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f(x)’s Amber exposed her intentions about her neutral image.

Through an interview with Newsen, on the 16th, Amber hinted that there was not any discontent about her neutral, masculine image. Amber explained, “Honestly I would like to show this image more” Also “This is not an image that was processed. Ever since I was young, I have liked the boyish style. This image is a very natural look for me”

Amber has received explosive interest before her debut due to her masculine style and neutral charms. Also out of all the members, Amber has the most female fans because of her unique charms.

Members Luna and Krystal thought back and said “The first time we saw Amber we thought she was a boy, and we were surprised” Also “It is because she has always lived with a boyish appearance”.
Sulli said, “Unlike the other members, I have lived in the same dorm as Amber, so I was not really surprised, but the first time I saw Amber I had many thoughts that she was a male.”

The f(x) members spoke highly of Amber by saying “Since Amber has lived in America, there must have been a lot of unfamiliar instances while having activities in Korea”. Also “She is a member that works very hard. Also her Korean skills have improved a lot compared to back then. She is a member that changes every day.”

On the other hand, f(x) is gaining a lot of popularity with their title song ‘Chu~♡’ from their recently released first single album. ‘Chu~♡’ is a euro pop dance song with drum sounds that shows off its powerful charms.

The title ‘Chu~♡’ expresses the sounds of a kiss, and the song itself is about the main character waking up in a fairy-tale like motif through a kiss, and the curiosity filled girl wants to know more about the world.
Source: Newsen
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