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Moeno Nito (cre: photobucket)

AKB48 has once again created a temporary unit to promote “Natto Day” on July 10. The new group, named Natto Angel Z, consists of four AKB48 members who all like natto.

The new group is a follow-up to last year’s three-member unit Natto Angel. Miho Miyazaki (16) is returning for the new group, but Tomomi Itano (18) and Tomomi Kasai (18) are being replaced by Moeno Nito (17), Sumire Sato (16), and Haruka Ishida (16). Like the original group, all of the members are managed by the agency Horipro.

Natto Angel Z publicly performed their song “Natto Man” for the first time on Monday. The song will be released as a chaku-uta on July 7 and as a chaku-uta full on July 14.

Source: Nikkan Sports +


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