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Nine-member boy band ZE:A [Star Empire Entertainment]

Korean idols ZE:A arrived in Japan yesterday for their Asia tour, according to their agency Star Empire Entertainment on Thursday.

The boy band, who made their debut exactly 100 days ago, will be holding a concert in Yokohama and Osaka, as well as a celebratory event for the launching of their official Japanese fan club.

They will also participate in a photo shoot for a magazine cover and album jacket with world-famed celebrity photographer Leslie Kee, who has shot several Hallyu stars including Bae Yong-joon, Lee Byung-hoon, Choi Ji-woo and Won Bin.

ZE:A, short for Children of the Empire in Korean, is composed of members Kevin, Kwanghee Hwang, Siwan, Junyoung Moon, Taehun Kim, Heechul Jung, Minwoo Ha, Hyungshik Park and Dongjun Kim.

The group made their debut last January with mini-album “Nativity,” whose title track was “Mazeltov,” and followed it up with “Leap for Detonation” which was released in April.

They will be releasing the remix version of their song “Love Coach” on Japan’s iTunes site tomorrow.



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