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Album cover of Homme collaboration “They Live Well” [Loen Entertainment]

Latest duet “They Live Well” by 2AM’s Changmin and 8eight’s Lee Hyun took first place on Gaon’s singles chart during the second week of August.

The duo stepped up a notch from last week to No. 1 for their first win on the chart, pushing back previous winner “I’m a Guy Like This” by DJ DOC to second place while BoA’s latest single “Hurricane Venus” also made its way to the top tier during the week of August 8 to 14.

The Homme collaboration, produced by hitman bang, features the powerful vocals of boy band 2AM member Changmin and three-person group 8eight member Lee Hyun. It has fared well on various web-based and offline music charts since its release on July 28.

On album charts, Korean pop princess BoA grabbed her second consecutive win with her sixth full-length record “Hurricane Venus.”

Korean balladeer Hwanhee’s new release “H-hour” entered the chart at No. 2 and Jo Sung-mo’s latest album “Sung-mo, Meet Brave” rounded out the top three spots.




Yoon Do-hyun [YB official website]

Top Korean singer Yoon Do-hyun, main vocalist of rock band YB, has been chosen to represent Korea in an international panel of judges who are set to discover the Asian version of British girl band Spice Girls.

The search is part of an initiative launched by FarWest Entertainment, founder of British pop girl group Spice Girls, which aims to find, train and groom five talents from five countries to form a pan-Asian girl band, also known as the Asian Spice Girls.

The five countries include Korea, China, Japan, the Philippines and India and after shortlisting five girls from each country, they will fly into Hong Kong where they will compete against each other in several rounds of eliminations until only one finalist remains from each country.

The judging panel will also be composed of stars from the respective countries — Yoon for Korea, pop star and model Tsubasa Masakawa for Japan, actress and singer Karen Mok for Hong Kong, renowned music composer Shamir Tandon for India and show host Miriam Quiambo for the Philippines.

Steve Schnur, Chairman of the Grammy Foundation and Grammy Awards, as well as the original Spice Girls, composed of members Emma Bunton, Geri Halliwell, Melanie Brown, Melanie Chisholm and Victoria Beckham, will also serve as judges.

Producer Eliot Kennedy, who has worked extensively with the original girl band, will visit Korea later this month to hold a joint press conference with Yoon through which they will explain more about the search. They will also reveal the five Korean finalists.

A Grammy Award-winning songwriter, Kennedy is also known for his works with Celine Dion, Robbie Williams and Aretha Franklin.

A 10-part series on the selection process will air in the U.S., England, Europe and Asia and the newly formed group will kick off their singing career during the first half of next year after recording at Eliot Kennedy’s studio in England.

Yoon is the leader of YB which formed in 1997, also composed of guitarist Heo Jun, drummer Kim Jin-won, and bass guitar Park Tae-hee.



Korean pop sensation Girls’ Generation [SM Entertainment]

Korean pop sensation Girls’ Generation will hold their first-ever showcase in Japan next week, according to their agency SM Entertainment on Thursday.

SM announced in a press release that the girls will be performing in front of their local fans at the Ariake Colosseum in Tokyo, Japan on August 25.

The showcase was originally scheduled to take place on one date but has been extended by two more performances, expecting to gather a total 20,000 fans to their first official event in the country.

Attendees for the showcase will be purchasers of the group’s DVD titled “‘少女時代到 ~日記念盤~New Beginning of Girls’ Generation,” which was released in the country on August 11, to celebrate their debut into the Japanese music industry.

The DVD placed at No. 3 on the prestigious Oricon’s weekly DVD chart and fourth place on the overall chart, making them the first Korean girl group to have their first DVD to rank in the top 5 slots.

Meanwhile, the girls will release “Genie” as their first Japanese single, which will be produced in both Japanese and Korean, on September 8 while the teaser video will be unveiled on the official Universal Music Japan YouTube channel tomorrow.

Girls’ Generation, who began their music career in 2007, have numerous No. 1 hit songs under their belts including, “Girls’ Generation,” “Gee,” “Genie” and “Run Devil Run.”

Last year, they performed in several countries in Asia such as China, Shanghai and Thailand for their “1st ASIA TOUR CONCERT – Into the New World.”

The girls are also preparing for the “SMTOWN LIVE ’10 WORLD TOUR” which will kick off in Seoul on August 21 with other SM artists.



SS501 member Kim Hyung-joon [DSP Media]

Boy band SS501 member Kim Hyung-joon is looking into signing with actor Kang Ji-wan’s agency S Plus Entertainment.

An official at S Plus told Asia Economic Daily over the phone on Wednesday that they are reviewing whether to sign an exclusive contract with the singer which will support his activities in Korea, although emphasizing “nothing has been decided.”

The official also explained, “S Plus’ headquarters in Japan currently handles various affairs for Kim in Japan but that’s different from signing an exlusive contract.”

S Plus supports several ‘Hallyu,’ or Korean Waves stars in Japan including Song Seung-heon, Kang Ji-hwan and Lee Jun-ki, either managing their career in the country, creating their Japanese websites or promoting their businesses.

If Kim signs with S Plus, he will become the third member of the five-man band to leave DSP Media, the agency his contract ended with in early June.

The group’s leader Kim Hyung-joon was the first to find a new nest, signing with Bae Yong-joong’s agency KEYEAST soon after his previous contract ended and Park Jung-min just last week joined CNR Media, a firm set up jointly by major Taiwanese drama producer Comic-Ritz and Korea’s ROY MEDIA.

The boys have reassured fans SS501 will not disband despite going separate ways but the future of the band has been up in the air ever since.

Other members Heo Young-saeng and Kim Kyu-jong too have yet to make a decision.

SS501 has been one of the most popular bands in Korea and in several countries in Asia since forming in 2005.



Cover of FT Island’s 2nd mini-album “beautiful journey” [FNC Music]

Korean rock band FT Island unveiled a teaser video and cover for their new mini-album today, according to the band’s agency FNC Music on Wednesday.

A press release from FNC announced that the group, who will be returning to the local music scene after a year, will be releasing their second mini-album titled “beautiful journey” on August 25.

“The group has carried out various music tests and experiments and was able to incorporate the necessary elements for the upcoming release,” an official from FNC explained, adding that the band will put on a sophisticated concept for the new album.

FT Island (Five Treasure Island), is composed of members Lee Hong-ko, Lee Jae-jin, Song Seung-hyun, Choi Min-hwan and Choi Jong-hoon. The indie band made their debut into the mainstream Korean pop scene with the first album “Cheerful Sensibility” in June 2007.

They have also managed to pursue an active music career in Japan, releasing two major single albums “Flower Rock” and Brand-new days,” both of which ranked within the top 5 spots on the prestigious Oricon album chart when it went on sale in May and July, respectively.

The quintet recently performed at the international rock festival “Summer Sonic 2010” in Japan and will hold a joint concert with top Japanese singers CHEMISTRY and RHYMESTER next month.

FT Island will begin promoting the mini-album one day after its release in Korea.



I just want to post this one cause I’ve seen this and it’s really moving.  I had to post this so that anyone could see it here or on Youtube.  It’s basically ELF’s message to Kangin before going to the army.   I love it and makes me proud being an ELF.

Here’s the video.  Credit to with flying colors.

perfect is all i can say to this!


Great News out there KPOP wannabees!

SM Academy and JYP Entertainment is currently accepting auditions.

Simply go  HERE for SME and HERE for JYPE.

You don’t have to be Asian to join. You don’t even have to be a singer either!

They are also looking for models, actors, and dancers!

Good luck!



Wonder Girls watch out. A new Asian girl group is on the way.
FarWest Entertainment — a production company helmed by former Walt Disney Company (Asia Pacific) president Jon Niermann — and a group of Asian partners are behind a fledgling girl band enterprise called “Project Lotus.”
The concept behind “Project Lotus” is simple.

Grammy Award-winning producers Eliot Kennedy (left) and Brian Grant (center) are set to compose songs with Canto-pop singer Jonathan Wong for a new Pan-Asian girl group. FarWest Entertainment

Get five talented girls from Korea, Japan, China, India and the Philippines. Pair them up with Grammy Award-winning producers Eliot Kennedy and Brian Grant. Give them songs composed by prominent song writers like Take That’s Gary Barlow. Get it all down on film and drop it on the world.
In the midst of pre-auditions, FarWest and team are busy culling talent from a variety of outlets, including the Internet, where hopefuls can upload their audition videos onto Project Lotus’ website (, Facebook page or their YouTube channel.
To date 850 girls have sent in their clips. The number could more than double by the Aug. 2 submission deadline.
Applicants need to be Asian women aged 18 to 25 who can speak English and sing and dance. Clips should feature hopefuls singing an English-language pop song.
According to production manager Laura Conway, video clips are just the beginning of an extensive auditioning process that includes country manager-hosted tryouts. Producers will also tour Asian cities to scout out candidates from performing arts schools, modeling agencies and local management companies.
“The candidates who are successful will be invited to attend a live audition in their capital city,” Conway explained via e-mail. “This audition will take place in front of a panel of celebrity judges.”
A group of 25 finalists, five from each country, will then fly to Hong Kong to take part in a six-week training process. One girl from each country will be eliminated every week until only five are left.
The resulting footage is slated to air in February and March. The album release is set for April.
“TV deals are currently in negotiation,” said Conway. “We intend that the television show will be broadcast throughout the U.S., U.K., Australia, and Asia of their desire to target an international audience of girls aged 6 to 14, Conway said: “We believe that the timing is right for singers from Asia to make it big in the West.”


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AKB48 and SKE48 are soon going to get a new sister group. NMB48, named after the Namba area of Osaka, is going to officially launch this fall. The news was announced during an AKB48 concert on Saturday at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium.

NMB48 already has an official website and is currently gathering girls for an audition that will start this summer. The group is expected to start activities in November.

UPDATE: AKB48 also announced that they will perform in Italy this October, followed by performances in Singapore and Macau in November.

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At AKB48’s concert at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium on Sunday, it was announced that Team K member Erena Ono (16) is graduating this summer, though the exact timing has not yet been announced. She will be taking a break from the entertainment industry while she goes overseas to study acting.

Ono has already appeared in a few movies and television dramas. She recently played a main role in Keisuke Yoshida’s movie “Sankaku” (starring Sousuke Takaoka). Through that role, she apparently recognized her own inexperience, and she made the decision to seriously study to improve her ability.

It was also announced at the concert that AKB48’s 19th single, scheduled for release this December, will have its roster decided by a “Janken Senbatsu.” A tournament-like event will be held at the Nippon Budokan on September 21, and the top 16 will perform on the single. All 48 members of the group, plus 4 kenkyuusei, are eligible for the tournament, regardless of their popularity.

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