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Current members


  • Full Name: Jung Yong Hwa (정용화)
  • Japanese Name: ヨンファ
  • Date of Birth: June 22, 1989 (1989-06-22) (age 20)
  • Position: Leader, Vocalist, Guitarist, Rapper

On October 2009, Yonghwa made his acting debut as Kang Shinwoo in the successful Korean idol-drama, You’re Beautiful.


  • Full Name: Lee Jong Hyun (이종현)
  • Japanese Name: ジョンヒョン
  • Date of Birth: May 15, 1990 (1990-05-15) (age 19)
  • Position: Guitarist, Vocalist


  • Full Name: Kang Min Hyuk (강민혁)
  • Japanese Name: ミンヒョク
  • Date of Birth: June 28, 1991 (1991-06-28) (age 18)
  • Position: Drummer


  • Full Name: Lee Jung Shin (이정신)
  • Japanese Name: ジョンシン
  • Date of Birth: September 15, 1991 (1991-09-15) (age 18)
  • Position: Bassist, Rapper

Former members

Kwon Kwang Jin (권광진)

  • Japanese name: 권광진
  • Position: Bassist, rapper
  • Date of birth: August 12, 1992 (1992-08-12) (age 17)

On October 17, 2009, drummer Min Hyuk posted a blog entry on their official Japanese blog site, stating that they will be recording with a new bassist named Jung Shin. Bassist Kwon Kwang Jin left the band with no official statement as of yet.


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