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I just want to post this one cause I’ve seen this and it’s really moving.  I had to post this so that anyone could see it here or on Youtube.  It’s basically ELF’s message to Kangin before going to the army.   I love it and makes me proud being an ELF.

Here’s the video.  Credit to with flying colors.

perfect is all i can say to this!



credit: SuJuTV2

Just felt sad that he have to do these now.  But come to think of it, everyone should do that and Korean Idols are not an exception to that rule/law of their country.  Kangin oppa, be strong.  ELFs are here for you. See you after 2 years.

Again, at these pictures, my heart was moved by how supportive his fellow Super Junior were to Kangin.  I feel for them.  Heechul was kinda like crying or was crying.  And Yesung, covered his eyes with his cap and I know that he’s sad that Kangin’s going away. Awwwww~~ what a scene!

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Super Junior member Kang-in [Asia Economic Daily]

Super Junior member Kang-in may be entering the Korean military as early as July, according to his agency SM Entertainment.

“It is true that Kang-in received a notice from Korea’s Military Manpower Administration to enlist by October,” an official at SM said on Saturday. “But Kang-in has applied for voluntary entrance so it is highly likely that he will go to the military sooner.”

He added that the 25-year-old singer will join the army in July if the government accepts his voluntary entrance request.

The pop idol, who received a second level validation on his physical exam, will be serving as an active-duty soldier during his mandatory two-year service.

Kang-in, whose real name is Kim Young-woon, is one of the 13 members of popular idol group Super Junior but he recently withdrew from group activities and did not take part in recording the band’s latest album “BONAMANA.”

He made headlines last October when he was caught drunk driving and fleeing the scene after colliding into two taxis. He turned himself into police several hours later, and was later summarily indicted with a fine of eight million won charged by the Seoul Central District Court.


So sad to have him go for MS so soon and I also heard that Leeteuk and Heechul would also be going to MS sometime in late 2011 or early 2012 as what Teuk had specifically said in an interview.  In addition, they (Super Junior) also expressed their longing for their fellow members who are not with them today due to (as we all know) some reasons. I hope that they will be complete if not today but someday and I will anticipate on that one. Hwaiting~!!!


Asian pop sensation Super Junior promoting “BONAMANA” [SM Entertainment]

Asian pop sensation Super Junior has topped several album charts with their fourth full-length album “BONAMANA,” according to their agency SM Entertainment on Tuesday.

A press from SM revealed that the group conquered the weekly and daily album charts of music distributors Hanteo, Hot Tracks and Yes 24 since the release of “BONAMANA” Version A last Thursday.

Figures from Hanteo indicated that the record sold over 70,000 copies in just five days, becoming the album to sell the most number of copies in the shortest time span so far this year.

The fourth full-length album had racked up 200,000 preorders, another record for the 13-member boy band who had received up to 150,000 preorders for their previous top-selling album.

Version B of “BONAMANA” will go on sale on May 20 featuring behind-the-scene photos from the group’s stage performances and music video shoots.

The boys recently gave their comeback performance on televised music programs last weekend singing the titled track “BONAMANA” and “Boom Boom.”

They will be promoting the new album with only ten members since members Kang-in is planning on entering the army to fulfill his mandatory two-year service, Kibum will be focusing on his acting career and Hangeng is currently embroiled in a legal battle with SM.

Super Junior made their debut in 2005 with their first album “SuperJunior05 (TWINS)” and have also released several other studio albums including “Don’t Don” and “Sorry, Sorry”


Here’s the Music Video of Bonamana:

cre: SMENT

without a doubt, i’m so proud of ma boys! 대박~~~~!!!!


Super Junior member Kang-in [Asia Economic Daily]

Super Junior member Kang-in has been summarily indicted and fined for drunk driving hit-and-run, according to a court on Wednesday.

The Seoul Central District Court stated that it summarily indicted and handed a fine of eight million won to the 24-year-old singer for fleeing the scene of an accident he caused after driving under the influence of alcohol.

Kang-in become involved the accident last October, colliding into two taxis and leaving the scene though he turned himself into police several hours later.

The singer’s alcohol level stood at around 0.082 percent upon his arrival at the police station, meaning his driving license would be suspended. The drivers of the two taxis and two passengers were not injured.

Kang-in, a vocal of the popular 13-member boy band Super Junior, also made headlines after engaging in assault at a bar in September 2009.

Reporter : Park So-yoen
Editor : Lynn Kim
<ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved>


This is in support for next year’s come back of Kangin and do hope that Kangin would appreciate this little gift of the ELF’s of SJ-World.  The gift is a photobook and in it are pictures of ELF’s holding a fansign, saying:

Our number 1 King! Super Junior Kangin.

Details and guidelines of the said project are on Sj-World.  So please do participate on the said project by visiting:  Deadline of submission would be on December 28th, 2009.  Late entries would (obviously) would not be accepted anymore.

Be a member first to be able to participate in the said project.

Have fun camwhoring! ^^


The many faces of Kim Young-Woon better known as Kangin.

This is the first time that I feel so…so… my mind went blank. I don’t know what to say. My feelings just over-ruled my mind. I can’t put this into words but I am trying my best to do so.

I feel bad for all that has been happening to Kangin oppa with the bar fight, the accident, and now the bad publicity. Kangin’s been affected by it and so is the other fellow members of Super Junior and his family and friends who misses him so so much and loves him dearly.

Many are trying to reach out to him and wanting so much to console him and lessen his burden but up until this point we still haven’t heard anything from him (on a fan point of view). All we know is that he’s trying his best to survive in this cruel world we are living in. What we all know for now are just pictures and news and petitions for Kangin and believe in him. I for one would want him still stay in the music industry as one of the core member of Super Junior. Screw those who doesn’t believe in Kangin! They are not worth it. They’re just plain insecure with the popularity Kangin and Super Junior is getting right now.

What I just don’t get is that the detractors, the so called headless chickens, or the netizens are treating Kangin as if he is a criminal and like they were the ones that has been aggravated by Kangin’s actions. When we all know that Kangin regretted everything for the past weeks. It put a scar to his name and for his being as well. When will they every stop? Kangin’s only human. Humans aren’t perfect. Kangin isn’t perfect. Netizens aren’t perfect but they treat themselves as God. The only difference is that he is a celebrity and as a celebrity means being a public figure. But Kangin worked so hard to what he become today. He’s been a good kid, a good Hyung, a good friend and a good entertainer(i.e singer, dancer, MC, DJ) for all of us and he has accomplished a great deal at a young age. At least at that, those people should give him the benefit of a doubt.


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While I was not working last night due to brown-out and constipation, me and my Ae-in Xen (a very good friend of mine, my soulsister) were texting each other and was telling me about the Super Junior Show 2 Concert Japan Premium.

She said a lot of things about the concert. And I was really really jealous and she knows that I am. She just received her DVD yesterday (advanced right? I know! that’s my Ae-in always up to date with SUJU) and was really really watching (focusing on) everything in it.

For her intro, she said that it was EXTREMELY HOT. This was the exact words she said to me on SMS. And I was like whaaaaat? Chungmal?!! by then I keep on asking her questions about the Super Show and what the concert was like. Then our conversation goes on about the Super Junior being so hot and they were really sweating on their whole concert. More like dripping sweat from their body. I just can’t put it into words. They are deadly HOT. My Teukie is extremely hot there and so is Sungmin. But my Ae-in (as being inlove with Eunhyuk and Donghae so much individually) told me that Anchovy and Fish (Eunhae-Ae-in forever) got the best vote for being HOT and so they are!

She said that although they don’t have solo perf on the concert but the cam, I believe, where following their (Eunhae) parts was extremely HOT (why do I have the feeling that this post is all about the HOTNESS of SUJU..LMAO) and said there are a lot of dance break of Hyukjae ( my Ae-in really likes the way Eunhyuk dance) happening there. Whew! A must see DVD.

Oh My God, and Ae-in even told me that my Yeye (Yesung, Namchin) almost undressed or stripped himself from the perf. I don’t know which one cause she didn’t tell me what perf it was. I was so jealous. Really jealous. Sungmin was so hot too. Oh my GAAAAAAAD! Can’t help it. Was really asking her if there was any vid uploaded on YT and she said that there were 6 vid circulating on YT BUT ONLY 6 vid. Was so bummed out cause you know I can’t get enough of my boys. Aaaaaaarrrrggggghhh… And repeatedly telling me that my Nampyeon (Peter Pan, Teukie) was really H.O.T there. *jealous*

Ae-in told me too that there’s another HanChul (Hangeng and Heechul) moment happening where they almost kiss on the Sorry Sorry perf and there was staring at each other and hugging. Men, I so want to watch that. I don’t know if there is one on YT. As ae-in’s words are: DANGEROUSLY HOT. Nice description for that one! *applause*

Then I thought that that was just it. But she texted me back and told me that there are many HanChul moment(s) (redundant of me, mianhe!). There was a Siwon moment too when he wanted to be kissed by Anchovy and guess what, Eunhyuk did kiss Siwon. I mean Siwon who likes skinship, no wonder. LOL. But then Donghae was there trying to prevent it from happening but it still did i think. ^^ But later on ae-in told me at the end of the song, Siwon kissed Hyuk back. Oh so sweeeeeeeeeeeeet! (Donghae must have been jealous of this). My Ae-in is really loyal with the EunHae pairing and really REALLY have a huge LOVE for them not ONLY as a pair but as an individual too. I like them, too. Eunhae is a great match for me also but… There’s KyuMin, KangTeuk, YeTeuk (this is my fave pair and as solo love), ShinWon moment, too.

I so wish that I could watch this DVD for myself cause based on Ae-in’s description of things, it was a great concert to watch. Worth the watch. 2 thumbs up. I just can’t put it into writing. As she said it was a heartwarming sight. Coming from her who have watched the whole show and saying it, it must be a good show to watch. Plus there’s a bonus vid where after the concert they were playing around while being interviewed, taking pictures outside the van and doing wacky poses the whole time. There was a scene too where they were rehearsing back stage and Fishy was infront of the cam talking Nihonggo (lines that he knows) when he was caught red-handed by his manager and giving him the look cause he was not practicing/rehearsing with the rest of the guys. Then there was this funny scene when Kyu was practicing his Nihonggo with a Japanese dictionary and as Ae-in said, he was really funny on this part cause he stuttered most of the time and the subtitle is no help at all cause it was pure characters and shapes. Meaning his nihonggo is not good at all. LMAO. Needs practicing. LOL. My ae-in Xen really loves his Prince Kyu too. Henry was there too with the rest of the Super Junior on the van with his earphone on, wearing his glasses, and chewing gum most of the time. I think he is too caught up with what he was listening and thinking that he doesn’t have any idea at all what they (SUJU) were saying. He needs a translator. Just kidding!

Anyway, our texting came to an abrupt stop cause my freaking cellphone gave up on me. It was screaming LOW BAT LOW BAT. Nice piece of cellphone ei! There was no electricity and I forgot to charge it yesterday morning. Wrong time to get battery dead. Aish!

So much for that Super Junior Show.

The whole time I was really screaming for the freaking electricity to come but hell no. I was so looking forward to take a glimpse of it even on YT. Freaking power company, what a kill joy!

Anyway, electricity’s back again. I am going to watch this now. Yeah!

Super Junior, hwaiting!


Yes, indeed he apologized. Kangin. I feel for him, really. He was doing it for self-defense and yet became a national issue. Damn! Being a celebrity definitely has a price to pay. Being provoked by that, is a bid deal too. If I were in Kangin’s situation, I would do the same. Based on what I read, he was being patient the whole time. But enough is enough, need to protect himself right? I would do the same. He was provoked and yet those st***d b***d are deliberately making Kangin do it. They were F**G insecure. I know it. And by the looks of it, they were drunk and just tripping around I guess.

Poor Kangin, for being there in a situation where those drunks don’t have anything to do but pissed other people up. Some drunks really don’t know how to handle alcohol. Geez, when would drunks ever grow up. LOL! Been drunk before but I never pick a fight. Hmmmm..

Kangin, I as an ELF support you. I know you’ll never do anything to put shame on yourself or for super junior. I know that there’s a reason for you to act that way. And I believe in you and the super junior. You’re a smart kid, Kangin. You did the right thing. Kangin hwaiting!

miss my cyberlife

I’ve been on hiatus for almost 4 days from the internet and I instantly miss my SUJU boys terribly. I can’t use my internet from my mobile cause it cost too much. I don’t even have a laptop with me. I was following up on my papers cause I’ll be going to China soon (hopefully). There I might see SUJU-M. So looking forward to it.

Anyway, this is how I realized that I so really love my SUJU 13. I miss them so that it aches so much not seeing their beautiful faces on my computer screen and not knowing what’s happening with them on a daily basis. I even heard about the bad rumor of Kangin which i think is just a sham! I will not believe it cause I know that Kangin wouldn’t do such a thing. I was outdated for almost 4 days. And it is only now that I watched the MV of Super Girl of Super Junior M. Really outdated huh?! It was released like 2 days ago more or less and I only seen it just a few hours ago. Gaaaaaad!

Anywho, it sucks to not have internet on those days. But so so glad to know that my fave site was up and running again. Thanks to the wonderful staff of for doing their best to get the site active again. Great! Just great! Nice! really nice!

My cyberlife wouldn’t be complete if they were no sj-world, no super junior news, no youtube videos for them, no free DL site for their songs, no photobucket for their beautiful faces, icecoffeplus blogsite..etc..^^

I am addicted and I don’t care! I love them and that’s all that matters.

SUJU-M, i’ll be seeing you soon! ^^ (hopefully)