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Korean pop singer Narsha [Nega Network]

Korean singer Narsha of pop group Brown Eyed Girls is gearing up for her upcoming solo debut, releasing a series of images created for her new mini-album.

According to a press release by agency Nega Network on Thursday, the girl band member has unveiled several image shots for the new album in which she poses as an angel, a devil, a saint and a witch. Another series of jacket photos will be revealed on July 5.

An official at Nega Network explained that they made a lot of effort to “upgrade” Narsha’s image concept from her previous image as a member of Brown Eyed Girls.

Yesterday, the singer also released a teaser video of her new single “I’m In Love,” a remake of a song by singer and songwriter Ra.D. The entire song will be revealed tomorrow prior to the record’s release on July 8.

The teaser video featured young guitar prodigy Jung Sung-ha, who shot to fame after his videos received millions of hits on video-sharing site Youtube, and pianist Shin Ji-ho who is dubbed “the Nichkhun of Berkelee.” Jung even took part in the single as a session guitarist.

All tracks from the album, including the title track, will be released both online and offline next Tuesday.

Brown Eyed Girls is composed of leader Jea, rapper Miryo and vocals Narsha and Gain. They debuted in 2006 with album “Your Story” and have since released two more studio albums and two mini-albums.

Their latest record “Sound G.”, released in July 2009, produced the hit single “Abracadabra” which swept various K-pop music charts last year.



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