re-posting anything kpop, jpop and SEOUL..


I must say I was really satisfied by the following for giving me and the other ELF’s live updates on what’s going on with the SuShow 2 Malaysia.  A lot of skinship. OTP moments.  ELF’s interact with our dear SJ’s.  Giggling moments.   And as my dear friend Kat says LQTM (Laughing quietly to myself) moments there.  It was a great experience even if I wasn’t there but still the following tweets made me envisioned the experienced like it was real.  Kudos to them for a job well done!

Here are “THE FOLLOWING” Tweet updates you shouldn’t miss to follow:




@elfsgphil (soon for the upcoming SS2 manila on April 10..the 1st in the Philippines concert scene *whispers: heard it’s an epic event for the Filipino ELF*)


@hyukxenhae (my dear ae-in who’s part of the sapphirepearls family)

If you’re an ELF, follow them and you won’t be dissatisfied by the results and the spazz.

If you wanna follow me, you can do it too but sorry not really updating SJ tweets there cause I hand it over to the experts (like them).  Add me if you want: tsujimiharu3rdy.  Just doing some personal spazzing there. LOL. ^^


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