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Chinese actress/singer Karen Mok and Korean singer Jang Woo-hyuk shoot a music drama to be shown at Jang’s concert

Korean singer Jang Woo-hyuk has teamed with Hong Kong actress Karen Mok for a music drama that will be shown at his upcoming tour concerts in China, according to his agency on Tuesday.

Photographs revealed by Jang’s agency showed Jang and Mok shooting scenes for the video which does not contain any dialogue but intense action sequences to portray the story of the chance encounter of the two.

This will be the second time Jang and Mok are meeting — they both attended the Beijing Pop Music Awards last year but it is the first time they are working together.

Mok, a singer and actress who made her debut in 1993, is well known for her role in “Shaolin Soccer” and highest-grossing Hong Kong pic “Fallen Angels.” She has also released numerous albums and is one of the first Asians to take the lead role in Broadway musical “RENT.”

Jang made his debut in 1996 through the now-disbanded boy band H.O.T, one of the hottest bands in town during the mid to late 1990s, and embarked on a solo career in 2005.

He signed with major Chinese entertainment firm Huayi Brothers Media Group shortly after fulfilling South Korea’s two-year mandatory military service late last year and has been in China since last week to resume his activities in the country and promote his upcoming tour.

Jang made a guest appearance on popular Chinese variety show “Be Ready Anytime” and is set to continue on with his publicity activities by attending the opening ceremony of the BOAO International Tourism forum.

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