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Korean idol group 2PM has released a teaser image of themselves ahead of returning to the local music scene later this month, according to their agency JYP Entertainment on Wednesday.

A photograph of the six members went public on the music section of portal site Naver as well as their official website earlier today. A date under the image indicated the boys would be making a comeback on April 19.

2PM made their debut into the music industry with seven members in 2008 with their first single “Hottest Time Of The Day.”

Leader Park Jae-beom quit the band last September, however, after comments he made on his MySpace account before his debut surfaced and stirred nationwide controversy.

He was expected to rejoin the group earlier this year but officially parted with JYPE for good in February over “a huge personal wrongdoing.”

The group continued its activities with its remaining six members, making a successful return in November with their first full-length record “1:59PM” containing title track “Heartbreak” which topped various music charts.



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