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It was just a water bottle shaped slightly different from the typical. But Lee Min-ho and Son Ye-jin talked about its shape as if they were extremely close friends ahead of a press conference held Tuesday on the set of MBC TV series “Personal Taste.” After drinking water out of the bottle’s cap which was much larger and spherical than usual, Lee kindly explained to Son, “I think this is used as a cup,” resembling the delicate and composed Jun Jin-ho he plays for the show. And before Lee finishes his observation and is able to say, “But the bottom of the cap is round so it would be impossible to prop it up,” Son too shows the character viewers have started to become familiar with by immediately spilling over the cap she had set on the table. As the water wets reporters’ voice recorders, Son, close to tearing, hastily wipes off the moisture with tissue and mumbles, “Oh no, I’m exactly like Park Gae-in.”

The reason that “Sanggojae,” the house built on the set of “Personal Taste” located inside the “Dae Jang Geum Theme Park,” feels closer to an actual traditional Korean-style house, is not just because of its elaborate features. “Sanggojae” comes to life the moment the two actors, immersed in their roles so much that they have slowly started to show images different from the past, enter the living room. And that is also when the house, where even the pine tree, small wild flowers and black and white pebbles placed with extreme delicacy, emerges to reveal its strong presence. As soon as rehearsals start, Lee Min-ho transforms into a new hard-working actor, reading his script as the first to take his place in the front yard of the house and helping the cameras set up. Son too becomes the meticulous actress she is, preparing for shoot while checking her lines and the line of movement she should take. “Sanggojae” does its own share of work as the only participant on set which fails to become worn out from the close-to-live shot show.



KBS TV series “Sister of Cinderella” proved it is no competition against other Wednesday and Thursday primetime dramas as it continued to rake in high TV ratings this week.

According to estimates on Friday, “Cinderella” successfully kept its position on top of TV charts with its fifth episode aired on Wednesday recording its highest viewership rating to date with 19.1 percent on TNS Media Korea’s poll and 19.7 percent on AGB Nielsen Media Research’s survey.

The ratings dropped by 0.9 percent and 1.1 percent, respectively, the following day but maintained its position at No. 1, beating out competitors MBC’s “Personal Taste” and SBS’ “Princess Prosecutor.”

“Personal Taste” has steadily maintained viewership ratings between ten to 13 percent, while “Princess Prosecutor” posted ratings in the low 10 percent range.

“Sister of Cinderella” is about the un-fairytale-like story of Cinderella’s sister, starring Korean actors Moon Geun-young, Chun Jung-myung, Seo Woo, Taecyeon and veteran actress Lee Mi-sook.



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Top Korean actor Lee Min-ho successfully wrapped up his first fan meeting in Taipei, his agency Starhaus Entertainment said.

In the promotional show, the star of the hit TV series “Boys Over Flowers” met with more than 2,000 avid fans who packed the auditorium of a Taipei university on Tuesday evening.

He opened the show with the song “My Everything” and held various events with his fans, including a Q&A session.

At a press conference at a hotel before the fan meeting, he said he wanted to be cast in the second season of KBS TV’s hit drama “Iris.”

“Many people talk about my next work and it’s a bit burdensome. I want to be acknowledged for my acting. The viewership rating needs to be high and it should be well received by critics,” he said. “If a second season of Iris is produced and I’m offered a role, I certainly would go for it.”

He praised actor Lee Byung-hun’s acting in the drama. “Mr. Lee Byung-hun’s acting is so great that I respect him.”

Korea Times


Actor Kwon Sang-woo

Hallyu star Kwon Sang-woo has been asked to be part of the cast of a second season of blockbuster TV series “Iris”, the actor revealed on a talk show last week.

“I have been asked to appear in season 2 of ‘Iris’ by its producer Taewon Entertainment which is also the same company producing my film ‘Into the Fire’,” Kwon said on KBS morning talkshow “Morning Live” on Friday.

“I will make up my mind after looking at the script upon receiving an official proposal,” the 37-year-old actor added.

“Iris”, currently the second most popular TV program with its ratings surpassing 36 percent last week and continuously on the rise, stars some of South Korea’s top actors including Lee Byung-hun, Kim Tae-hee and Jung Jun-ho.

Taewon recently announced they will air a second season of the spy drama which is set to go into shoot around May next year.

Kwon’s new war pic “Fire”, a fierce battle between 71 student soldiers and North Korean regular army soldiers during the Korean War, started filming in late November and is set for release in 2010.

Kwon has starred in several successful movies including “My Tutor Friend” in 2003 and “Love, So Divine” in 2004. His most famous role to date however, was in the 2003 TV series “Stairway to Heaven”, which co-starred another Hallyu star Choi Ji-woo and became a hit throughout Asia.

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I know you might think that this is not Super Junior related but it is. Trust me. You’ll find it out along the way. (clue: episode 6)


I discovered this new Korean Drama on one of the threads of SJ-World. Some ELF’s where talking about how great the drama was and the characters as well. They say if they had to choose between B.O.F and this one, they’d say that this one is way much better.

So then I thought, why won’t I give it a try. It’s been ages since my last Kdrama flick marathon. So I went to my fave site,, and found out that they have it there but it’s on Ning and some of the vids won’t play on my PC so I switched to instead since this is my 2nd most loved in watching kdrama flicks cause they have complete, almost complete variety of movies, dramas from all over Asia and VOILA! there I found it, an up to date videos of the kdrama. Was so happy about it. It’s like I’m reborn from being a couch potato addict again. LOL.

I am still on my episode 10 and the Kdrama only has 16 episodes so I’m still fighting back the excitement of blabbering it out in here. So I’ll just gonna leave it at that for awhile and get back as soon as I finished the whole thing. It is for the best. hihihiihi…^^


Although you and I have parted, it must be just that our destinies didn’t meet…

I hope you’ll meet someone nice…

Since you’re really a good person, no matter who you’re with.

Since you were too good for me… I hope a love that’s worthy of you will find you…

I hope you’ll always be happy.

Do you know? You are beautiful when you smile.

I may occasionally cry because I miss you. But… I hope you’ll always smile.

I hope you’ll always be happy.

*Lyrics from a certain Korean song featured in “Star Variety: We Got Married Ep. 37” where Hwang Bo and Kim Hyun Joong bid their last farewell note in the sand at the beach. (Romantic? and yet sad..)

You Are A Person Because You Are Lonely

I watched this Korean drama “My Sweet Seoul” like a few weeks ago. There was a poem that’s featured there and wanted to post it here. Here it is…

Dear, do not cry.

You are a person because you are lonely.

Living means enduring loneliness.

Don’t wait for a phonecall that never comes.

When snow falls, walk on a snowy road.

When it rains, walk under the rain.

The black-breasted long bill on the reeds is watching you, too.

Dear, do not cry.

You are a person because you are lonely.

Sometimes, God sheds tears as well.

Don’t wait for a phonecall that never comes.

Even the shadows of the mountains leave for the village out of loneliness sometimes.

The birds cry in the trees as well.

And you, sitting by the water’s edge.

Dear, do not cry.

You are a person because you’re lonely.

Living means enduring loneliness.

Don’t wait for a phonecall that never comes.

Written by Jung Ho Soong

Credit goes to: WITH S2 with translation

*I post this because I can relate to the poem because somehow I myself sometimes feel of being lonely but trying to endure that by telling myself that it’s okay to feel this way. and that it’s okay to cry. T.T