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As if the company needed any more evidence to prove itself as one of the top entertainment agencies in Korea, a report was recently released showing just how much SM Entertainment dominates the kpop industry.?Hanteo, a website the keeps track of domestic album sales, released a report on August 18th, showing that SM artists took the top seven spots when it came to total album sales from January 1 to August 17, 2010.?

Super Junior, a group that has already proved itself in being a sure album-seller took the number one spot with their Fourth Album, version A. After having been released this past May, the album — which contains their hit title song “Bonamana” — has sold 122,232 copies.

Second place went to the nine-membered girl group, Girls Generation. Their second album, featuring the hit song “Oh!”, boasted 118,644 in album sales. Third place was taken by another SM boy group, SHINee. SHINee made their comeback just this past July giving their second album only a few weeks of circulation time before this report was released. However, those few weeks were enough as they sold 52,398 copies of “Lucifer-Type A” featuring the catchy tune “Lucifer”.

The SM domination doesn’t stop there. Asia’s Star made her long awaited comeback in Korea after five long years. Having released her sixth album “Hurricane Venus” on August 2nd, BoA ranked sixth in album sales with a total of 44,745 copies sold to date.

You may be wondering, so who took 4th, 5th, and 7th place? It was the same artists that took 1st and 2nd place: Super Junior and Girls Generation. “Oh!” the repackaged album sold 51,269 copies clinching the fourth spot, while Super Junior’s Fourth Album, version B sold 47,628 copies which was enough to place fifth. As for the seventh spot, it was once again Super Junior with their Repackaged Fourth Album which saw 40,791 copies be sold.?Filling up the remaining three slots in the top 10 were non-SM artists Jay Park, 2AM, and Rain placing 8th, 9th, and 10th respectively.

SM has seen much success in 2010, bringing in 47.5 billion won in sales for the first half of the year. This is a 59% increase from the same period last year. Operating profits also went up, recording 18.6 billion won which is a 385% increase from the same period last year. All combined, net profits stood at 17.6 billion won.

One thing to note though is that the two companies strong enough to compete with SM didn’t put their best foot forward for the earlier half of 2010. JYP Entertainment, home to the Wonder Girls, 2PM, and 2AM focused on US activities. The Wonder Girls cut their promotion time for “2 Different Tears” short to focus back on tackling the US market. 2PM and 2AM were also absent from the country for a few weeks out of the year to tour as the girls’ opening acts. As for YG Entertainment, although we did see the comeback of some of their star solo artists (think Se7en and Gummy), their real ace-players were M.I.A. Idol groups Big Bang and 2NE1 didn’t release any albums this year, although recent reports have indicated that this will soon be changing. 2NE1 is set to make a comeback in September.

We’ll have to keep watch and see if YG, or any other company for that matter, has what it takes to turn these rankings around in their favor by the end of 2010.




▷ 후 원 : ㈜ G마켓
▷ 일 시 : 2010년 8월 21일 (일) PM 05:00
▷ 장 소  : 잠실 올림픽 주 경기장
▷출 연 진 : BoA,강타,유노윤호,최강창민,Super Junior, 소녀시대, SHINee, F(x),TRAX, 장리인Special Guests
※ 전 좌석은 지정좌석입니다.
▷사이트 :

KangTa, Super Junior, SHINee , Girls’ Generation

SMTOWN LIVE ‘10 프로그램리스트
1)‘POWER SPECIAL 2010’ Special Guests
2) Over The Rainbow – Victoria, Luna
3) 못된 사랑 – TRAX
4) 토요일?- Jang Ri In
5) 내가 사랑했던 이름 – Onew, JongHyun
6) Ring Ding Dong – SHINee
7) 그 해 여름 – KangTa
8) 어느날 가슴이 말했다 – KangTa
9) 우리… – KangTa
10) 미인아 – Super Junior
11) Super Girl – Super Junior
12) No other – Super Junior

*** 영상 *** TIME-OUT
13) ‘볼륨배틀’ – KangTa, Luna, YeSung, JongHyun, TaeYeon, Jang Ri In
14) ‘댄스배틀’ – BoA, YunHo, Yuri, EunHyuk, HyoYeon, TaeMin
15) BATTLE SPECIAL -KangTa, Luna, YeSung, JongHyun, TaeYeon, Jang Ri In, BoA, YunHo, Yuri, EunHyuk, HyoYeon, TaeMin
16) Eat you up – BoA
17) Energetic – BoA
18) No Dance No Life + BOOM! LOL- BoA
19) MUSIC FOR U *** 온라인 투표 ***
BoA, KangTa, UKnow Yunho,Choi Kang ChangMin, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, f(x), TRAX, Jang Ri In

*** 이미지 방송 ***
20) 가슴이 차가운 남자 – TRAX
21) Moving On – Jang Ri In
22) JoJo –SHINee
23) Sorry – f(x)
24) In My Dream – Super Junior
25) 별별별 Star Star Star– 소녀시대

*** 소개 이미지(소녀시대) ***
26) Oh! – Girls’ Generation
27) 소원을 말해봐 Tell me Your Wish (Genie) – Girls’ Generation
28) Gee – Girls’ Generation
29) 다시 만난 세계 Into the New World – Girls’ Generation
30) Run Devil Run – Girls’ Generation

*** 소개 이미지(YunHo, ChangMin) ***
31) Crazy Life – YunHo
32) Wild Soul – ChangMin
33) 단순한 – YunHo, ChangMin
34) 댄스SHOW*** 모던 댄스/재즈 댄스 – YunHo, ChangMin
35) 믿어요 – YunHo, ChangMin

*** 소개 이미지 (슈퍼주니어, 샤이니, 에프엑스)***
36) U – Super Junior
37) It’s You – Super Junior
38) 원더보이 – Super Junior
39) Marry Me – Super Junior
40) Y.O.U – SHINee
41) 니가 맘에 들어 – SHINee
42) 산소같은 너 – SHINee
43) 줄리엣 – SHINee
44) 1 년 后 – Jessica , Onew
45) TOXIC – Girls’ Generation
46) Nu ABO – F(x)
47) LaChaTa – F(x)
48) Mr. Boogie – F(x)
49) Chocolate Love – F(x)

50) Love Me – Jang Ri In
51) 연인이여 – Jang Ri In
52) Cold Rain – TRAX
53) One Night – TRAX
54) 나 속인거 아니지? –Typhoon
55) Guitar – JungMo

*** 소개 이미지(SMTOWN) ***
56) Yesterday – KangTa, BoA
57) Summer vacation
58) Dreams Come ture
59) 여름이 좋아 I Love The Summer

Source: SM Ent.
Credit: Baidu.
Shared by: Jae Ex Dee.

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Official poster of “SMTOWN LIVE ’10 WORLD TOUR” [SM Entertainment]

The artists of major talenthouse SM Entertainment will go on a world tour starting mid-August, SM announced on Friday.

SM explained through a press release that their singers, including Kangta, BoA, U-know Yunho, Max Changmin, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, f(x), TRAX, will take off on the “SMTOWN LIVE ’10 WORLD TOUR” which kicks off at the Olympic Park in Seoul on August 21.

The tour will then take place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on September 4 and the Hongkou Gymnasium in Shanghai on September 11. The dates for Tokyo and other cities in Asia have yet to be announced.

SM, founded by former singer Lee Soo-man in 1995, is in charge of discovering and training numerous top K-pop artists including Fly To The Sky, H.O.T, TVXQ and Girls’ Generation.

SM also manages the careers many songwriters, music producers, comedians and actors including Ara, Choi Jung-yoon and Lee Yeon-hee.

Tickets for the Seoul performance will be available starting July 15 on online shopping website Gmarket ( and sold to fan club members two days in advance.


credit: sment@YT


Pictured above: girl group f(x); below: singer Kangta [SM Entertainment]

Korean talenthouse SM Entertainment artists Kangta, BoA, Super Junior and f(x) performed at the Expo 2010 Shanghai China over the weekend.

The stars took to the stage of the ‘Korea Music Festival’ held at the Cultural Center of the Shanghai Expo Park in Sunday attended by 10,000 people.

The music festival was divided into two parts — the first half focusing on the Korean traditional heritage show followed by the performances of Kangta, BoA, Super Junior and f(x).

For the opening act, SM’s youngest artists f(x) sang their songs “LA chA TA,” “Chu~♡” as well as their latest single “NU ABO.” Kangta, who was recently discharged from the military earlier this year, performed his hit tunes “Eternity,” “Just One Day” and “Evergreen Tree+Polaris.”

BoA gave a powerful show with her songs “Eat You Up,” “Look Who’s Talking” and “Energetic,” while Super Junior danced and sang to their popular songs “Man in Love,” “Sorry Sorry” and “BONAMANA.”

SM Entertainment, founded by former singer Lee Soo-man in 1995, is in charge of creating the successful careers of numerous K-pop artists including Fly To The Sky, H.O.T, TVXQ and Girls’ Generation.

SM also manages many songwriters, music producers, comedians and actors including Ara, Choi Jung-yoon and Lee Yeon-hee.

Pictured above: BoA; below: boy band Super Junior [SM Entertainment]



Asian pop sensation Super Junior promoting “BONAMANA” [SM Entertainment]

Asian pop sensation Super Junior has topped several album charts with their fourth full-length album “BONAMANA,” according to their agency SM Entertainment on Tuesday.

A press from SM revealed that the group conquered the weekly and daily album charts of music distributors Hanteo, Hot Tracks and Yes 24 since the release of “BONAMANA” Version A last Thursday.

Figures from Hanteo indicated that the record sold over 70,000 copies in just five days, becoming the album to sell the most number of copies in the shortest time span so far this year.

The fourth full-length album had racked up 200,000 preorders, another record for the 13-member boy band who had received up to 150,000 preorders for their previous top-selling album.

Version B of “BONAMANA” will go on sale on May 20 featuring behind-the-scene photos from the group’s stage performances and music video shoots.

The boys recently gave their comeback performance on televised music programs last weekend singing the titled track “BONAMANA” and “Boom Boom.”

They will be promoting the new album with only ten members since members Kang-in is planning on entering the army to fulfill his mandatory two-year service, Kibum will be focusing on his acting career and Hangeng is currently embroiled in a legal battle with SM.

Super Junior made their debut in 2005 with their first album “SuperJunior05 (TWINS)” and have also released several other studio albums including “Don’t Don” and “Sorry, Sorry”


Here’s the Music Video of Bonamana:

cre: SMENT

without a doubt, i’m so proud of ma boys! 대박~~~~!!!!


SM Entertainment, the talent powerhouse in charge of discovering and managing boy band TVXQ, has taken legal action against three of the group’s members whose exclusive contract with the agency was nullified last year.

“On April 12, we filed an objection against the court’s decision ordering provisional disposition of the contracts as well as a lawsuit to reclaim their validity,” the agency stated through a press release Tuesday.

SM explained they had held off from taking legal action against Hero Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun and Xiah Junsu last year “in an effort to see the group continue to exist” but made the move this week after “the three failed to officially express any intention of resuming their activities as a group and TVXQ recently halted their activities as a group in Japan.”

Hero, Micky and Xiah had asked a court last July to invalidate their exclusive 13-year contract with SM to which the court ruled in favor of the young singers in an interim ruling, declaring that the agency will not interfere in their individual activities.

The five-man band had stopped working as a group in Korea ever since, although carrying on their activities in Japan including making TV and magazine appearances as well as releasing albums, until announcing on April 3 that the group would no longer pursue a singing career together.

Hero and Micky are currently in shooting for dramas while Xiah is preparing for a solo album release.

Since their debut in 2004, TVXQ has been one of the most successful K-pop acts in Asia who reportedly have the largest fanbase in the world.

They had enjoyed great success in the Japanese music industry in particular, becoming the first foreign artist to top the Oricon singles charts six times with their 27th single “Share the World/We are!” released last year.

They made music history in Japan again in early April, when they placed their single and album simultaneously within the top three slots of Oricon’s singles and albums chart, the first time for a foreign artist to do so in 15 years.