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Former 2PM leader Park Jaebeom [Asia Economic Daily]

The fans of boy band 2PM are taking action to bring back the group’s former leader Park Jaebeom to Korea, according to the group’s online fan cafe HOTTEST on Friday.

The fans are reportedly planning to hold a big demonstration on January 31 throughout the country, demanding that agency JYP Entertainment (JYPE) withdraw Jaebeom’s resignation from the group.

They will be handing out fliers requesting JYPE to heed their plea and bring the singer back, who quit the group in September 2009 and left Korea after sparking national controversy over what he had written on his MySpace page several years ago.

His comments — including “I hate Korea” — created an uproar around the country, particularly among Internet users, leading to his decision to leave the group and return to his hometown Seattle.

2PM fans had immediately protested against the singer’s departure and called for his reinstatement into the group. The group’s producer Park Jin-young, however, asked that fans and the media give the young singer time and space, although he had hinted even back then that Jaebeom may resume his singing career.

Other fan cafe members will also take part in the comeback campaign by putting up posters on JYPE’s office building asking for the return of the former pop idol.

The demonstration will kick off on Sunday at 2 p.m.



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