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Members of boy band Teen Top [T.O.P Media]

Boy band Teen Top will star on one of MTV USA’s upcoming shows this coming fall, making it the first time an idol group from Korea will be featured on American television.

Teen Top’s agency T.O.P Media on Tuesday said that a program called “Vice Guide to Everything,” about how the boys train to become idol singers, will air on the music channel starting September.

For three months starting January, MTV USA had searched all of Asia for idols who have yet to make a debut, basing their research on how much musical talent and star quality they have, as well as reviewing the training system they would undergo.

A producer from MTV USA flew into Korea in April, shooting the process of how the boy band undergoes training in dancing, singing, a second language, miming, mannerisms and doing interviews.

MTV director Jesse Zook Mann explained, “The original plan was to show how an idol group prepares through a systematic system but we came to have even higher expectations for after their debut so we have decided to return to Korea to film the boys upon the time of their actual debut.”

“Neal, who is the lead vocalist, has the tone of a young Michael Jackson. They are fit to compete in markets overseas too because the English skills of one of their members is at the level of a native speaker,” said a MTV associate who interacted directly with the boys on the show.

Teen Top, a six-member group, have backgrounds as child actors and were chosen through auditions at major theme park Lotte World. They will make their official debut at the end of June.


Sounds interesting.. reality show kinda thing.. MTV has done a lot of this stuff in the past and I think they still have this.. I’m sure a lot of kpop fans in America would be following this.


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