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Singer, producer and CEO of JYP Entertainment Park Jin-young has received the World Leadership Award, sponsored by the New Look Foundation. It aims to acknowledge those who have contributed to the education and leadership of youth.

According to a JYP Entertainment press release on Aug. 16, “Park’s efforts through TV programs and auditions to actively find talent all over the world including Rain, Wonder Girls, 2PM, 2AM, miss A and more, were recognized as playing an important part in allowing youths to dream and hope.”




Korean pop group Wonder Girls [Asia Economic Daily]

Female pop group Wonder Girls have revealed that they want to date but producer Park Jin-young is telling them to wait a few more years.

The girls made the remark while appearing on celebrity talk show “Win Win,” which airs tonight on KBS2 TV.

“When we first debuted, Park Jin-young told us to wait just three years,” the girls said on the show. “And when we went to the U.S., he said to wait another two years… We don’t know how much longer we have to wait.”

When asked what they would like to do if they have a boyfriend, Yenny answered that she wants to “wear a couple ring and write his name in a secret code in the ‘thanks to’ section in the album.”

“When I return to Korea after an overseas concert, I would like my boyfriend to greet me at the airport with a hug,” said the group’s youngest member Sohee.

The members also demonstrated various individual talents on the show; Sohee did a vocal mimicry of popular female emcee Choi Hwa-jung while Yubin unveiled her thick Jeolla province dialect.

Wonder Girls recently made a splashing comeback to the local music scene with “2 Different Tears,” their first full-length album since “The Wonder Years” in 2007.

The girls, who have been promoting the record since arriving in Korea two weeks ago, have been topping various music charts with their latest single “2 Different Tears.”

They will be wrapping up their schedule in Korea this week and leave for the U.S., where they will go on a 20-city tour across the country.



Major entertainment companies KEYEAST, JYP Entertainment and CJ Media have come together to create a new TV series titled “Dream High,” according to a press release by KEYEAST on Wednesday.

KEYEAST and JYP jointly established a drama production company under the name Holym which last week signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with major cable unit CJ Media in producing the series.

Hallyu star Bae Yong-joon, a major shareholder of KEYEAST, and famed producer Park Jin-young, also the founder and CEO of JYP, are set to take part in directing series as well as making guest appearances.

Bae is also expected to engage in the planning and producing of the show while Park is slated to arrange the music and choreography. CJ has been set to invest and participate in the drama as a co-producer.

Holym is currently searching for up and coming actors, singers and entertainers for the cast of the show which is aiming at broadcasting during the latter half of this year.

“Dream High” is about students attending a school of performing arts where the story will be relayed through song and dance.

KEYEAST engages itself in various facets of the entertainment industry including managing celebrities, exporting Korean cultural content and producing and investing in films.

JYP focuses on different aspects of the entertainment business including music production, new artist recruitment, training and management.




JYP Entertainment, the management company of boy band 2PM, has turned to the police to track down fans who, angry at the departure of member Park Jae-beom from the group on Feb. 25, have spread rumors about the group and publicized personal information, including the resident ID numbers of the remaining members. “Although the members said that we should try to understand the disappointment of fans, since they are spreading and misusing [personal] information, we had no choice but to ask the police for assistance,” the company announced on its Web site Tuesday.Park, an American of Korean descent, resigned from the group after posts on his MySpace page complaining about Korea, uploaded before he joined the group, came to light, sparking public outrage. He currently lives in Seattle.



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It has been known on 27th January that a WonderGirls fan union’s request for conference with JYP Entertainment has been turned down by Park JinYoung himself.

The 4 major fansites Wonderful, ByeolHa, Wonderholic and WonderGirlsWorld are known to have submitted a request to JYP Entertainment for a conference on 23rd January.

With that JYP posted up an announcement on their official homepage after that saying, “We will open a window of communication by demand of the fans.”

It was also emphasized that, “But in the case where the official answers are obviously twisted or what gets revealed are untrue and without evidence, we will stop the dialogue.”

JYP is also aware of some of the criticisms going on about the WonderGirls’ promotions in America, “After using the contract approved by the Fair Trade Commission, all the decisions regarding the celebrities are carried out through the consensus of the celebrities.”

Also, “All the questions which we have received recently, we will be revealing the official stand and answers to them via postings. And all the notes pasted on our building situated in Seoul CheongDamDong every 24 hours will be kept safely with our company through photos taken every 24 hours.”

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