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Arashi‘s new album “Boku no Miteiru Fuukei” hung onto its #1 spot for a second week. After selling 731,000 copies in its first week, it added another 125,000 copies this past week, moving it closer to the inevitable million mark. This is actually the first time that an original album by Arashi has topped the charts in back-to-back weeks.SCANDAL’s new album took the #3 spot on the sales rankings, while Cocco entered at #5. Fresh releases from Crazy Ken Band and HY occupied the last two spots on the top ten.

On the singles chart, Masaharu Fukuyama led the way with the double A-side “Hotaru / Shonen,” selling 158,000 copies. This is his 12th #1 single, and according to Oricon, this ties him with Hikaru Utada for the record of most #1 singles by a singer-songwriter.

Perfume‘s “VOICE” ranked at #2 for the week, followed by T.M.Revolution. Korean girl group KARA made it to #5, marking the first time that a foreign female group has entered the top ten with a debut single (in Japan) since The Nolans did it in 1980.

The other new singles in the top ten were from TOKIO (at #6) and Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi (at #10).

In DVD sales, the new concert DVD from the KinKi Kids sold 101,000 copies to top the overall rankings. With a current total of 8 number-one DVDs, they are now also tied with Utada for the record.

Another impressive DVD release came from Korean artists Girls’ Generation (also known as So Nyeo Shi Dae, or SNSD). Their first Japanese release sold 23,000 copies, reaching #4 on the overall rankings. They are the first Korean girl group to enter the Top 5, and the first female Korean artist since BoA did it more than 7 years ago.

Source: Oricon +



Korean pop sensation Girls’ Generation [SM Entertainment]

Korean pop sensation Girls’ Generation will hold their first-ever showcase in Japan next week, according to their agency SM Entertainment on Thursday.

SM announced in a press release that the girls will be performing in front of their local fans at the Ariake Colosseum in Tokyo, Japan on August 25.

The showcase was originally scheduled to take place on one date but has been extended by two more performances, expecting to gather a total 20,000 fans to their first official event in the country.

Attendees for the showcase will be purchasers of the group’s DVD titled “‘少女時代到 ~日記念盤~New Beginning of Girls’ Generation,” which was released in the country on August 11, to celebrate their debut into the Japanese music industry.

The DVD placed at No. 3 on the prestigious Oricon’s weekly DVD chart and fourth place on the overall chart, making them the first Korean girl group to have their first DVD to rank in the top 5 slots.

Meanwhile, the girls will release “Genie” as their first Japanese single, which will be produced in both Japanese and Korean, on September 8 while the teaser video will be unveiled on the official Universal Music Japan YouTube channel tomorrow.

Girls’ Generation, who began their music career in 2007, have numerous No. 1 hit songs under their belts including, “Girls’ Generation,” “Gee,” “Genie” and “Run Devil Run.”

Last year, they performed in several countries in Asia such as China, Shanghai and Thailand for their “1st ASIA TOUR CONCERT – Into the New World.”

The girls are also preparing for the “SMTOWN LIVE ’10 WORLD TOUR” which will kick off in Seoul on August 21 with other SM artists.



▷ 후 원 : ㈜ G마켓
▷ 일 시 : 2010년 8월 21일 (일) PM 05:00
▷ 장 소  : 잠실 올림픽 주 경기장
▷출 연 진 : BoA,강타,유노윤호,최강창민,Super Junior, 소녀시대, SHINee, F(x),TRAX, 장리인Special Guests
※ 전 좌석은 지정좌석입니다.
▷사이트 :

KangTa, Super Junior, SHINee , Girls’ Generation

SMTOWN LIVE ‘10 프로그램리스트
1)‘POWER SPECIAL 2010’ Special Guests
2) Over The Rainbow – Victoria, Luna
3) 못된 사랑 – TRAX
4) 토요일?- Jang Ri In
5) 내가 사랑했던 이름 – Onew, JongHyun
6) Ring Ding Dong – SHINee
7) 그 해 여름 – KangTa
8) 어느날 가슴이 말했다 – KangTa
9) 우리… – KangTa
10) 미인아 – Super Junior
11) Super Girl – Super Junior
12) No other – Super Junior

*** 영상 *** TIME-OUT
13) ‘볼륨배틀’ – KangTa, Luna, YeSung, JongHyun, TaeYeon, Jang Ri In
14) ‘댄스배틀’ – BoA, YunHo, Yuri, EunHyuk, HyoYeon, TaeMin
15) BATTLE SPECIAL -KangTa, Luna, YeSung, JongHyun, TaeYeon, Jang Ri In, BoA, YunHo, Yuri, EunHyuk, HyoYeon, TaeMin
16) Eat you up – BoA
17) Energetic – BoA
18) No Dance No Life + BOOM! LOL- BoA
19) MUSIC FOR U *** 온라인 투표 ***
BoA, KangTa, UKnow Yunho,Choi Kang ChangMin, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, f(x), TRAX, Jang Ri In

*** 이미지 방송 ***
20) 가슴이 차가운 남자 – TRAX
21) Moving On – Jang Ri In
22) JoJo –SHINee
23) Sorry – f(x)
24) In My Dream – Super Junior
25) 별별별 Star Star Star– 소녀시대

*** 소개 이미지(소녀시대) ***
26) Oh! – Girls’ Generation
27) 소원을 말해봐 Tell me Your Wish (Genie) – Girls’ Generation
28) Gee – Girls’ Generation
29) 다시 만난 세계 Into the New World – Girls’ Generation
30) Run Devil Run – Girls’ Generation

*** 소개 이미지(YunHo, ChangMin) ***
31) Crazy Life – YunHo
32) Wild Soul – ChangMin
33) 단순한 – YunHo, ChangMin
34) 댄스SHOW*** 모던 댄스/재즈 댄스 – YunHo, ChangMin
35) 믿어요 – YunHo, ChangMin

*** 소개 이미지 (슈퍼주니어, 샤이니, 에프엑스)***
36) U – Super Junior
37) It’s You – Super Junior
38) 원더보이 – Super Junior
39) Marry Me – Super Junior
40) Y.O.U – SHINee
41) 니가 맘에 들어 – SHINee
42) 산소같은 너 – SHINee
43) 줄리엣 – SHINee
44) 1 년 后 – Jessica , Onew
45) TOXIC – Girls’ Generation
46) Nu ABO – F(x)
47) LaChaTa – F(x)
48) Mr. Boogie – F(x)
49) Chocolate Love – F(x)

50) Love Me – Jang Ri In
51) 연인이여 – Jang Ri In
52) Cold Rain – TRAX
53) One Night – TRAX
54) 나 속인거 아니지? –Typhoon
55) Guitar – JungMo

*** 소개 이미지(SMTOWN) ***
56) Yesterday – KangTa, BoA
57) Summer vacation
58) Dreams Come ture
59) 여름이 좋아 I Love The Summer

Source: SM Ent.
Credit: Baidu.
Shared by: Jae Ex Dee.

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Idols take over musicals, for better or worse
‘If we can create pieces that are moving as well as original, we may be able to remove the idols from the stage.’

The first Korean production of the musical “Miss Saigon” was a hit when it premiered in 2006 with more than 85 percent of seats sold. Confident that the show could repeat its successful run, another Korean production of the musical was staged here earlier this year. This time, however, ticket sales were at only 55 percent.

“The Phantom of the Opera” was one of the best-selling musicals here until May, but sales are less than stellar these days.

Korean productions of hit musicals have drawn audiences and re-shaped the landscape of the theater scene in recent years. But the industry that has proven so lucrative for the industry as a whole is experiencing a shift toward a new phenomena that critics say could change things – for better or for worse. While theater critics say recent productions are higher in quality than in the past, sluggish ticket sales in recent months have led the industry to refer to its current situation as musical theater’s “ice age.”

In the midst of the public’s indifference, the only performances that have been able to attract audiences are the ones that have members of Korea’s idol groups as part of their casts.

The musical “Mozart,” which stars Xiah Jun-su, a member of the disbanded group TVXQ, recorded average ticket sales of 99 percent when he was in the role. That figure dropped to just 74 percent when another actor was in the leading role. Similarly, the Korean production of “Legally Blonde” had its own idol star in Girls’ Generation member Jessica. Ticket sales surged to 90 percent when Jessica, who rotated the role with two other actresses, was on the boards, but plummeted to just 70 percent when she was not.

The most recent example of this phenomenon is the production of “Midnight Sun,” which also featured a member of Girls’ Generation, Taeyeon. Sales soared to a whopping 98 percent when she was on stage but fell to 78 percent when someone else was in the role.

“The Korean public tends to be stingy when it comes to paying their own money for cultural events,” pop culture critic Sung Gi-wan said. “The only ones who are willing to do that are fans who want to watch their favorite stars.”

The current trend is not the result of bad acting or a dearth of good musicals, critics say. Instead, it appears to be the simple fact that casting popular singers attracts fans and publicity. “A Chorus Line,” which opened last weekend, has Jung-ah, a member of girl group After School, and Soo-hyun, a member of U-Kiss, in the cast. The producers revealed that they did not want to cast celebrities because of their busy schedules but investors refused to support the production if the stars were not part of it.

“The public is sick of the surge of large-scale musicals from overseas that have arrived since 2001,” theater critic Cho Yong-sin said. “Musicals in the U.S. were also reliant on Hollywood stars until well-crafted musicals were made. If we can create pieces that are moving as well as original, we may be able to remove the idols from the stage.”

By Choi Min-woo []


SeoHyun, SNSD’s maknae has released her new solo single that is part of the soundtrack for the new MBC drama, ‘Kim SooRo.’ SeoHyun proves she has the vocals to carry a song all on her own, and the new track sounds like a hit!

Check out the single:

credit: urnobody9119

Doesn’t SeoHyun sound amazing? It’d be nice to see other members of SNSD showcase their individual vocals.



Korean actress Ku Hye-sun [Asia Economic Daily]

Korean actress Ku Hye-sun, a self-proclaimed fan of Girls’ Generation singer Yoona, recently cried tears of joy when she met her celebrity crush for the first time on a TV show.

During an appearance on KBS2 TV’s celebrity talk show “Win Win,” which aired Tuesday, the actress explained that she is a big fan of the popular girl band member.

“I really love Girls’ Generation member Yoona these days,” said Ku on the show. “I got her mobile phone number through the group’s choreographer and we exchange text messages but I have never met her in person.”

Then when Yoona appeared on the set as a surprise guest, Ku was so excited and ecstatic that she started shedding tears and remarked, “This is awesome, I can’t stop crying.”

Yoona commented, “I couldn’t believe that Hye-sun would text me because she likes me.”

Ku, who had originally planned to debut as a singer, started acting in several TV dramas and became a household name throughout Asia after starring in the hit KBS drama “Boys Over Flowers” last year.

Known to many as also a talented artist, novelist and scriptwriter, she recently made her directorial debut with her first feature film “Magic” which premiered at the Jeonju International Film Festival in April.



Members of Girls’ Generation promoting their first-ever pictorial booklet “少女 (in Tokyo)” [SM Entertainment]

Girls’ Generation first-ever pictorial booklet is set to go on sale starting June 7, according to their agency SM Entertainment on Thursday.

SM revealed through a press release that book titled “少女 (in Tokyo),” to be available both online and offline, has already received approximately 35,000 preorders.

The photographs in the book were shot in Tokyo late last year, featuring the girls looking natural while undertaking day-to-day occurrences such as traveling, playing sports and partying.

The pictorial book also includes behind-the-scenes images of the girl group and a DVD including the making of the book.

Girls’ Generation, composed of members Tiffany, Taeyeon, Yoona, Jessica, Sunny, Sooyoung, Seohyun and Hyoyeon, have been one of the most popular female idols in the country since their debut in 2007.

They recently topped several online music charts in Asia last week with their second repackaged album “Run Devil Run.”



Girls’ Generation member Yoona casts her first vote in Korea’s regional elections held on June 2, 2010 [SM Entertainment]

Many young K-pop idols including Girls’ Generation member Yoona fulfilled their citizen duties and performed their first act of voting in Korea’s fifth regional elections yesterday.

According to a press release by agency SM Entertainment on Wednesday, many of its artists — namely Yoona, Sunny (of Girls’ Generation), Onew, Jonghyun (SHINee), Heechul, Kyuhyun (Super Junior) and U-Know Yunho (TVXQ) — cast their first votes in the country’s election for government officials, held throughout the country on June 2.

“This is my first time voting so I was excited and happy,” said singer Yoona at the voting station in Seoul’s Daerim district. “I felt proud that I have grown up enough to exercise my precious right to vote.”

Yoona’s bandmate Sunny also showed up at a station in Jongro district to place her vote, saying afterwards that she feels “like a real grown-up.”

Boy band SHINee’s Onew and Jonghyun also expressed their “gladness” at being old enough to vote. Korea’s minimum voting age is 19.



Members of Girls’ Generation [SM Entertainment]

Korean pop sensation Girls’ Generation seems to be solidifying their presence in Asia, claiming the top spot on the music charts of several countries with their latest studio release.

According to a press release from their agency SM Entertainment on Friday, the girls claimed the No. 1 spot on the music charts in the Philippines and Thailand with their single “Run Devil Run” from their repackaged second album of the same name.

In Thailand, “Run Devil Run” has maintained its position atop record distribution chart B2S TOP 20 for three consecutive weeks starting May 3 as well as staying the most-requested song for two straight weeks on Thailand’s “Channel V’s Countdown Asian Chart.”

In the Philippines, the girls’ repackaged second album which went on sale in the country last Saturday, topped the weekly charts of the major music store chains Music On and Astroplus for the week of May 17 to 23.

Girls’ Generation, composed of members Tiffany, Taeyeon, Yoona, Jessica, Sunny, Sooyoung, Seohyun and Hyoyeon, have been one of the most popular female idols in the country since their debut in 2007.

They have released numerous albums and singles including their biggest hits “Gee,” “Tell Me Your Wish,” “Kissing You” and “Oh!”


definitely agree that they are one of the money makers in terms of having beautiful songs released.  Hail sone~!!!


Super Junior member Heechul and Yoona of Girls’ Generation [Heechul’s official Twitter site]

Super Junior member Heechul has praised Yoona of Girls’ Generation, calling her “the prettiest female celebrity I have seen” on his official Twitter site (

The singer had posted the compliment along with a candid picture that he had taken alongside Yoona on his personal Twitter page yesterday.

“Yoona has a great balance of good personality and good looks — her face looks much prettier without make-up and powder,” the pop idol wrote.

He also hinted at his close friendship with her, saying that “we affectionately tease each other whenever we meet — I call her grandma and she calls me old man. But she is the prettiest female celebrity that I have seen.”

In the photo, the young pop stars looked goofy and friendly, striking an identical pose — their index finger touching their lips.

Hundreds of fans have responded to the pic, making various comments such as “I’m so jealous,” “you broke my heart” and “both look cute.”

Heechul is one of the thirteen members of boy band Super Junior, who debuted in December 2005 with their first studio album titled “SuperJunior05 (TWINS)”.

They became a K-pop phenomenon across Asia, thanks to the success of their subsequent albums “Don’t Don” (2007) and “Sorry, Sorry” (2009), and held two sold-out concert tours in 2008 and 2009 titled “The 1st Asia Tour – Super Show” and “Super Show 2”.

As one of the more versatile members in the group, Heechul has branched out to acting in dramas and appearing on numerous variety shows over the past several years. He recently joined the cast of celebrity variety show “Family Outing Season 2.”

Super Junior is currently promoting their fourth full-length album “BONAMANA” as a ten-man band as members Kang-in, Kibum and Hangeng decided to take a break from group activities.


oh okay, so she is pretty.  I must admit that she is when she doesn’t have make up on and I’m sure all of you would agree with me on that one. ^^