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K-pop idol group 2PM has gone on a countdown ahead of making a comeback to the local music scene with a mini-album later this month.

A clock tower in an empty lot, posted on their official website ( late on Monday, indicated there is one day left till the group reveals information about their new record.

The boys had last released an album in November last year, promoting their first full-length record “1:59PM” for three months. Their title track “Heartbeat” topped various televised and online music charts for several consecutive weeks.

2PM originally made their debut with seven members in 2008 but turned a six-man band after their agency JYP Entertainment announced in February that it would terminate its contract with former leader Park Jae-beom over “a huge personal wrongdoing.”

The young singer had been absent from the group since last September after sparking national controversy over comments he made on his MySpace account before his debut but fans had been anticipating his return.

Members of 2PM have ventured onto individual projects including variety show and drama appearances.



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