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Korean actor Lee Min-ho [Lee’s official Twitter page]

Korean actor Lee Min-ho has set up an official Twitter account after falling victim to a Twitter impersonator last March.

The actor announced on his Cyworld mini-hompy board Thursday afternoon that he had created his own account ( on Twitter, a popular social networking and micro-blogging service.

Lee made his first Twitter entry, saying “I want to ride a bike” along with a photo of himself riding a bicycle in a commercial.

He then ‘followed’ actor Jung Sung-hwa, his co-star in the recent MBC TV series “Personal Taste,” and ‘tweeted’ to Jung, “I made a Twitter account too. Teach me.”

The actor also visited the Twitter page for filmmaker Park Kwang-choon, who directed Lee in films “She’s On Duty” (2005) and “Our School E.T.” (2007), and wrote “Director Park, it’s me Lee Min-ho. The one you went to before was fake.”

Last March, Lee’s agency Starhaus Entertainment warned fans that a fake Twitter account had been opened up under the actor’s name and had over 70,000 followers at the time. The agency was even seeking to take action to protect the actor’s fans.

As of July 2, the number of followers on the fake account currently stands at 88,573 compared to 8,282 on Lee’s official page.

The 23-year-old actor became a household name in Korea and throughout Asia last year with the success of KBS drama “Boys Over Flowers,” co-starring actress Ku Hye-sun and singer Kim Hyun-joong of SS501.

In “Taste”, he played a man pretending to be gay in order to move in with a female roommate, played by Korean actress Son Ye-jin.




Korean actor Lee Min-ho [Asia Economic Daily]

Hallyu star Lee Min-ho celebrated his upcoming birthday with his fans over the weekend, hosting a fan meeting for some 4,500 fans who turned up from Korea, Japan and China to see the actor.

The actor entertained his local and foreign guests in various ways at the event titled “2010 The Special Day with Minoz” held at Seoul’s Kyung Hee University on June 20.

The fan meeting started with a showing of video message sent in by the fans, followed by a musical performance by Korean pop group See Ya, who performed their hits “His Voice” and “My Heart Is Heavy With Emotions,” which was featured on the soundtrack for Lee’s TV series “Personal Taste.”

Lee too displayed his vocal chops, singing the song “Falling Slowly” from the Irish indie hit film “Once” (2006) which he had been practicing for the fan meeting.

“While I was rehearsing the song, I realized that singing isn’t for everyone,” said the actor. “I am not talented enough [to release an album] but I would like to take part in a soundtrack if the opportunity came by.”

He added that he is a fan of the film “Once” and thinks “Falling Slowly” suits his voice.

Lee also carried on a friendly conversation with comedian Yoon Hyung-bin, who served as the emcee for the fan meeting.

The event featured several musical guests including boy band 2AM, female singer Younha and Taiwanese entertainer Joseph Cheng, who is considered the “Rain of Taiwan.” Lee and Cheng exchanged gifts and promised to maintain their friendship in the future.

Below is a Q&A session held with Lee Min-ho.

Q: It takes about two days to shoot a fashion spread or commercial. What do you afterwards?
▶ Lee: Zone out.

Q: Any changes after removing the metal pin?
▶ Lee: A little discomfort but nothing too inconvenient in everyday life.

Q: You have a puppy named “Choco” – does it like your mom or you?
▶ Lee: It likes my sister.

Q: How do you choose your acting projects? And what kind of roles do you want to play?
▶ Lee: I want to play all kinds of professions. No rule about how I choose my acting work. Just when I find the character attractive.

Q: What do people in other countries call you?
▶ Lee: I have one name but everyone says it differently. People from Thailand elongate the “Min.”

Q: Any other dream you want to achieve besides acting?
▶ Lee: Soccer player. My childhood dream was to become a professional soccer player.

Q: What do you do on your days off from work?
▶ Lee: I sleep, play, eat, sing and work out. I learn a lot of things so the day goes by very fast.

Q: When you are busy shooting, how do you make time?
▶ Lee: I can’t.

Q: Your most memorable character?
▶ Lee: Mino-me. (My character doll)

Q: How do you break the ice with the staff members when you start shooting a new film or drama?
▶ Lee: I try to talk to them a lot. I had met Son Ye-jin for the second time on the day we shot the poster [for TV series “Personal Taste”]. We had to act like we were close friends for the poster concept and I got so into the acting that I called Son Ye-jin, “Dork.” There was an immediate silence.

Q: What do you wear when you go to sleep?
▶ Lee: I tend to walk around in my underwear when I’m home.



Korean actor Lee Min-ho [Starhaus Entertainment]

Korean actor Lee Min-ho will hold a fan meeting on June 20, according to his agency Starhaus Entertainment on Thursday.

Starhaus announced through a press release that the actor will meet with his fans at the event titled “2010, The Special Day with Minoz” at the Grand Peace Palace located in Kyung Hee University in June.

The event will be attended by some 4,500 fans from both Korea and overseas to celebrate Lee’s birthday on June 22 and the second anniversary of his fan club.

Lee had raised anticipation for the upcoming fan meeting after leaving a message on his official site on the last day his latest drama “Personal Taste” aired: “Thank you for everything that you have done and I hope we can spend a great time at my fan meeting.”

Tickets for his 2,500-seat fan meeting last year sold out in just one minute of going on sale. Korean celebrities Kim Su-ro, Kim Hyun-joong, Kim Ki-bang, K.Will, Park Bo-young and idol group T-Max had made special guest appearances.

Tickets for Lee’s upcoming fan meeting will be available at online reservation site Auction today at 5 p.m.

Lee, 22, rose to fame in Korea and throughout Asia starring in last year’s hit KBS series “Boys Over Flowers.”

In “Personal Taste,” which ended its run last Thursday, he played a man pretending to be gay to live with a female roommate, alongside Korean actress Son Ye-jin.

Picture of upcoming Lee Min-hoo’s fan meeting “2010, the Special day with Minoz” [Starhaus Entertainment]



Official poster for TV series “Personal Taste” [MBC]

Korean actor Lee Min-ho is proving his Hallyu star status with his recent TV series “Personal Taste” selling to five countries in the Third World.

According to an industry source on Thursday, the MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama has been sold to United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Jordan, Venezuela and Mexico.

“These countries are very interested in Lee Min-ho’s exotic looks in particular,” the source was quoted as saying. “They are even asking if he is really Korean.”

He also added that Lee is “likely to further solidify his position as a major Hallyu influence during the latter half of the year” as the overseas broadcast could bring about a new generation of Korean Wave craze, even if the series had only sold for a moderate price.

So far, the only Korean drama to have been exported to South America or Middle East was MBC’s 2004 hit “Jewel in the Palace”, which starred top Korean actress Lee Young-ae.

Lee, 22, became a household name in Korea and throughout Asia last year with the success of KBS drama “Boys Over Flowers”.

In “Taste”, he played a man pretending to be gay in order to move in with a female roommate, played by Korean actress Son Ye-jin.



Korean actor Lee Min-ho [Asia Economic Daily]

Korean actor Lee Min-ho has warned fans of a fake Twitter account opened up under his name, according to his agency Starhaus Entertainment.

“What people currently know as Lee Min-ho’s Twitter is a fake account,” said an official at Starhaus on Friday, adding that they are preparing countermeasures to protect the actor’s fans.

Lee currently has about 70,000 followers under his account — more than any other Korean celebrity in the country.

An account can be opened with just an email address and ID on Twitter, a popular U.S.-based online social networking and microblogging service.

Many other overseas and Korean stars including pop groups Girls’ Generation and singer Son Dambi have reportedly been taken advantage of by people who opened up accounts in their names.

Lee, 22, shot to stardom throughout Asia after starring in the smash hit TV series “Boys Over Flowers” last year alongside actress Koo Hye-sun and idol group member Kim Hyun-joong of SS501.

He is scheduled to appear in upcoming MBC TV series “Personal Taste”, which premieres on March 31, opposite actress Son Ye-jin.

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Korean actress Son Ye-jin [Barunson Entertainment]

Korean actress Son Ye-jin is set to play the female lead role opposite actor Lee Min-ho in a new MBC drama this coming April, Son’s agency said on Monday.

Barunson Entertainment announced through a press release that the actress has been cast for the role of Park Gae-in, a furniture designer in her late 20s, in the drama tentatively titled “Personal Taste.”

The TV series, to be based on a novel of the same name by Korean writer Lee Se-in, will focus on the story between a woman and man living together, with the woman thinking the man is homosexual.

Son stated, “The reason I chose this role is because this year, I wanted to be a part of a bright and happy drama. I fell in love with the character because she seems confident while lacking in some ways but at the same time charming. Overall, the drama seems light and I feel it will be fun to shoot.”

The 28-year-old actress gained popularity in Asia after appearing in TV series “Summer Scent” and was commended for her role in films “The Classic” and “My Wife Got Married”, both of which she won awards for Best Actress.

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Editor : Jessica Kim
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It is easy to find your way to the set of KBS TV series “Boys Over Flowers,” located in the English Village in Yangpyeong of the Gyeonggi Province. And it is even easier to find Goo Jun-pyo, played by Lee Min-ho, amongst the crowd of girls who cry out shouts of glee and housewives standing on tiptoe to get a glance at the spectacle before them. His good-looking face pokes out above a group of stylists and staff, reminding you how tall he is. At glance, Lee may seem grown up enough to act like the stubborn Goo Jun-pyo he is in the drama. But the moment the camera stops rolling, he transforms into the immature high school version of Goo — riding down the banister rather than walking the stairs and chasing around actress Ku Hye-sun while imitating how her character Geum Jan-di talks and runs in quick and short steps.

Then as three handsome men appear on signal of the director who shouts out “F3!”, onlookers who had been holding their breath burst into cheer. It is quite impossible to stay composed while observing Kim Jun, who is as reserved and at ease as his character Song Woo-bin, Kim Bum, who plays a tune on the piano placed inside a waiting room on set, and Kim Hyun-joong, who catches one’s eyes by quite oddly practicing his dance moves whenever he has spare time. But you are not allowed to make any loud noise on set. The last thing F4 wants to do is to make a blooper amidst the tight shooting schedule and the interviews in between, along with the time they have to make for their fans to sign posters and soundtracks for their drama. It is a relief that no matter how tired they are, how rough things get and that even if they were to get hurt, the F4 on set is young enough to keep things rolling.

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Korean actor Lee Min-ho is set to make a comeback to the small screen in April, according to television broadcaster MBC on Monday.

The actor has been cast for the lead role in a new MBC TV series, tentatively titled “Personal Taste”, which is based on a novel of the same title by Korean writer Lee Se-in.

Lee will play the role of Jun Jin-ho, who pretends to be a gay man in order to become roommates with a woman who wants to live with a gay male friend.

An MBC drama executive explained that Lee’s combination of “a sophisticated image and the appeal of a man” was perfect for the part and for fulfilling female viewers’ fantasies. He also added that Lee’s “gripping dramatic presence and his shameless acting” will be convincing for the viewers.

“I decided to do the drama as soon as I read the script”, the actor was quoted as saying.

The 22-year-old actor, who debuted in 2005, rose to stardom after starring in the smash hit “Boys Over Flowers” last year. The drama co-starred Korean actress Koo Hye-sun and idol group member Kim Hyun-joong of SS501.

“Taste” is scheduled to air around April after “The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry” ends its run.



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Talent Lee MinHo’s fanclub is known to have donated 9.97 million KRW to UNICEF.

DCInside ‘Lee MinHo Gallery’ fans have recently done a fund-raising for UNICEF malaria campaign. Fans donated the amount of 6.22 million KRW, which stands for a special meaning because Lee MinHo’s birthday falls on 22nd June. Also another fancafe Dave donated 3.75 million KRW which made up to the 9.97 million KRW amount.

It was known that Lee MinHo has recently taken part in UNICEF malaria campaign, and the fan raising for the campaign has started from beginning of September. The campaign wants to bring awareness to the mass public that every year over 500 million folks are infected with the disease.

Lee MinHo has agreed to help out with the campaign amidst his busy schedule. He did videos and poster filming for the campaign.

A UNICEF staff voiced that nowadays fans are following and support their stars in the many causes they serve, and not just doing projects for the benefits of the stars themselves.

source: kbites


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Top Korean actor Lee Min-ho successfully wrapped up his first fan meeting in Taipei, his agency Starhaus Entertainment said.

In the promotional show, the star of the hit TV series “Boys Over Flowers” met with more than 2,000 avid fans who packed the auditorium of a Taipei university on Tuesday evening.

He opened the show with the song “My Everything” and held various events with his fans, including a Q&A session.

At a press conference at a hotel before the fan meeting, he said he wanted to be cast in the second season of KBS TV’s hit drama “Iris.”

“Many people talk about my next work and it’s a bit burdensome. I want to be acknowledged for my acting. The viewership rating needs to be high and it should be well received by critics,” he said. “If a second season of Iris is produced and I’m offered a role, I certainly would go for it.”

He praised actor Lee Byung-hun’s acting in the drama. “Mr. Lee Byung-hun’s acting is so great that I respect him.”

Korea Times