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Major entertainment companies KEYEAST, JYP Entertainment and CJ Media have come together to create a new TV series titled “Dream High,” according to a press release by KEYEAST on Wednesday.

KEYEAST and JYP jointly established a drama production company under the name Holym which last week signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with major cable unit CJ Media in producing the series.

Hallyu star Bae Yong-joon, a major shareholder of KEYEAST, and famed producer Park Jin-young, also the founder and CEO of JYP, are set to take part in directing series as well as making guest appearances.

Bae is also expected to engage in the planning and producing of the show while Park is slated to arrange the music and choreography. CJ has been set to invest and participate in the drama as a co-producer.

Holym is currently searching for up and coming actors, singers and entertainers for the cast of the show which is aiming at broadcasting during the latter half of this year.

“Dream High” is about students attending a school of performing arts where the story will be relayed through song and dance.

KEYEAST engages itself in various facets of the entertainment industry including managing celebrities, exporting Korean cultural content and producing and investing in films.

JYP focuses on different aspects of the entertainment business including music production, new artist recruitment, training and management.



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