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Source: Naver
Translation by: Alee @

The South Korean Touristic Committee picked Big Bang’s “Big Show” concert, which will be held at the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics from January 29th to January 31st, for their ‘Visit Korea from 2010~2012′ campaign.

A representative from the committee said “Last year the five members of Big Bang were working on their own individual activities but this time they will gather as one under the same roof” “During those 3 days (of the concert) approximately 2 million Koreans and foreign visitors are likely to come” he predicted.

Promotional booths at the performance venues will be available for Korean fans and foreign visitors which will increase the promotion to the Korean National Tourism campaign.

A commission official stated “These visits to Korea by foreigners to Hallyu star’s concerts, events, etc. have a big economic impact on the country, therefore the Korean National Tourism campaign will continue to promote such events.”


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