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WonderGirls return to Korea as 4 members without SunMi.

WonderGirls members SunYe, YeEun, YooBin and SoHee is back in Korea to prepare for their Chinese promotions to start in February. SunYe returned on 25th January, and the rest returned on 27th January, while SunMi remains in America to carry out their planned schedules.

Their China promotions has been gaining much interests especially since they are getting a new member HyeRim on the team. It will also be the time when SunMi will leave the group.

Meanwhile, fans are unhappy about that way JYP relays the news for SunMi’s leaving of the group, and asked for conference but the request was turned down by Park Jin Young himself.

However on 27th January, it was revealed that an open communication window will be opened for fans to ask WonderGirls the questions themselves.

SOURCE: Newsen
CREDIT: kbites


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