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Nine-member boy band ZE:A [Star Empire Entertainment]

K-pop idol group ZE:A, also known as Children of Empire, will be taking their first step into expanding their career overseas by visiting Japan this week, according to their agency Star Empire Entertainment on Wednesday.

Star Empire said the group will fly into Japan on Friday to perform at Tokyo Gotanda Yoohoo Port Hall for the “Seoul Train,” a monthly event which introduces various K-pop artists to music consumers in Japan.

The nine-member boy band has been accumulating fans in the country since opening their official Japanese fan site on the day of their debut early January.

A representative from Star Empire explained, “The members are very excited and nervous about visiting Japan for the first time. They are working hard to put together a great performance.”

ZE:A, discovered and trained by entertainment firm Star Empire, debuted with song “Mazeltov” from their album titled “Nativity.” They had garnered much attention even before their debut through the release of teaser videos and guerilla shows.

The group’s second single album will go on sale on March 25.

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