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Members of boy band ZE:A performing in Japan [Star Empire Entertainment]

Korean boy band ZE:A has returned to Korea after successfully holding their concerts in Japan, according to their agency Star Empire Entertainment on Tuesday.

A press release from Star Empire announced that the group visited Japan last Wednesday for their shows in Yokohama (June 4) and Osaka (June 6) with about 3,000 fans in attendance per show.

“We were really anxious about the concerts in Japan because it was their first concert ever and worried if the seats were going to be filled. We had many other concerns but was relieved after seeing more fans than we expected,” explained a representative from Star Empire.

The rep added that there had been more concerns regarding the Osaka concert because it overlapped with the TVXQ concert held the same day.

The nine-member group made their debut last January with their mini-album “Nativity” featuring their title track “Mazeltov.” They released a follow-up record in April titled “Leap for Detonation.”

They will continue on their Asia tour until September in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Taiwan and Hong Kong.



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