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Fuji TV will be covering the 41st Spring National High School Volleyball Tournament, which starts on March 20. The network announced on Sunday that this year’s “supporters” will be Hey! Say! 7, continuing the trend of the past two years.

Hey! Say! 7 consists of the five younger members of idol group Hey! Say! JUMP – Ryosuke Yamada, Yuri Chinen, Ryutaro Morimoto, Yuto Nakajima, and Keito Okamoto. In 2008 and 2009, all ten members of Hey! Say! JUMP served as supporters. For the Hey! Say! 7 team, this will be their third year in a row.

Hey! Say! 7 will lend their voices for the tournament’s image song, titled “Ganba Let’s Go!” (a combination of “ganbare” and “let’s go”). No release date has been announced for the song yet.

Source: Sankei Sports +


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