re-posting anything kpop, jpop and SEOUL..

[MOD] updates you say~!?!

oh yeah~!!! starting tonight i’m going back and getting back on my feet again. Wtf am i saying?! O.Ov

anyways, dear loveys, imma update this so called outdated blog again with the latest if not latest just the news around kpop and jpop world from the sites that I usually and normally visited. I know there’s been a lot of sites that can cater more juiciest blogs thaN mine but because it’s my preferences to kinda put it all together here, i will do it now almost everyday. LOL~!!! isn’t it great?!!! I am so ecstatic about it.

My life’s pretty normal now since everything’s right into place. My job so wonderful. My internet’s back in shape with the new PC. Life’s so wonderful. ^_______^ can’t you see how happy I am right now?!! wish you are too.

Anyway, to my dear lurkers and sneak peekers, thank you so so much.

Take care and God bless all of us.


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