolling.

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