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KAT-TUN achieved their 12th consecutive #1 single this week, selling over 230,000 copies of their new song “Going!” This continues their streak starting from their debut single four years ago, and ties them once again with fellow boy band NEWS.

VAMPS charted at #2 with their latest single, just slightly ahead of Ketsumeishi. The fictional anime band Girls Dead Monster ranked #4. The rest of the top ten included other new releases from FUNKY MONKEY BABYS (#6), Choshinsung (#9), and Erina Mano (#10).

On the album charts, Hideaki Tokunaga’s “VOCALIST 4” kept its #1 spot for a fourth straight week with an additional 37,000 in sales. At #2 was Suga Shikao, who now has his 13th consecutive top-ten album. This sets a new record for “consecutive top-ten albums starting with an artist’s first album,” surpassing Yutaka Ozaki, who achieved 12 of them before his sudden death.

Mariko Takahashi (#5) and Tiara (#10) also charted on the top ten with their new albums.

Source: Oricon = TOKYOGRAPH.COM

Here’s the MV of their single “Going!”:

cre: linkinparkera07@YT


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