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Korean actress Kim Yun-jin [Asia Economic Daily]

Korean actress Kim Yun-jin will be featured on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, one of the top entertainment magazines in the United States, according to Kim’s agency Zion Entertainment. The actress, who is currently in shooting for the final season of ABC’s hit series “Lost,” posed for the cover of the magazine alone for the first time. She had appeared on the front of the publication over several occasions alongside other members of the show but never by herself.Kim made herself a household name after starring in “Swiri,” the highest grossing film in 1999, where she played the role of a North Korean spy. She then gained recognition overseas for her role in the Emmy Awards-winning show “Lost,” making her the first South Korean actress to make a breakthrough into the U.S. entertainment industry.Her latest film “Harmony,” where she is a prisoner who forms a choir, has attracted over 1.3 million viewers since its opening late last month. Kim, 36, recently set up Zion, which works in affiliation with major U.S. talent management agency William Morris Endeavor Entertainment.


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