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Johnny’s Jimusho appears to be betting big on a trio of young stars. 16-year-olds Yuma Nakayama, Ryosuke Yamada, and Yuri Chinen have been rising in popularity through their music and television activities, but now they will be debuting in their own unit, called NYC due to their initials.

The three boys have been getting a lot of exposure in the media in the past couple years. Yamada and Chinen are members of Hey! Say! JUMP, while Nakayama is the leader of the unit Yuma Nakayama with B.I.Shadow. Last year, they formed the core of the temporary 7-member group “NYC boys” (which included the four members of B.I.Shadow), and they even performed at the Kohaku Uta Gassen.

According to the agency, NYC boys will still continue for now, but Nakayama, Yamada, and Chinen will also be active as NYC, without the B.I.Shadow members.

On April 7, NYC will release their first major-label single, a version of the well-known “Yuuki 100%.” Originally sung by Hikaru Genji in 1993, it has always been used as the opening theme of the long-running anime series “Nintama Rantaro.” Since then, other Johnny’s Jimusho groups have taken over singing the same song, including Hey! Say! JUMP last year.

Starting with the March 29 episode of “Nintama Rintaro,” NYC’s version will be used as the opening theme. NYC will also be providing the show’s ending theme, titled “Yume no Tane.” That song will be included on the upcoming single.

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